CHAPTER 8 - Of an Invitation

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I was made to lie on a soft spread of haystack, even after I had insisted that I was completely fine. Landon and Serena were on my opposite sides, looking worried. The Prince was standing directly in front of me, a few steps away. My heart was still thundering wildly, the way his powers thundered in the ring.

"Really, I am fine." I started to raise my body but couldn't, as the hay had my bottom buried in deep.

"Here," Prince Nova reached his hand over. I looked over his welcoming face and put my hand in his open palm. A Prince! A Prince! I tried to stop the slight tremor that occurred with the touch, it traveled through my arms, and into my brain, making it all fuzzy. 

He pulled me up lightly, supporting my elbow with his other hand. My eyes momentarily landed on his, and as a soft string of golden sunlight fell over his face, I could have sworn the yellow specks of his eyes, turned a little greener. I was almost drowning in their beauty. 

He let go of me gently, when I was fully seated, leaving me with nothing but mild tingles at the spots where he had touched. 

I smiled at him, feeling self-conscious as my inner system turned syrupy. Get a hold over yourself, Eleni.

He cocked his head to a side and asked, "Does your head hurt now, miss?"

It didn't hurt now, of course, after his calm healing spell. I reflexively touched my forehead and blurted, "I think it was a heatstroke. I will be fine, thank you for your help," I added shyly, "Your Highness."

As I said it, I realized what a pathetic excuse I had given, the sunlight here hardly touched the ground, it would take a miracle to cause a heatstroke. He gave me a polite half-smile, nevertheless.

I was about to nudge Serena to save me from the embarrassment and stole a glance at her, but she was ogling the Prince. I was about to roll my eyes but stopped knowing I was in the direct line of vision of royalty.

She had other plans, obviously, which worked out anyways.

"Your Highness, actually we were looking for you," Serena flashed her badge, "Liberan Corresponders, you see... to interview you... and your dragon. I mean not to interview the dragon, of course...just you."

It was funny seeing her so flustered, or she had perfect sentences flying out of her mouth at all times. I turned to Landon and saw him pinching the crook of his nose.

"Oh, you are from the Spring Realm too," Prince Nova said looking at her and stood up straighter, "Well, how about you interview me after the Round One? I am in a bit hurry right now. And also, for the inconvenience caused to your schedule, allow me to invite you over to the Gemini Embassy. There's a small celebration. Hoping your work could wait till then."

Serena opened her mouth again but Landon got in before, "We will be honored, Your Highness. That would be very generous of you. It would work very well."

Prince Nova smiled politely, he had his hands clasped loosely behind him and stood in a perfect princely posture. And I couldn't help but stare at his long legs and toned muscles that were evident from his lustrous white tailcoat, his perfectly chiseled face radiating with the faint golden aura of sunset. His hazel eyes suddenly glanced over me and I nervously lowered my own. This was what Amelia had wanted to know; Prince Nova was everything she had imagined.

He stepped forward and shook hands with Landon, catching him mid-bow. The gesture clearly told us he didn't want us to be formal.

"I hope," he looked at me yet again with a soft smile, gaze unruffled and steady, "that you'll feel better soon, miss." And with a final nod he turned away.

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