Special Event: Ghost Groom

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These events are so long. We're on to Octavinelle next time folks. Leona is my favorite but I think Fish Mafia is my favorite dorm overall.
I own nothing.

"Please, marry me!"
"Just pay attention to me. Let's get married!"
"Would you please...choose me as your groom."
"Beautiful you. I want to become your love servant forever and always."
(The night before)
(Y/N) was wondering the path up Main Street with Rotom and Idia. The two had volunteered to help the poor shut in acquiring a manga he had special ordered, but had to pick up. Ortho didn't want his older brother wandering alone after dark, so he had begged the girl to look after him with one of her technology based Pokémon, since both Shroud brothers were found and intrigued by them.
"I know you really don't want to be here." The senior sighed. "Anything would be better than walking with a shut in like me."
(Y/N) smiled. "It's fine, Idia, I don't mind. Also, you should know it's impossible to say no to Ortho when he does the puppy eyes."
"I guess you're right."
Rotom cackled, buzzing around the older boy's head in an erratic manner. Idia smiled softly and patted him. He was surprisingly fond of the strange little ghost, and he enjoyed studying how Rotom would interact with his machines (explosions were commonplace though).
"So, why did you need to get this manga tonight? I thought you already ordered it." (Y/N) asked.
Idia sighed. "Even though I order the special version on the online shop, they couldn't deliver it on the day of its release!"
"And you couldn't just wait for them to deliver it?"
"I would disgrace my otaku title if I don't get it on the first day! No one's around, so I should be able to buy it from the school store."
She scratched her head. "Knowing Sam, you're probably right."
The wind blew a bit more chilly as the students hugged themselves to stay warm.
"Rotom!" (Y/N) scolded. "It's not nice to use Ominous Wind outside of battle!"
The plasma Pokémon beeped furiously in protest.
"He's saying he didn't do it?" Idia asked.
Idia had started to understand Rotom's speech pattern. Like a normal language, many of his beeps and pitches matched up with certain phrases or emotions, and after doing many experiments with the little Pokémon, he and Ortho had begun to recognize the pattern in speech. Many of the boys had actually developed this ability with Pokémon they had bonded with.
(Y/N) tapped her foot. "I know what a supernatural chill feels like. If you didn't do it, who did?"
"...found you..." a masculine voice called from the shadows.
Both students tensed up as Rotom whistled an "I told you so".
"Please tell me that was you."
"I finally found you..." the voice called, getting louder and closer to them.
"Who's there?" (Y/N) asked, signaling Rotom to prepare to attack.
From nowhere, a ghost appeared in front of the girl. He had a much more human appearance compared to the Ramshackle ghosts. If it weren't for the obvious non-living status, (Y/N) would call him cute. He had a regal appearance to him, dressed in a dapper wedding suit and a crown on top of his head. He also had a little fire ghost with him, cheering happily. It was the same blue color as his skin. The ghost grabbed (Y/N) and spun her happily in his arms.
The force of the spin, plus the ghost's own power, was enough to knock out or at least incapacitate the girl. Idia shrieked as Rotom fired off a Thunderbolt to protect his trainer, only to hit Idia with the move in his panic, and to top off the bad luck, inflict him with Paralysis. He charged up a Shadow Ball, only to realize he'd run the risk of hitting (Y/N). The ghost paid no mind to the hostile little electric/ghost type and admired the girl in his arms, lovingly.
"Oh my beautiful princess! We'll be married as soon as possible!"
The ghost took into the night, dragging both (Y/N) and Idia away, leaving Rotom alone and panicking.
The next day, Grim was woken up by the sound of Rotom's erratic screeching and beeping. He tried to cover his ears with his pillow, only to be zapped.
"Uh! What do you want!?"
He shot up and saw Rotom was zipping back and forth, obviously in distress. The other Pokémon seemed to understand him and looked pretty distressed themselves, Swampert especially looking scared. The Mud Fish Pokémon bolted out of the room, the others on his tail. Grim tilted his head.
"What are their problems? And where's the human?"
Grim walked down the stairs, fully intended to get breakfast, when he saw the Pokémon being swarmed by ghosts in strange uniforms.
"Away beasts!" One yelled as Swampert struck him, only for a new one to take his place. "This mansion will be the guest house of our prince and his future wife! Monsters will not be tolerated!"
"Prince? Guest house?" Grim repeated as Swampert and the others to kept attacking, only for the ghost to keep spawning. "Stop saying things that don't make sense! This is our dormitory! You guys should leave!"
Rotom beeped in agreement, letting out a few choice words in his language.
"Such an arrogant statement! Before youngsters like you were born, we decided that this place was to belong to our country! If you won't leave peacefully, we'll drive you out!"
Grim stood his ground. "You punks don't know what you're messing with."
It was a long, drawn out scramble. Every Pokémon small enough to fit in the dorm was fighting ghosts, even the babies. The Pokémon and Grim were clearly stronger, but the respawning of the ghosts made it impossible to make any headway, and eventually, they realized they could win the fight if their enemies kept popping back up. With no choice, Swampert sounded a retreat. The Pokémon scrambled out of every exit they could get to before reconvening back in the Biomes that were being kept safe by the Psychic types. The Pokémon all chattered loudly and in a panic as Grim looked on sadly.
"They took our dorm away. What the hell is happening now?"
Rotom began squawking again over the crowd, which only whipped them into an all out frenzy. Swampert roared loudly before grunting to several Pokémon, namely the remaining original six, the Psuedo legendaries, the mythicals, the ghost types, Typhlosion, Lucario, Weavile, and Tyrantrum. They all nodded as Swampert scooped up Grim and marched towards the main campus. The cat huffed in agreement.
"Yeah! Let's complain to the principal about this and have him throw them out!"
Swampert led the march to Crowley's office flanked by his original teammates (any students unfortunate enough to see the others outside were in for the fright of their lives). Swampert had no patience and broke the door down as Grim began to yell at the headmaster about the ghosts. Crowley took heed as he didn't want to be pummeled by the clearly angry Pokémon.
"Your dorm was stolen by ghosts in white uniforms?" He asked Grim.
"That's right! They appeared out of nowhere and said the Ramshackle Dorm belonged to them! They even talked about their prince or something like that, just a bunch of nonsense!"
"Prince...Ah, I see! I totally forgot about that (unsurprisingly) because no one was using the dorm last year." His face became chipper. "It's that time of year again!"
"The ones who drove you off are family members of the ghost groom."
"Ghost groom?" What's that? I don't know if that's something we should admire or be afraid of."
"He's the prince of a country destroyed long ago. The prince always dreamed of marrying his ideal princess. But just when he thought he found her, she betrayed him and his life tragically ended. Even though he had become a ghost, he still searches for his ideal princess. When this season comes, they visit Twisted Wonderland to find him the perfect bride. It seems as though they've chosen the Ramshackle Dorm as their place of resident for the duration of their mission. Among all the abandoned buildings, I'm so proud that one from our school was recognized by the royal family of the ghost groom. Yay!"
"It's not time for you to be proud!" Grim shot at him. "Just drive those troublesome ghosts away!"
