3 years later

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"She is all I need, and unlike any man she will be with me always and forever"


It had been 3 years since we found Serenity and I had been really busy.

I had forgot how hard cooking was so right now I am outside of a McDonalds trying to buy chicken nuggets for Serenity to eat.

"Why is this taking so long," Kai said "we have been here for 10 minutes and they still don't have our stupid order."

Oh by the way you might be wondering why I am hanging out with Kai, let me catch you up.

After we found Serenity, me and Klaus went house hunting to find a house suitable for a newborn, instead of a house that had a huge staircase.

We found a house that was a bit over the top, but our excuse was that we had to fit 6 people in it and have enough spare rooms for our friends.

It was on the outskirts of the woods and had the lodge cabin look, the outside was beautiful with big stones and a pool.

There was a sitting area where we could watch the sunset or sit round a fire. And on the inside the living room and kitchen was modern and had real touches everywhere.

Serenity also got her rooms done, yes I said rooms. She has a bed room and a play room which she shares with our pet wolf that we got when she was three.

Her room is nude colours, and she has a low bed in case she falls off, and lots of toys and my siblings like to spoil her.

And then there is Klaus' room, it is quite big but very black and modern. He had a walk in wardrobe which you could also put his watches in.

He also had a big flat screen tv with a sunk down U shape sofa. His ensuite matched his room with a black accent wall and a big walk in shower.

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