~Chapter 5~

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You shuffled around in your futon. Your body was feeling heavy, like there was a door laying on top of you. Your head ached, the pain growing more and more by the minute. Rubbing your eyes, you sat up and looked towards the window. The sun was up, and the sky was clear from any clouds. The rain from last night had stopped too. 

As you began to get up from your futon, the pain in your head caused you to stumble. Your legs brought you over to the chair in the corner.

You could already tell. 

Today was going to be a long day. 

"You okay in there?" Kyo asked as he knocked on the door. Anyone could tell he had just woken up. His voice was scratchy and gruff, and it sounded dehydrated. 

"Yeah." you tried to get out, but your throat was far to soar for that. Not wanting to worry him, you walk up to the door and open it. 

A blush appeared on your face. His morning appearance caused you to day dream. His hair was messy and his shirt was out of place. And when he yawned, it just made your blush worse. 

"Are you okay?" he questioned. Your face was red and you seemed to be in pain, and those factors caused worry in Kyo. But he didn't show it. He just quickly brought one of his hands up to your forehead, and brought the other to is. 

All he was doing was checking your temperature. 

Nothing more. 

You had to tell yourself that. 

Or you might've gotten the wrong idea again.

"W-what are you doing?" you said, your voice more horse than before. 

"I'm checking your temperature, you idiot."


Kyo took away his hands and placed them down by his side. "I should get going now. You seem sick so, get some rest!" he said as he began to walk away. Not even thinking of changing his clothes or staying for breakfast, or even brushing his teeth. 

"Let me walk you home..." you said, trying your best. Quickly you grabbed your coat and a hand full of cough drops that you always kept on your desk. Speed walking up to Kyo, you follow a few steps behind him, hoping he would let you come. 

Of course Kyo wanted you to stay home and get some rest, but he knew just how stubborn you could be, so he just let you follow him. 

The walk to Shigure's home was long. But it was nice. You may not have known where you were going, or even how you would get back home, but, all that mattered was that you were with Kyo. 

Every few minutes, Kyo's eyes would meet with yours. He would check to see if you were still there, and to make sure that you hadn't passed out. 

The wind continue to blew. The sun may have been out, but it was still cold. It was starting to be the part of the year that you hated the most. The part of the year that you wished never existed. Your h/c blew in the wind and your body let out a slight shiver. As you started to rub your left arm with your right hand, you had finally began to approach Kyo's home. 

It was big, but it seemed empty at the same time, at least to you. To you, it seemed like a home full of people who only liked the illusion of being together. When they knew someday, it would all fall apart and the home would become empty, once again. But that might've just been your dark side peeking out for a quick moment. 

Once the two of you had reached the front door of the house, the door slammed open and Tohru popped out. 

"I was so worried Kyo! Where were you all night?" she questioned, her face full of worry and the slightest bit of anger. Kyo scratched the back of his head, and turned to you. He didn't want to upset Tohru, and he didn't want to upset you either. 

Tohru leaned into Kyo's face and began nagging about how he ran out last night and never came back. You just stood there, in silence. Waiting for your presence to be acknowledged. You stared down at Tohru's face, trying not to be obvious. The blush on her face was so painfully obvious to you. 

Tohru began to walk towards you and bowed in apology. 

"I'm so sorry he troubled you!" 

To be continued...

(i didnt proofread, sorry if this chapter's kinda bad)(okay im gonna update in like an hour of two but I just realized I have been spelling Tohrus name wrong this whole time)

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