"It would be troublesome if we drove them away." He coughed as the monsters glared at him. "Don't you feel sorry for them? Just leave them be. He'll be looking for a bride that doesn't even exist in an All-Boy college."
"What do you mean she doesn't exist?"
"His ideal princess is...someone who is lean and fit, capable of long journeys, someone with bright and wise eyes that shimmer in the darkness! Someone with a beautiful, charming smile! A woman with a heart full of compassion and love for all creatures, with lips fair and kissable! And a calm, soothing voice. That's all the terms and conditions he asked for. He's looking for a beautiful, saint-like woman! There's no way a girl like that exists! And he certainly wouldn't find her here of all places! Hahaha!"
All of the Pokémon looked ready to have a collective heart attack as the headmaster continued.
"Every year, the Ramshackle Dorm is seized by them. Wait a few days, they'll eventually give up and go back to their own world. It's pointless resisting."
"I'm not staying outside in the Biomes with the Pokémon!"
"Then stay at your friend's dorms temporarily."
"Grrr...how dare you say that like it's none of your business!"
"Relax, they'll get downtrodden once they realize the search is pointless here, right Ms Stone?...Ms. Stone?" It was only then that Crowley realized the Pokémon Trainer was not there and her Pokémon had very concerning expressions. "Odd. Where is she?"
Grim blinked, realizing it was weird he hadn't seen her. "She...wasn't in the dorm this morning...which is weird because Swampert and the others were. She always takes one of them. Actually I haven't seen her since dark."
It was then the tension snapped as the Pokémon began screaming loudly, Swampert shaking the headmaster, trying to communicate his realization. Crowley of course did not understand the Mud Fish Pokémon.
"What is he saying?"
"Errr." Grim pondered it for a moment. "I think it's something about (Y/N) and...a stranger? No. I'm not good at translating!"
Suddenly, the door slammed open as a distressed Ortho ran inside with Rotom.
"Ah, young Ortho Shroud from Ignihyde. What brings you in such a hurry?"
"Something serious has happened! My older brother and (Y/N) were kidnapped by ghosts!"
"Ehh!?" Grim and Crowley shouted.
"That's right! (Y/N) was helping big brother last night, but I got worried when they didn't come back. Then Rotom just came to me and told me what happened! Take a look at this video! It's the recording of a security camera from last night!"
"Hey! Stop hacking the security cameras around campus. Also, how does he understand Rotom perfectly, and you still struggle with Swampert?"
"You try and learn multiple dialects at the same time!"
"B-be quiet! I'm going to play the video now."
Ortho played back the video feed, replaying the events that Rotom had bore witness to. As the feed cut out, the headmaster and monster cat were left speechless.
"That ghost is...?"
"Yep...why did this happen? It seems like the ghost groom has finally found his ideal bride!"
"That's why Swampert and the Pokémon were all freaking out this morning!" Grim realized. "Rotom was trying to tell me (Y/N) was kidnapped! Hold on, SHE'S his ideal bride? She doesn't even look like a princess! Yeah, she's fit because she travels a lot and does training, so she's used to long journeys...Hmm?"
"Fit, capable on journeys, her eyes do have a hint of wisdom beyond her years due to her experience and I wouldn't call them dull. I also wouldn't say her smile is uncharming. She is also very kind and empathetic due to her line of work, and I could count a number of students here and in the RSA who would be unopposed to kissing her. If we compare her to the terms and conditions of the ghost groom, she really is the ideal princess."
"I agree!" Ortho said as Luxray fanned her fainted mate and the others held Swampert back from tearing the place down brick by brick in search of his partner. "Every student at the school, including my brother, say (Y/N) is the nicest and coolest person. Damn you ghost, what precise eyes you have!"
"I can't accept that." Grim stated as Crowley's expression grew dire.
"The matter has become serious. She was chosen as the bride for the ghost groom, which means...."
"SOMETHING BAD HAS HAPPENED!" voices yelled from outside.
"It's so noisy out there."
They all ran into the hall to see everyone scattering from ghosts.
"What is going on!?" The headmaster demanded.
Ace, who was out of breath along with Deuce, was the first to notice them.
"Headmaster...Ah and Ramshackle! Look at this!"
"Ghosts that we've never seen before appeared out of nowhere!" Deuce yelled. "They took over the cafeteria and said something like 'this will be the marriage hall!' Of course we resisted them, but no matter how many times we take them down, they keep reviving!"
"Yeah, hey (Y/N), can we borrow Swampert? I think flooding the hall would be pretty effective here." Ace joked before blinking. "Wait, where is she?"
"STOP YOUR STEP!" A ghost demanded as Sebek and Lilia ran around the corner.
The older fae gave them his usual smug look. "They became angry just because I made a little joke about them. What a bunch of narrow minded ghosts."
"Ugh, the guys from Diasomnia!" Ace yelped. "Why did you bring those ghosts here!?"
Sebek ignored him. "You naive ghost dare to snarl at Lilia-sama! I'll get rid of you all!"
Sebek lashed out at the ghosts as Crobat and Absol assisted.
When the ghosts were pushed back, Sebek gave a smug smile.
"Hm. Are you done now?"
"Oi! Now is not the time for you to be please with yourself!" Ace yelled. "The other ghosts are coming now!"
"There will be no end if we continue fighting them like this. Everyone! Retreat to outside!" Crowley called.
They all bolted outside to the P.E. Field, joined by the remaining Pokémon outside.
"The ghosts won't chase out here." The headmaster huffed.
"Haaaa...haaaa....the side of my stomach hurts so much....." Ace winced.
Suddenly, pretty much the entire school was on the field.
"You two, did you also come here for refuge?" Riddle asked.
"(Y/N), I'm glad...wait, she's not here." Azul realized. "But her Pokémon are."
"What happened to you three?" Grim asked.
Kalim sighed. "We got chased out by some ghosts who appeared out of nowhere, even though it's a valuable time that the three of us could use to study together!"
"Kalim, shouldn't it be 'valuable time where we teach you to study'?" Azul corrected.
Riddle had an exhausted look as he scooped up Shaymin who greeted him. "We almost got Kalim to understand the question..."
"We were in class when suddenly a bunch of unfamiliar ghosts appeared and chased us out while saying 'this will be the bride's fitting room'." Rook explained. "It's too bad. I wanted to listen to Vil's beauty lecture."
"No matter how many times we defeated them, they kept reviving." Epel growled in frustration.
Cater nodded. "Me too. I was told 'this is the family waiting room!' and then they chased me out of the science lab."
"Not only that, I got chased out when I was walking down the corridor." Leona added.
"Everyone who got kicked off the campus has already gathered here!" Grim exclaimed.
Deuce nodded. "It seems like the whole campus has been taken over by ghosts."
"Hey headmaster, explain the situation now!" Ace ordered.
Suddenly, all at once, the Pokémon all began screaming aggressively, pushing the boys towards or running in circles. Everyone covered their ears.
"Can someone please tell me where the herbivore is!"
"She should be here controlling her beasts!" Vil agreed.
Crowley explained the entire situation.
