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"Innieee?" Taehyun yelled as he ran up to the other who smiled and ruffled the boys hair. "Can we go get cake now?" He asked with bright eyes. Opening the car door Jeongin helped Taehyun get in the small boy saying he could buckle himself up. Hyunjin watched with a small laugh as Taehyun struggled to click the belt in place. "Here." He said as he walked over and clicked the belt in.

"Thank you." Taehyun said cutely earning a smile from his Appa. "Be good for Innie okay?" Hyunjin said as he looked at Taehyun who nodded. "I will." He said with a smile.

"If you need anything just call." Hyunjin said as he looked at Jeongin who nodded. "Oh and about dinner tonight I'll pick you up at 6." He said with a smile. "R-right okay." Jeongin stuttered as his face flushed red. Saying a quick goodbye Jeongin quickly got into the car starting it before putting it in drive and pulling out of the drive way. "Alright which Cafe should we go to?" He asked glancing back at Taehyun.

"The one by lixxies hyungs so we can go visit him." Taehyun said earning a nod from Jeongin who turned down the road to the Cafe. "Hey Innie, when you and Appa get married does that mean you can be my Eomma?" He asked looking at Jeongin who smiled softly.

"Married hm?" He said with a soft laugh earning a nod from Taehyun. "Uncle Sungie said that when you and Appa get married you can be my mommy." Taehyun said with a big smile. Jeongin felt his heart flutter a bit at hearing that. He really did like Hyunjin and he would love to be Taehyuns Eomma and it sounded like Jisung wanted that to. "I can be your Eomma if you want TaeTae." He said earning a gasp from the boy.

"Really!? So I can call you Eomma and mommy?" Taehyun asked looking at the Omega who giggled with a nod. "Eomma Innie." He said with a laugh. Jeongin felt his heart warm at hearing that, he loved Taehyun very much. The little Alpha had marked a place in his heart forever.

Arriving at the Cafe Jeongin helped Taehyun out of the car before heading into the Cafe and ordering there usaul which consisted of chocolate and Strawberry cake and two vanilla milkshakes. "Mommy Innie." Taehyun said as he looked at Jeongin who hummed lightly.

"When you and Appa get married, will Appa stay home more often?" He asked. Jeongin gave a soft smile and sighed. "I'm not sure Tae. Do you want your Appa home more?" Jeongin asked looking at the boy who nodded with a small pout. "Now that you are here, Appa stays home more and he pays attention to me but when he's at work Appa doesn't come home a lot or play with me." He said softly.

Taehyun was attention deprived, Jeongin knew it the first time he met him. Especially since he always seemed happy and surprised when his father was home from work and since he had no Eomma he didn't have another parental figure when his Appa wasn't around.

"I'll make sure your Appa spends lots of time with you." Jeongin said with a smile, earning a giggle from Taehyun."Okay Innie."

When their order arrived the two ate in peace. Taehyun went over how Hyunjin had once almost caught the house on fire when making lunch, luckily uncle Minho and Jisung came to the rescue. Jeongin smiled giving a small laugh at the story.

They spend the rest of there time at Felix's shop, the Omega letting Taehyun paint. While he and Jeongin talked, time passed quickly because before they realized it was already 4 o'clock and time for Taehyun to go back home. With more new art supplies in hand they left. When arriving back Taehyun was quick to show Hyunjin what he bought and the painting he had painted with the help of Felix of course. Jeongin watched would a smile from the kitchen table as Taehyun continued to ramble on to his father.

"Hey Innie, are you and Appa gonna go on a date?" Taehyun asked as he waddled over to the Omega and climbed on his lap. Giggling Jeongin brushed his hands through the boys dark locks. "Mhm." He hummed with a smile.

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