Chapter five

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"Hey!" Lyssa beamed, as she hopped into my car for me to drive to school. She gently shut my car door as she grinned forward, staring out the window.

"You seem happier then usual..." I said suspiciously while she slid her seatbelt into the buckle.

"I'm always happy." She replied, as she pulled her phone from her jean pocket.

"Well, yeah, but more then usual." I raised an eyebrow at her and she looked back at me.


She groaned playfully,"fine. Devon asked me out, like on a proper date."

My eyes widened,"Devon, Devon? The one who you fucked and haven't spoken about it since?"


"Okay well if he makes you his baby mama I'll kill him."

Lyssa laughed, and elbowed my arm.

"I'm not joking."

She rolled her eyes

"Okay, so where is he taking you?" I asked as I pulled to a stop at a red light.

"He's taking me to this really fancy restaurant about 20 minutes away, I forgot what it's called though."

At least she was most likely getting free food out of it.

"And you're also coming to my house today to help me get ready."

"I am?"

"Yes," She replied, grinning from ear to ear. "You are," I pressed my foot on the pedal as the red light died and a blazing green took over. How the fuck did she expect me to say no to that face?



I pulled my car up in the parking lot and jumped out with Alyssa, locking the door soon after as I threw my bag over a shoulder and prepared myself for the usual, miserable day that I repeated week after week.

I was about to make my way inside the building when I felt a stinging throb on the left side of my cheek. I turned to face the culprit. Mia fucking Brown. I saw the long, blonde curls before I saw her smirking.

"You think you could get away with what you did?" She asked, getting close to my face with a snarl. I stood my ground and just looked down on her, she was a few inches shorter then me and I found it amusing watching her talk whatever it was she was talking about, it was too early in the morning for me to fully process what she was saying.

"You think you can just punch me and think I would drop it?" Oh, that. Yeah actually, I did. I hadn't really thought of her since I'd punched her, she was old news.

Her sidekick, Lucy, behind her called to me, her arms crossed over her chest,"You're a bitch!" She shouted, still behind Mia as if I was the one to be afraid of her. I glared at Lucy, its not like I took the insult personally, but the meaningless names just got infuriating.

She slapped me again, adding the last drop to the simmering rage that was slowly building up inside of me."you gonna fight back, bitch!" She seethed. Was I going to fight back? I laughed to myself.

I exhaled lowly before tying my hair into a low bun and lunging at her. She had about 1 second to react before my fist had connected with her jaw, 1 second more and my fist had broken her perfect little nose, blood spewing everywhere.

She fell to the floor at that point, shocked as she gently touch her fractured face. Lucy tried to help her, I simply smirked up at her as I fisted my hands, her eyes flickered to them as she backed away. Forcefully, I kicked Mia's stomach, she let out a very dramatic gasp for air and threw her arms around herself. Mentally, I clapped myself on the back for doing it hard enough to bruise and cause her the most amount of pain possible. It could be a reminder for her.

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