Riddle nodded and recounted the explanation. "I see. The ghost groom has been searching for his ideal princess. He chose (Y/N) as his ideal bride...that's the idea right? And he also kidnapped Idia."
Their screaming matched the Pokémon's.
"Is she gonna be all right?" Ace asked.
"This is bad." Azul said softly.
"Indeed." The headmaster nodded. "Though it's far more serious than you may think. What would happen to her if she was chosen as the ghost's bride? You guys have no idea, right? Marrying a ghost is the same as signing a contract with a dead person and following them to their world. If (Y/N) marries him, HER SOUL WILL FOLLOW HER HUSBAND TO UNDERWORLD!"
Swampert again had to be restrained from charging blindly into the campus.
"I put my guard down because I never expected someone who meets the terms and conditions of the prince's ideal princess to exist in this world! And they still don't because (Y/N) is from another world!"
"(Y/N) is going to become a ghost!?" Ortho started crying as he held Rotom who was also freaking out.
"Not my minion!" Grim yelled. "We have to save her!"
"We can't let something like that happen! Headmaster, please, we have to save her and my brother!"
"Of course we will. I'm sure these kind people her would be happy to help-,"
"I refuse." The more selfish half of the students said.
"Why?!" Ortho said. "Please lend us your power!"
"You always try to avoid us when you see us, but now you start to rely on us when you're in trouble." Vil pointed out. "You're asking too much."
Grim snarled. "Gya! You guys know if it were you, (Y/N) would rescue you!"
"The herbivore can handle herself just fine." Leona stated. "And your older brother just got caught up in things."
The Pokémon all growled and hissed menacingly at the students, very angry they refused to help their trainer who stuck her neck out for them on multiple occasions. Ortho gave them a fierce look.
"...all right. Fine. I'll do it myself. Simulating the pattern on rescuing Idia Shroud and (Y/N) Stone. Requirement: time is top priority....simulation completed. Performing strategy now. Swampert, charge a Hydro Cannon, Metagross, Psychic, all others should charge their most powerful attacks. Charging magic energy. Aiming at Night Raven College campus. Countdown from 5 before firing blast. 4....3....2...."
"STOP THAT AT ONCE! ALL OF YOU!" The headmaster interrupted. "Are you planning to turn our legendary school to dust!? You are all forbidden from launching that combination of attacks!"
"They didn't want to help us, so you left us no choice!"
"....everyone, are you really going to abandon your classmates?"
"Don't you blackmail us!" Ace yelled. "(Y/N)'s Pokémon are practically a military in of themselves! They could easily get the job done on their own!"
Swampert growled, grabbing Ace by his collar and hanging him in the air.
"Don't act like I'm wrong, Swampert! You guys can handle this by yourselves!"
The Pokémon all turned on the students aggressively, their eyes glowing fiercely.
"Um, maybe we shouldn't make the super powered monsters upset." Epel whispered.
Ace stood his ground. "Leave us out of it guys! You can handle this!"
They all stopped when suddenly a few more students appeared.
"Dorm Leader Rosehearts! The flamingos are going crazy and the hedgehogs are bitting everyone!"
"We've got a flock of vultures that refuse to move!"
"The horses in the stable are being super aggressive!"
"The peacocks are chasing students into trees!"
"Kalim, your animals are going crazy!"
"The fish in the Monstro Lounge are biting their caretakers and throwing water at customers!
"It's a full animal riot!"
"What's going on!?" Deuce cried.
Ace narrowed his eyes. "Wait, where's Crobat?"
During the confrontation, the bat Pokémon had slipped away to begin an all out revolt of the animals in order to compel/force the males to help. He landed on Swampert's head looking quite pleased.
"You spiteful monsters!"
"That's not all." Ortho mentioned.
Suddenly a swarm of paparazzi came out of nowhere and began demanding answers about the animal uprising and asking why the students were abandoning members of their own community.
"If you guys won't cooperate with us, Rotom and I will hack into the tv station and broadcast this and add the title 'Students who Abandon their Friends!'"
"All right, enough." Riddle finally spoke up. "It's ridiculous that we have to be blackmailed into this. I think I speak for all of my fellow dorm leaders, and many other students, when I say we owe it to (Y/N) to save her."
"...yeah, I guess you're right." Leona begrudgingly said.
Azul nodded. "She has helped us all out on multiple occasions. It's only fair that we return the favor."
"Agreed." Vil stated.
"It's not like we have much of a choice in the matter." Lilia pointed out. "Even without the blackmail, I'm certain her Pokémon would beat us all within an inch of our lives."
"All right then." Crowley stated. "Let's rescue Stone (and I guess Shroud) from that ghost groom! Ahhh, I'm so glad that this school is full of kind people!"
"He's doing this on purpose." Grim muttered.
"Let's think of ways to save my brother and (Y/N!)!" Ortho insisted.
"How about we try discussing things with the groom? I'll set up a banquet for it! I'm sure he'll let her go once he sees how worried her Pokémon are."
"It's a perfect plan, Dur inférieur!" Rook complimented. "But will it be that easy to persuade a groom who has been searching for his ideal bride for such a long time? If it were me, I wouldn't let go of the person I loved."
"Then we'll just have to force him to let her go." Leona said. "We have the herbivore's strongest monsters here."
"Because they'll just keep resurrecting." Vil stated. "That's why we all came here for refuge, have you forgotten that?"
"Yes." The headmaster agreed. "There's no way we could defeat those ghosts. Stepping into enemy territory is troublesome, so we have to avoid battle as much as possible."
"What about (Y/N)'s ghosts?" Deuce asked. "They can all go through walls. They could easily sneak in."
"How would they get them out then, genius?" Ace argued. "I'm pretty sure the ghosts would notice a dragon going through walls!"
Rotom then began to beep as Ortho translated. "Rotom also says something is making it difficult for them to go in."
"Ghosts..." Lilia thought aloud. "Sam is very experienced in spiritual things. Perhaps we should discuss it with him?"
"Sam..." Deuce pondered. "You mean the one who runs the school store?"
"That's right. I'm quite familiar with his great great grandfather."
"Lilia, how old are you again?" Grim asked, channeling his human companion.
Crowley began to push them. "Hurry to the school store!"
The horde of students all ran to the student store with Swampert and Marshadow (because Sam liked the little guy) in the lead. The other Pokémon stayed behind to keep guard in case they saw an opening to rescue their trainer. Sam greeted them.
"Hey headmaster and students. You brought quite a lot of people. And a very agitated swamp monster. What are your requests today? Just kidding! I already know. It's about the ghost groom right?"
"It's like you already knew we would come here." Riddle said suspiciously.
"Hihihi! My friends tell me new information. This is quite a troublesome matter." He sympathetically patted Swampert who was pacing nervously. "How about I get something for your nerves?"
Sam tossed some calming tea into Swampert's mouth and he at least seemed much more relaxed. The shop owner then turned to the group.
"Ghosts are those who have a strong regret or have things they haven't accomplished. This strong desire prevents their souls from leaving this world. Even if we used magic to defeat them, they'll just revive. If we don't clear their regret, we can't send them to the afterlife. Dealing with ghosts is difficult."
