Chapter 41- recovering

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1 week after the funeral

The Great Hall was near being completely silent as everyone ate breakfast. If there was talking it was hushed and whispered. No one really felt like talking or laughing or smiling or doing anything for that matter.

After Emberlynn's unfortunate death, Hogwarts seemed off and quiet. Many people were affected by the tragic incident including those who were severely injured. The castle was severely damaged as well but many students were helping rebuild walls and towers with charms and spells.

Ever since the funeral, classes haven't started back up yet. Students were still in the Hospital wing and no one was truly ready to get back into lessons just yet. Especially Ember's closest friends.

Ginny sat at the table eating breakfast with everyone else silently. She moved the fried potatoes around her plate with her fork. She hasn't really had an appetite for days. She's been mostly keeping to herself, even avoiding Harry a bit.

Hermione pushed her full plate of food away from her and sipped on some water. She's been dealing with Ron still being in the Hospital wing. She refuses to eat almost anything and wants to spend as much of her time with him while he recovers.

Neville sat with his hands in his lap staring off at nothing. He's been quiet ever since. He's probably only spoken 5 words since then. He spends most of his time up in his dorm caring for his couple of plants then continues to let himself zone out.

Harry has been mostly hanging out with Hermione whenever she's not with Ron. He can tell she spends so much time in the Hospital wing with Ron to get her mind off of Ember being gone. He's been trying to get her to start grieving but she continues to insist that she's fine. And for Ginny, he knows she's been avoiding him and he's letting her. He knows all she needs is time.

And if you haven't already guessed, Lee has been drinking his problems away. He sees no point in sitting around crying all day when he can drink vodka straight from the bottle and turn off his emotions. George doesn't approve.

George however is doing the best he possibly can. He of course is tending to Fred. His heart hurts for his brother knowing how much he loved her. His heart hurts for himself as well knowing how much he enjoyed Ember's friendship.

And Fred? He hasn't left his bed in 3 days. The last time he got up was to pee. Yes, he hasn't peed in 3 days. Or ate anything either. After the fourth day of him grieving, he then started to refuse to eat. George tried his ultimately best to force him to eat something but Fred won't budge. He hasn't even spoken one word since he said goodbye to Ember.

George looked up from his plate full of eggs, steak, potatoes and ham. He stared up at his gloomy looking friends and siblings. "Isn't Ron getting out the Hospital wing today?"

Everybody looked up at George not expecting for any conversation to start. Hermione cleared her throat, "No, he gets out tomorrow"

George stared back down at his plate. "Oh"

Neville looked away and began to zone out again. Harry stared at Hermione who looked miserable. Ginny stared at her full glass of pumpkin juice.

"I just thought it was today. Simple mistake", said George quietly.


Ginny glanced across the table at her brother who looked like he was doing a bit better today. She always could tell who was and wasn't. She's always had a good intuition.

"How's Fred today?", questioned Ginny quietly.

George gazed up sort of happy that someone else was making an effort here. But then again they all knew Fred was still depleting downhill.

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