Chapter Forty- Six

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__Wang Yibo's POV__

Sun light fall on my face when, I opened my eyes blinking few times. As soon I opened my eyes, I saw Zhan was sleeping cuddling me. His beautiful figure was half covered with blanket. In his white milky skin, red spots are so visible. He is looking more beautiful with my marks on his body.

I raise my hand for stroking his hair, when he blinked few times and open his eyes.

"Morning." I said, stroking his hair softly.

"Morning." He mumbled, hugging me more tightly as he wants to hide in me.

I placed a kiss on his forehead. He is still sleepy, I can see on his face.

"Want to sleep more?!" I asked.

He nodded.

"Sleep then, I'm going to shower first." I said.

As always, he is a bunny octopus so. Till he let me go, I can't even move a bit.

"Be with me." He said.

"I'm with you." I replied, pattering his back.

"I love you." He said, smiling but his eyes was still close.

I kissed in his lips and replied, "I love you more."

"I'm so happy. Finally, I'm with you. I'm not gonna let you go anywhere." He said.

His saying, gave me a reminder of PHd course. But, now I'm not confuse. I know, what I want to do. I know, where my happiness belongs.

"I also don't want to go. I won't go." I replied.

"I will break your legs. If you go anywhere." He said.

"I'm not going." I replied, cupping his face.

"Good. By the way, can I call you babe now?" He asked, with mischief smile on his face.

"If I say no. Will you listen to me?" I asked.

"No. Never." He replied, without hesitation.

"Umm.. I know. Call whatever you want. " I replied.

"Great. Babe, what's time is it? It's little sunny in early morning." He said.

I laughed hearing him, early morning? Maybe he don't remember we slept early in the morning.

"It's" I replied, checking the time.

As he heard about time, he jumped off and sat on the bed.

"Ouch!! My back!! God!!! It's hurts......!!! Yibo!!!!! What the fuck you did to me." He screamed, rubbing his back.

"Fuck!" I said, also got up.

"What???!!!! Are you cursing me?" He asked, with frustrating look in his eyes.

"Noo.. you asked me what I did so, I just replied 'Fuck.' "I replied.

"Ugh!! Seriously? You math professor can also make joke. But, it's not funny babe... It's hurting like hell!!!"  He shouted, his face was red.

I never feel this, I know he was in pain but still it's made me smile. I went closer to him, kissed his lips . Then carried him in my arm.

"Wahh!! What are you doing??!" He asked.

"Aren't you hurt? Let me help you to shower." I said.

"You!! You don't have any evil plan... Do you??!" He asked, his face was red, he was blushing. Anyhow, I'm really loving this moments of ours. This special happiness, that's I was feeling. His blushing, red face. I'm loving everything.

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