"Then how are we going to rescue (Y/N) and my brother? Is there no convenient thing that could solve our ghost problem?"
"IN STOCK NOW!" Sam responded.
Leona's ears flattened at the noise. "He really did have it."
"What a perfect assortment you have." Azul complimented the shop owner.
"A groom that meets tragedy will always have plenty of regrets and be tied to this world. You're hardly the only ones who've had to deal with this problem, so that's why I have plenty of items to deal with it. To exercise the ghost groom all you need is this, the Disconnection Ring!" He held up a small, unassuming silver band. "'As long as you live, I promise I'll love you forever and ever!' After saying this, put the ring on his left finger. It will forcibly seize the regret of the ghost and send him to the underworld!"
Lilia laughed. "I see. The focus point of that sentence is 'as long as you live'."
"But how do we put it on his finger?" Vil asked. "If anything, I would assume (Y/N) would have to be the one to do it."
"But how do we get it to her if no one can get inside?" Epel added.
"We could offer it up as a wedding present." Rook suggested.
Azul shook his head. "But how would she know the spell to dispose of him? Somehow, we have to find a way to get to (Y/N) and deliver the ring and the message."
"Kufufu." Lilia chuckled. "I think I know a way to reach (Y/N) and we may not even need the ring."
"I see where you're going, Vanrouge." The headmaster pointed out. "The ghost groom is notorious for his love of challenges. If someone were to challenge him for his bride, he wouldn't be able to refuse!"
"So, if someone were to issue a challenge, we could get to (Y/N)!" Epel shouted.
Azul adjusted his glasses. "They wouldn't even need to win, just get in long enough for one of (Y/N) smaller Pokémon to deliver the ring and instructions."
"Very well! This mission shall be called 'Operation Proposal'! We'll gather outside the shop and pick who our champion for this mission shall be!"
They all nodded before Marshadow began rummaging around the shop.
"Oi! Marshadow!" Ace scolded. "You'll knock something over!"
Sam smiled. "Something caught your eye, my shadowy little friend?"
Marshadow popped up holding a gold ring with a bloodstone. He began shaking it.
"Oh, that thing. It's just an old, cursed wedding ring. Nothing fancy. There's a powerful enchantment that I can't make sense of.
"Shadow!" Marshadow said insistently.
Sam patted his head. "I'll let you hold on to it for now, for good luck. I can only imagine how terrifying this is for both of you."
Both Pokémon crooned sadly.
"You seem to really understand their feelings, Sam." Ace stated.
"Of course! My friends are really good and peering into the memories of others, and let me tell you, if you knew what Swampert and (Y/N) have been through together, you'd be bawling for him."
Deuce scratched his head. "Well, we know he was her first Pokémon and that they've been together for a long time."
"Oh, it's more than that." Sam suddenly smiled. "Care to take a look?"
He picked up a salve and, after getting his permission, smeared it on Swampert. He then tossed everyone a potion.
"This will let you look into his memories. Might give you guys a little more incentive to save the sweet girl."
Everyone looked at the bottle suspiciously, but eventually curiosity won out and they all took a sip. The world dimmed as they were seemingly transported to a lake.
"I was born small." A tiny voice chimed.
They all turned to see a Swampert emerge from the bush, but not the one they knew. It was accompanied by a group of Mudkip, one of which was struggling to keep up and was being picked on by the others.
"My brothers and sisters didn't like me. They said I was too puny."
One of the bigger Mudkip tackled the runt into the lake, laughing cruelly as the Swampert looked on in indifference.
"Mama didn't care. I was the runt, so she didn't think I would survive for long."
The tiny Mudkip dragged himself out of the water as the Swampert tended to the Mudkips, beside him. Then, they others faded, leaving the little one alone.
"Then, they left me."
The scene changed to Mudkip walking through the forest, an Oran Berry in his mouth.
"It wasn't hard to find food, but there were always Pokémon bigger than me ready to pick on me."
There was a screech as a Tailow swooped down and struck the Mudkip, knocking the berry away. It began pecking him insistently and screeched as the little guy curled up and shook.
"Then, someone saved me."
A stone flew and struck the Tailow's face. It reared back in pain as a child came running, waving a stick.
"Leave him alone, you big bully!"
The Tailow cawed and tried to attack, but when the girl hit it hard with the branch, it flew off in a huff.
"Dumb bird!" The child yelled as it fled. She then turned to the small Pokémon, who was still shaking. "Hey, are you okay?"
She knelt and began to pick him up, only for him to flinch. She pulled back and then tried again, calmly speaking to him.
"Hey, it's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to help."
"She...she was nice to me. Her voice was soft and kind."
The child scooped up the Pokémon and began to walk down the path towards the edge of the woods.
"My name is (Y/N). Don't worry, I'll take care of you."
The scene shifted again. Little (Y/N) placed a bowl of food and water next to a stump that she had used as a makeshift den for Mudkip.
"Mudkip, dinner time!"
The little guy, now a bit bigger and healthier looking, ran out happily to greet her. They hugged for a bit before he began to chow down.
"My human's name was (Y/N). Mama said humans were bad and we should avoid them, but (Y/N) was nice to me. She took care of me more than mama did. But..."
It took a turn as (Y/N) vanished and a bunch of kids crowded the stump, Mudkip shaking inside.
"There were still mean humans."
"Hey it's a Mudkip!"
"That's rare! We should catch it!"
"But look how puny it is!"
"Hey get out here!"
One child grabbed one of Mudkip's back legs and dragged him out as he cried, the other kids cheering. That boy got a rock flung at his head as he dropped Mudkip, who bolted back into the den.
"Get away from him!"
(Y/N) charging in, tackling the biggest kid to the ground. The two started rolling, kicking, and scratching while the other kids jeered. Eventually, (Y/N) went for a...less than honorable kick which put the bully out of commotion. While his friends gathered around, (Y/N) went to the stump to pick up Mudkip, who shook in her arms.
"You okay, buddy?"
"Hey (Y/N), since when did you become old enough for a Pokémon?" One girl demanded.
The young girl gritted her teeth. "I just take care of him. What were you doing? He's scared!"
"We were just playing. Not our fault he's a big coward."
"He is not! You're way bigger than him! Just leave him alone!"
"You gonna make us?" The boy she threw a rock at demanded. "What are you and that punny Pokémon of yours gonna do?"
Mudkip suddenly worked up his nerve and blasted the boy with a Water Gun. He began firing wildly at the kids who all shrieked and ran away. (Y/N) laughed.
"You sure showed them, Mudkip."
She then frowned. "They'll probably come back. I guess you can stay with me until they get bored. Though, I'm gonna warn you it's not nearly as quiet."
The water type licked her and she smiled again, walking away. The group then saw a room. It was in rough shape with a pretty ratty bed and only a few posters about the Pokémon League up and a desk in the corner. Mudkip was hiding under the bed.
"(Y/N) didn't have a nice mama either. She was always yelling and smelled bad like the liquid she drank. (Y/N) always came back to the room with scratches or burns from the Magneton her mama owned."
