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The voice that says this is small. Tiny. It's soft and pitchy, bordering on a whine. It echoes in the dark cabin at 2 AM.

Pietro hears it. He's not asleep - he never sleeps unless she does. She doesn't know if it's because he feels safer that way, knowing she can't hurt him, or because to ensure she doesn't run.

"I know you think you know," Pietro responds back, his voice tired. "But I promise you, it wasn't him."

Spencer blinks up at the ceiling. Her eyes adjust slowly to the darkness, and she's eventually able to make out the fan on the ceiling.

"He hurt me," Spencer tells him, carefully controlling her voice. "I saw his eyes, his face - it was him."

The room grows tense. There's something darker in Pietro's tone now, but all he says is, "It wasn't him."

That sends her over the edge. Spencer flips in bed, shifting her weight so she can hang halfway off the mattress, peering down at Pietro.

He's lying on the floor. He hasn't asked for the bed back - he hasn't complained or made comments about it, but Spencer keeps waiting. When she looks at him, he's already staring up at her.

He shifts his arm behind his pillow, and Spencer tries not to stare at the muscle on display. He notices, he smiles, but instead of a snarky comment, he tells her, "Go to bed."

"How do you know?" Spencer persists. "How do you know it wasn't him?"

There's this silence, for a second. Spencer has spent the last half-year in complete and deafening silence, but it's not supposed to be like that with Pietro.

"Because I saw her," he says finally, his voice rough. "The mutant. I've seen what she can do. She convinced me. She is convincing."

Spencer can hear her blood pumping in her ears. She's not sure what it is, but his voice is dreary. She feels hurt for him.

It takes her a moment to get the courage to ask what he means, and Pietro doesn't take it lightly. He's not laying down anymore - his back is against the bed frame. His head is in his hands, and the roots of his hair are tugged by his fingers. He looks awful.

"She came to me," Pietro starts, and it sounds like he's in some deep pain. "In the summer. She... I thought... it was you."

Spencer thinks maybe she should stay still, keep everything comfortable for Pietro, but suddenly she's slipping down the side of the bed and sitting at his left.

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