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"Eomma." Taehyun giggled as he ran toward Jeongin a big smile on his face. "Good morning." He said as he lifted the boy up and pecked his cheek with a smile.

"Where's your Appa?" Jeongin asked looking around for Hyunjin who was nowhere in sight. "He left really early this morning him and uncle Min Min where taking about his work." Taehyun said as he layed his head against Jeongin's shoulder. Nodding the white haired boy walked into the kitchen, his eyes widening in surprise. "Uh hi." He said as he looked at the other male who turned and smiled at him.

"Oh Jeongin hi, sorry if I startled you. Minho asked me to stay and watch Taehyun until you got here." Jisung said with a sheepish smile.

"Ah it's okay." Jeongin said with a shy smile as he set Taehyun down. He didn't personally know Jisung, but the other did help him when he unexpectedly went into heat and he was thankful for that. "I'll be on my way, have fun with Innie TaeTae."Jisung said as he ruffled the boys hair before excusing himself.

"Innie we should watch Frozen 2!" Taehyun said with sparkling eyes. Jeongin chuckled and gave a small nod. He smeared the boy had an obsession with that movie.

Walking over to the couch the two of them cuddled up and turned on Netflix. Clicking on Frozen 2 Taehyun giggled and clapped his hands.

They where about half way through the movie before Jeongin got a phone call. Looking over he grabbed the device and answered it. "Hello?" He said as he continued to watch the movie unbothered. "Seungmin went into labor!" Chan said on the other line. Jeongin choked his eyes going wide." I-ill be right there." He said before hanging up. Fuck he couldn't just leave Taehyun here.

"TaeTae, you wanna go somewhere with me?" He asked the boy who gasped and nodded. Smiling he lifted the boy from his lap and onto the floor the 5 year old running to the door to put his shoes on with Jeongin following behind.

Once they both got their shoes on Jeongin was rushing out the door, opening the back seat door and helping Taehyun get in and buckle before getting in himself. Trying to stay calm he started the car and pulled out of the drive way. The hospital Seungmin was at wasn't too far maybe a 15 or 20 minute drive. Jeongin kept at the speed limit not wanting to get pulled over especially not with Taehyun in the car. He calmed down a bit after listening to Taehyun talk about random stuff.

"Mommy Inniee where are we going?" Taehyun asked as he looked out of the window. "To see my friend, today is his babies birthday." Jeongin said as he turned down the road that led to the hospital. "Oh, okay." Taehyun said with a cute smile.

Pulling into the hospital Jeongin parked the car and got out opening the back door and letting Taehyun out as well. "Here hold my hand Tae." He said looking at the other who nodded and grabbed onto his hand as Jeongin led them into the hospital. Taehyun looked around curiously watching a nurses cooed at how cute he was.

"Excuse me." Jeongin said as he looked at the lady at the front desk. "I'm here for Bang Seungmin." He said giving her a nervous look.

"He just finished giving birth a few minutes ago I'll take you back." She said with a smile. Nodding Jeongin followed her back, Taehyun walking next to him and looking around at all the different things and people. "Its room 456." She said with a smile.

"Thank you." Jeongin said with a slight bow before walking down the hall nervously. "Innie, are we gonna see a baby?" Taehyun asked looking up at the other who smiled and nodded. He carefully looked at the room numbers as they walked counting down until he spotted room 456. Walking over his adrenaline started pumping. Opening the door he was greeted by the sight of Chan with a tiny infant in his arms. "Innie." Seungmin said softly with a small smile as he looked over at the door. Chan turned a smile forming on his face as well.

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