The child then came into the door, slamming the door behind her. Mudkip hopped on to the bed as she sat down, shaking as she held a fresh burn mark. He nudged her and she turned to him, hugging him with a sad smile.
"She always smiled when she was with me, but I knew she always felt sad and scared."
"Don't worry buddy. We just have to wait a few years. Then I can get my trainer's license, then you and me are outta here."
"She always talked about us leaving on a journey. She said people did this to become stronger and to meet new people and Pokémon. It sounded nice and I wanted to do it if it meant being with her. But it came soon than we thought."
In a flash of lightning, the room became dark. Mudkip was asleep at the foot of the bed when a disheveled (Y/N) burst in, waking him. She was obviously hurt as she ran to a backpack and began stuffing it with various items.
"Come on, buddy. We gotta go."
"We're just...starting our journey early is all. We'll be fine."
She held out her arm, now bandaged up, and he hesitantly crawled up it and perched on her shoulder. She smiled and crawled out the window into the night.
"(Y/N)'s mama got meaner and meaner. That night they had had a really bad fight, so we had to run. But we didn't get far before she and the Magneton caught up."
There was a cut to (Y/N) being zapped painfully, falling as Mudkip lost his balance and was knocked from her should. She looked back shakily as a shadowy figure which appeared monstrous appeared to yelled at them, though no words came out. She was accompanied by a mechanical Pokémon. It was made up of three sphere connected by screws, each with two magnets and a singular eye and it appeared quite aggressive. (Y/N) turned back fearfully to Mudkip.
"Buddy, run!"
She got up, putting herself between the two monsters and her Pokémon. Mudkip looked on in horror as the Pokémon charged another attack.
"No, I won't run!"
He ran past (Y/N).
"This time-,"
He jumped in the way as the creature fired a Thunderbolt.
"I'll protect you!"
Mudkip took the entire attack, screeching pain before slumping over.
"MUDKIP!" (Y/N) cried.
(Y/N)'s mother didn't care and seemed to order another attack. Mudkip staggered to his feet as another Thunderbolt came.
"I don't care what you do to me. I won't let you hurt her!"
Just before the move made contact, Mudkip's body glowed brightly. His form grew and change as the electricity no longer hurt him. When the attack stopped, the newly evolved Marshtomp cried in triumph.
The two humans looked on, stunned, and the Magneton looked fearful. Marshtomp took a deep breath and spat a stream of concentrated mud at the electric type, blasting it into a wall and knocking it out. Before (Y/N)'s mom could comprehend what had happened, the water type bashed her with a Rock Smash, knocking her unconscious. (Y/N) blinked as Marshtomp let out another victory cry, before grabbing his arm and running off.
"We had to run into the woods. We got lost for days and (Y/N) got sick."
(Y/N) was laying in a bed of moss and leaves in a small cave, her face flushed with fever. Marshtomp stood over her, worried, before running into the woods.
"I looked for berries to help, but when I got back-,"
Marshtomp returned with an armful of various berries, only to drop them as a Metagross loomed at the entrance of their cave.
"There was a Metagross. One strongest Pokémon from where we're from. I couldn't beat it, but...I couldn't let it get (Y/N)!"
Marshtomp ran in front of the Psuedo Legendary, his arms outstretched and growling. The Metagross looked at him blankly before turning and walking away. When it was gone, he sank to his knees.
"It didn't leave for long and it came back with its trainer."
The Metagross reappeared, this time with a man accompanying it. The first years recognized him from the pictures in (Y/N) album. Steven Stone, (Y/N)'s guardian and predecessor. He blinked in shock at the sight of the sick child and moved to help, only to stop when Marshtomp growled aggressively. The Metagross stepped forward, but Steven signaled it to back off. He knelt in front Marshtomp held out his hand.
"It's all right. I just want to help."
Marshtomp pondered it for a minute before relaxing, giving Steven the opportunity to pick up (Y/N) and leading the Pokémon out of the forest. The next part was in a hospital.
"The human's name was Steven. I remembered him. (Y/N) said he was the strongest trainer in the region. Glad I didn't fight his Metagross. Steven took care of us."
Steven was by (Y/N)'s bed, talking to her and calmly asking her questions. When she broke down, hugging Marshtomp, he comforted them both.
"(Y/N) told him everything, and when (Y/N)'s mama came with other humans-,"
(Y/N)'s mother appeared, looking smug as she had two police officers with her, only to deflate as Steven stood up and seemingly told the officers what was really going on as they nodded to him and dragged her away.
"He protected us."
He smiled back at the two, who had grateful tears in their eyes.
"You don't have to be afraid anymore. I'll watch out for both of you."
There were flashes of various domestic activities with Steven, including them training, watching movies, cooking (though it was more (Y/N) preventing Steven from creating a monstrosity), etc.
"Steven took care of us, and he got us ready for our journey."
(Y/N) hugged Steven as she headed out the door to start her journey. There was another flash of various stops on their journey, including battle and gaining new friends.
"We traveled, met new friends, made enemies, and we stuck. But I wanted, needed to get stronger."
Marshtomp was knocked down by a trainer's Grovely who used Leaf Blade, looking smug. (Y/N) attempted to call him back, but he protested .
"No matter how many times I get knocked down-,"
He got to his feet and retaliated with an Ice Punch, knocking out the Grovely.
"I'll get back up."
They were then in a gym battle with Watson, who sent out his Magneton. (Y/N) shook sink to her knees terrified. Watson was concerned, but before he could call for a time out, Marshtomp charged the Electric/Steel type.
"No matter what we face-,"
(Y/N) seem to snap out of it as Marshtomp wailed on the poor Pokémon. She grabbed him and began to pull him, telling him to calm down.
"I'll take them all on!"
It then showed the two explaining themselves to Watson. He nodded understandingly, before giving some words of encouragement which made them smile. He then presented them with Shinx and was eventually able to help (Y/N) be able to pet her as he pat Marshtomp.
"I have to be strong."
Marshtomp was then fighting Norman's Slaking. The shorter Pokémon was easily being overpowered.
"No matter what, I will get stronger."
His body then glowed as he evolved into the form they all knew. He raised an arm and slammed it down on Slaking's head, knocking him out with a Hammer Arm.
"So I can protect you. So-,"
He turned to (Y/N), who ran to hug him with a huge smile.
"You can smile, without having to be scared."
The flashback ended. Swampert blinked and saw the boys looking at him with a mixture of pride, awe, sadness, understanding, and a few other things. A few were on the verge of tears even.
Ortho cried and hugged the big guy's neck. "Swampert! You're such a good boy!"
Grim also began bawling and hugged his leg. "I'm glad I met you and (Y/N), you big, dumb, mud monster!"
Deuce sniffled. "Swampert, I never thought I could respect you more than I did!"
Ace nodded with a smile. "For real, you and (Y/N) are something else, big guy."
"The herbivore's lucky to have you." Leona said, with a tint of admiration.
Vil nodded as well. "You have a true beauty about you both that very few can claim to have, including myself."
"Oui! Your devotion to your mistress brings tears to my eyes!"
Riddle patted his head. "We'll save her, I promise."
Marshadow then hopped on his back and nodded, reaffirming the determination in all of them. The boys then marched out to form a strategy.
(Inside the school)
Inside the cafeteria, the ghost groom, who had introduced himself to his bride earlier as Elijah, was buzzing around, getting the place set up for the wedding.
"Today is a very lovely day!" He sang. "I've never been so happy, because I finally found my ideal princess!"
He turned to the two living humans, who were tied up and terrified, smiling fondly at the girl.
"Elijah, can we please talk about this?" (Y/N) pleaded. "I'm not ready to get married! Much less to a ghost!"
"SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE US!" Idia screamed. "I get grabbed by a ghost, tied up in rope...and get roped into a ghost wedding!"
(Y/N) flinched. "Sorry you got caught up in this, Idia."
He sighed sadly. "No, you got caught because you were out there with me."
(Y/N) began to struggle. "We just need to hold out until a rescue comes."
"You really think the others are gonna come save us?"
"Willingly? Probably not. But knowing my Pokémon and Ortho, they'll be forced into it."
"Good point."
Elijah took notice of his bride's fidgeting and interrupted it in his own delusional way. He hugged her.
"Oh come now, (Y/N)! You don't have to jump around, I know you're happy! This cheerful part of you is so lovely!"
She glanced at the older Shroud. "Be grateful you're not the one he wants to marry."
A nanny ghost appeared, bowing respectfully. "Finally, you have found your ideal lady. It's wonderful, your highness! Marrying a true princess is a dream come true for any prince!"
"I am not a princess!"
"Perhaps not yet, darling, but you will be soon!"
The nanny wiped a tear. "I never thought Princess Eliza would dash your dream and your life that day. Fate is such a terrible thing...Ah, if only I had arrived earlier to your room that day, you could've fled for your life."
Elijah flinched at the name before shaking his head and smiling. "Really nanny, you're still talking about that story? Stop recalling that old memory and getting upset. I'm fine. No matter how much El...E...she hurt me, it's what led me to meeting (Y/N)."
"Oh, your highness. How courageous you are..."
"Do I get a say in this?" (Y/N) interjected with deadpan.
"We're going to die here." Idia whimpered.
The girl let out a sigh. "No, but there is a high probability the school will be flood, set on fire, and frozen simultaneously before this is over."
A chubby ghost suddenly. "No need to fear monsters or delinquents, my lady. Our prince will defend you, as will we!"
"Yeah, but they're my monsters and delinquents."
"Why am I even here!?" Idia screamed. "She's the bride! I have nothing to do with this!"
"Hump! You should be grateful! You were chosen as the living witness to the marriage! It is a great honor!"
"Now now, Chubby, no need to be rough with my wife's guest." Elijah insisted. "This is a happy day."
"Yes, of course."
Another ghost burst through the doors, frantic.
"Your highness! There's trouble brewing!"
The ghost groom tilted his head. "What's wrong, uncle? What's the rush?"
Unsurprisingly, Elijah became very angry. "What is this!? Who dares challenge me for my bride!?"
"Like (Y/N) and her witness, they are students of Night Raven College."
(Y/N) sighed in relief before smiling at Idia. "Told you we'd be fine."
"Err, I still don't trust them. Most of them are too bullheaded to come up with a plan."
"I think we can trust at least Riddle, Azul, or Vil to have a plan."
"If you say so."
Elijah turned to (Y/N) and smiled. "Don't worry, dear. No matter the opponent, I'll be victorious. Wait for me."
Elijah prepared to meet his challengers as (Y/N) silently prayed.
"Guys, don't let me down."
Outside, the guard was met by the first team of suitors. They had decided to go in waves in order to not draw suspicion. The first wave, if all of them failed, would deliver the ring to (Y/N), the second wave would then deliver the instructions, and the third would act as backup in case something went wrong. The ghost looked over the suitors.
"I can't believe 7 males dare challenge our prince for his princess."
Vil stepped forward, flanked by Gardevoir. "We have known the princess longer, and we shall not allow her to be stolen. We are even accompanied by her faithful beasts as proof of our worth!" He then put on a smug smile. "Though, it should be noted I am the most suitable person to become her groom."
Jack growled, flanked by Lycanroc, as Vil continued to boast.
"I am the one she loves. Please let me meet my opponent for her affection."
Leona rolled his eyes with Luxray. "Oi, your character is a bit too much."
"I am an actor along with being a model. I can change my appearance and behavior to match the situation. We must be princely to be seen as a true challenge to the groom, so we must answer the request of our client."
"I think (Y/N) just wants to be rescued, Vil." Jack pointed out. "Or do you want to cheat her feelings as well, because I don't think Gardevoir will let you get away with that."
"Voir!" The Empathy Pokémon agreed.
"I think...love is something that you should take seriously." Jack said firmly.
Floyd smiled teasingly, bumping shoulders with Golisopod. "What? You have such wise words, little sea urchin."
The wolf boy patted Lycanroc's head nervously. "I just don't feel good about lying about my feelings for someone...especially if it's a good friend."
"You're too naive, Jack." Vil said firmly. "We must do everything in our power to save, (Y/N). She is smart enough to know that. We must appear like true challengers for the ghost groom to accept us. Besides, I hate losing in battle. That's all."
"Gross." Leona blanched. "You sound better when you cat like your usual self."
Vil smiled smugly. "Leona...are you perhaps afraid of losing to me?"
The lion glared. "The hell you just say? Oi ghost! We came all the way here. Let us meet your prince."
"What's with that rude way of talking!? I can't trust strangers! If you're so desperate to challenge his highness, then show me your true power!"
Leona smirked. "Oi, Luxray, Wild Charge."
The feline roar before slamming into the ghost with a mighty force.
"See? One of the herbivore's old companions trusts me to give her orders, I'd say that puts me above these weaklings."
The guard staggered. "You're tougher than I thought. And these monsters indeed belong to princess (Y/N)?" The all nodded. "Very well. The earnestness of your feelings has been delivered to me. I'll allow your presentation. Proceed!"
Leona waltzed in confidently with Luxray, irking the other boys very much so. They all headed into the cafeteria and were met by an annoyed Elijah and (Y/N) and Idia who were tied up.
"So, you are the naves who dare challenge me for my princess?"
"So he's the one who kidnapped (Y/N)." Jack said under his breath.
Trey, holding Alcremie, looked over at the girl. "(Y/N), are you two all right?"
"We're fine!" She insisted. "A little uncomfortable though."
The Pokémon were all fidgeting, wanting to get to their trainer immediately.
Leona growled warningly. "Remember the plan, you wouldn't get far with her."
Luxray grunted in agreement and motioned for the others to stand down.
Elijah crossed his arms. "I apologize you came all this way for nothing. I have no intentions of loosing my wife after searching countless years for her!"
"Excuse me! I am no prize to be won, sir!" (Y/N) yelled angrily.
Trey adjusted his glasses. "Seems Rook was corrected when he said he wouldn't give her up without a fight."
The ghost looked at them sternly. "None of you are good enough for (Y/N)!"
"Of course we are!" Vil and Leona yelled back.
Jade sighed and contently petted Raichu. "They seem to have completely forgotten about our original goal."
"Well then, my little friend, while they are busy stroking their egos, you fulfill our mission."
Raichu slowly flew over to his trainer while Elijah was distracted, dropping the ring in her lap before bolting back to Jade, but not before giving her a nuzzle.
"If you insist, it seems I have no choice but to prove I am worthy of being (Y/N)'s husband. I suppose we can start with the two lions."
"She's a lynx." Leona corrected. "I'm Leona Kingscholar, and this Luxray, one of the herbivore's oldest friends. She seems to favor me more than you. Whatever challenge you pick, I'll beat you."
Elijah perked up at the challenge and looked at Luxray curiously. "Really? Dearest, does this beautiful creature truly belong to you?"
"Yes, all of the monsters you are likely to see today are mine."
"Oh then I apologize madam!" Elijah quickly said to a bewildered Luxray. "I would've had you all invited had I known. I'd be proud to have such dignified beasts at my wedding!"
He scratched Luxray and immediately found her weak spot. She was down and purring in second. Leona clicked his tongue.
Elijah then focused on Leona and began humming, then singing, a song. Leona looked at him baffled.
"What's wrong with him? Suddenly singing out loud? Has he gone nuts or something?"
Elijah out of now slapped Leona, leaving a bright red handprint on his cheek.
"What on earth!?" Sebek screamed as Corviknight's feathers were ruffled (despite them being metal...don't ask). "The ghost suddenly slapped him!"
Elijah huffed. "Unbelievable. A prince who can serenade his princess! How disgraceful! You're not princely at all!"
Jack rubbed his head. "But...Leona's the only actual prince among us."
(Y/N) winced. "You okay, kitty? That looked like it hurt."
"I'm fine, herbivore." He responded and Luxray curled up next to him. "But I can move now!"
"Next!" The ghost groom demanded. "You, the one with the golden hair and the elegant creature."
Vil stepped forward. "My name is Vil Schoenheit and this Gardevoir."
Elijah bowed to the Empathy Pokémon. "I welcome you, Gardevoir."
She curtesied respectfully to him.
"Now, ahem." Elijah began his song again, only this time, Vil also began to sing. (Y/N) blushed, hearing both of them sing to her, making the others slightly jealous.
The ghost nodded to Vil approvingly. "It seems you do have a fitting voice. Very well. What of your bond with animals then?"
"Why do you suddenly talk about that? I live in a dorm, so I don't own any animals of my own."
"Preposterous!" He then slapped Vil too.
"OW! Unbelievable! Do you even know how much my face costs!?"
The boys took secret pleasure in seeing the blonde knocked from his high horse.
"(Y/N) is a beast tamer! You should at least have some basic understanding about caring for animals! I apologize for any treatment you may have suffered, Gardevoir."
"He's quite strict about the criteria for being a prince." Trey laughed nervously.
"You have no idea." (Y/N) called back. "Vil, please don't poison me for this later."
"It's hardly your fault. Besides, we have a more pressing issue. I can't move!"
Leona growled. "Yeah, I said that earlier!"
"I can't use magic!" Vil clarified. "What is happening!?"
"I've been searching for my ideal princess for 500 years." Elijah explained. "You boys suddenly come barreling in here saying 'I am the true prince'. Liars who would dare toy with my (Y/N)'s feelings should take the time to reflect as I have."
"For 500 years?!" Sebek yelped.
"I've never heard of a ghost binding a person by slapping them." Jade pondered. "Not only is he stubborn and enthusiastic, even his power is beyond the normal standards."
"We'll just have to do our best since those two failed." Jack mumbled.
Elijah then looked to him. "Then next, you, with the reliable look, the big white ears, and the dependable dog."
"It's Jack Howl, and this is Lycanroc."
Elijah's face lit up as he immediately began smothering Lycanroc with attention. "What a wonderful and reliable hound! Such a good boy!"
The rock type melted immediately and received belly rubs. Elijah then faced Jack.
"Very, a battle of swords then, good sir?"
"Swords? I don't need them. I prefer to fight with my fists."
"Undignified!" Jack was the next victim.
"A prince must be able to wield a sword to protect their princess from monsters! No prince lacks swords skills!"
"Herbivore would probably tame the monster before she'd let someone kill it." Leona jabbed, only be ignored.
"Or her Pokémon would chase them off before they got close." Jack added.
"Next! The one with the sharp eyes and the stern looking bird."
"I am Sebek Zigvolt! And this is Corviknight."
"A knightly crow indeed! Powerful and strong, a steadfast defender of his mistress. Welcome my friend."
"Now then, what instruments can you play? Piano? Flute?"
"Instruments?" Sebek repeated. "An excellent question! Allow me to explain. My master Malleus is amazing at every kind of stringed instrument! The melody of his violin is exquisite! Your heart would be moved by the melody of his cello. It suits the young master so much since he's very mysterious-."
"Rejected!" Elijah cut him off with a slap.
"What a rude man! I wasn't finished!"
"You're the one mentioning someone who isn't even present! This is your challenge and you failed!"
(Y/N) sweatdropped. "Okay, that one I kind of agree with. Speaking of Malleus, did he not want to come?"
"Hum! My young master has far more important matters to deal with than saving a mere human!"
She frowned sadly. "Oh."
"Lilia didn't want him to get involved and risk his reputation." Vil corrected, making the girl feel better.
"Next, the one with the spectacles and sweet looking creature."
Trey stepped forward. "My name is Trey Clover and this is Alcremie. Nice to meet you, your highness."
"Ah, someone with manners! I welcome you, kind Alcremie."
"Very well, sing for the princess!"
Trey looked nervous. "S-sing?"
"Yes." Jade agreed. "You need to create a romantic mood, please sing something to touch the fair maiden's heart."
"Jade, are you here just to antagonize everyone?" (Y/N) asked honestly.
Trey shook his head. "B-but I'm not really good at singing....uh...."
Trey made a valiant attempt, but...well, it was less than pleasant on the ears, resulting in a slap. He fully accepted it.
"Trey, I say this because I care." (Y/N) said. "You are completely tone deaf."
"I know..."
"Next! The one with the droopy eyes and the Samurai beast."
"He's so troublesome." Floyd complained. "Can't I just squeeze him?"
"Rude!" Elijah immediately slapped.
"Even I saw that coming." Idia mumbled to (Y/N) who nodded.
"Honestly, you act like the respectable creature beside you...."
"Golisopod!" (Y/N) answered.
"Thank you, dear! Now, the last one. You, with the refined posture and the adorable mouse riding their tail!"
"Yes, my name is Jade Leech and this is Raichu. Please go easy on me."
"Oh such an adorable creature!" Elijah cooed as he rubbed Raichu's cheeks, earning a happy Chu from them.
"Jade is the only one left." Jack realized. "We're relying on you!"
Jade bowed. "I wish to present the princess with a gift." He pulled out a bouquet of flowers.
Elijah was impressed. "What a lovely gift."
"Yes, I gathered these flowers for the occasion."
"What!?" Sebek said. "He even prepared a gift?"
Elijah smiled, happy to have an actual princely challenger. "Very lovely! Good show!"
Trey sighed in relief. "Is this going to work....!?"
Jade approached (Y/N), who only then noticed the flora arrangement and began to panic.
"Jade, not a step closer!"
Floyd frowned. "How mean to Shrimpy, Jade. Aren't those the poisonous flowers that you picked from the mountain? Just because you don't have a place to grow it doesn't mean you should give it to Shrimpy."
Jade smiled creepily. "Yes, this flower is very poisonous. It would ruin all the other plants if I grew it inside the terrarium."
"So you just pawn it off on me?" (Y/N) said, offended but not surprised.
"HOW DESPICABLE!" Elijah smacked him extra hard, though that was more out of concern for his bride's wellbeing.
"You just had to say something." Vil hissed to Floyd.
"Shrimpy said it first!"
"I am not getting poisoned by Jade again!"
"Ugh, all members down." Jack groaned. "Guess it's the next team's turn."
"What a bunch of disrespectful brutes. You guys aren't princely at all!"
"My heroes..." (Y/N) groaned, wondering what she was supposed to do with the ring Raichu gave her.
Crowley had been spying on the first team with the magic mirror provided by Coach Vargas. He looked despondent.
"The tall height group, all down in such a short time...."
"Good thing Raichu completed the mission." Cater pointed out. "Good call having the Pokémon be the messengers, Riddle."
"Ha! Floyd was slapped in a second!" Riddle cheered, enjoying the unpredictable Leech's pain after he teased him over his height. "I knew it was foolish sending in challengers based on height!"
Ace was also laughing. "Hahaha! Trey's song was terrible too! He's such a commoner! That was incredible! Hahaha!"
Deuce was struggling not to laugh. "Hey! Ace, stop laughing! Don't you feel sorry for Trey....fufu. I can't, just thinking about it...pfftt!"
"Ah Vil!" Rook mourned. "There's a hand imprinted in your flawless skin! How painful. I can't believe his beautiful face was ruined! Such an unbearable tragedy!"
Epel refrained from shouting in glee. "Y-you're right...Vil expression when he lost....!" He broke down laughing. "Fufu!"
"This is like watching a comedy." Grim said from his perch on Swampert's head.
The Mud Fish Pokémon was face palming because he had to rely on these idiots to save his trainer.
The headmaster got their attention. "Now now! This is not a game! Stone's life is at stake! I guess it's time for the B Team."
"Indeed." Azul agreed. "I must apologize for the blunder of Jade and Floyd, and apologize to (Y/N) for Jade attempting to poison her. Honestly, those two have no idea how to treat a woman. Leave it to me. I'll win (Y/N) back."
"Nah, if anyone's gonna win a cute girl like (Y/N), then it will be me!" Cater retorted.
"You seem pretty excited, Diamond-senpai." Deuce noticed.
"Eh? Because I have confidence about this! Deuce, let's go together. The more merrier after all!"
"M-me?! Definitely not! I'm not used to situations like this....I don't know anything about impressing women!"
"You're not impressing (Y/N), you're trying to defeat a ghost!" Ace corrected. "Besides, are you just gonna abandon Trey-senpai?"
"Abandon?! No!"
"Then just go. I bet (Y/N) and Trey are waiting for your help."
"....indeed, you're right! We can't abandon our senior and friend!"
"That's the spirit! Now go get the girl!"
"All right...let's go Tyranitar! Let's crush this challenge!"
"Deuce....Ace is messing with you." Cater warned, but he didn't listen.
"Crobat and I will go as well." Lilia volunteered. "If I can't settle the blunder of my disciple, I'm not qualified enough to call myself his master. Leave it to me."
"Lilia, no need! Cater's gonna take care of everything. Right Glaceon?"
"You're wrong." Azul stated. "Milotic and I will show you our abilities."
Marshadow began jumping again, waving around the ring he got from Sam. He had been yipping all day about the ring, but no one listened to him.
"Don't worry Marshadow, we'll save (Y/N)!"
All four failed miserably and were slapped. Luckily, it was enough time for Crobat to deliver a note with the ring's instructions.
"Why did I get rejected!?" Azul demanded.
Floyd was laughing. "Kyahaha! Azul, you got slapped so hard!"
Elijah glared at him. "You're hardly sincere, sir. Not one word had a shred of honesty, outside of your apology about the flowers!"
"He's got you there, Azul." (Y/N) was forced to agree.
"Of course you lost, lies kept coming out of your mouth!" Leona growled. "And you say we don't know how to treat a woman!"
"I will not be lectured by the one who lost first!"
Cater groaned. "Eh, I feel so sad. I thought I might succeed."
"You are too much of a playboy!" Elijah spat. "There's no way you could be a proper groom for (Y/N)!"
"He has you down completely." Vil stated.
"By the way, Deuce, why are you here?" Trey asked.
"I wanted to help Clover-senpai and (Y/N), but I can't tell her romantic stuff...I get so nervous."
"I was told I was too cute." Lilia said, slightly teary eyed. I'm so upset. Just because I look adorable...sniff sniff."
"I can't believe he had the gall to slap Lilia-sama!" Sebek said. "HOW DARE YOU SIR! JUST BECAUSE LILIA-SAMA IS CUTER THAN YOU!"
"You're far too loud." Elijah stated (not wrongly). "Honestly, this is insulting to dearest."
"Indeed, your highness." Chubby agreed. "These men are nowhere near worthy of princess (Y/N)!"
"I'm doomed." (Y/N) said despondently. "Well, we all better prepare for monsters to storm the school."
The ghost groom huffed. "As I said, E-, (Y/N) is the ideal princess, so she deserves the best!"
"You're forcing your ideals on her." Lilia stated. "If you keep searching for things that aren't there, you'll never find what you're looking for. The most precious things are always close at hand."
"Stop saying such nonsense, I've already found the thing to fill the hole-I mean, the thing I've been looking for. An ideal princess like (Y/N)! Now enough wasting time! Dearest, you should get into your dress."
"Wait, what!?"
"Nanny, I leave it to you to get her ready!"
"Of course your highness!"
"Wait no, I really don't want this!"
(Y/N) was carried off, some of her female Pokémon chasing after her.
"And there she goes..." Cater stated. "At least we get to watch a wedding."
"Not the time, Cater." Trey stated.
Idia huffed at them. "All of you were useless! Lost in seconds! Always acting so flashy, yet so easily disposed of!"
They all gave him murderous glares as Elijah nodded.
"Well said, Idia! I knew I chose our witness well! You're more than welcome to join us back to the afterlife!"
(In the bridal room)
(Y/N) was being changed into her wedding dress and getting her makeup done as the ghosts all fluttered about happily.
"Oh, finally! Tonight is the wedding ceremony we've been waiting for for 500 years!" One said.
"We were supposed to celebrate the wedding ceremony with the whole nation." Another pointed out. "That ungrateful brat, princess Eliza! Such a horrible woman for betraying us and breaking our prince's heart!"
"I become so enraged just thinking about it!"
"Nanny, what exactly happened that night, if you don't mind me asking." (Y/N) asked the ghostly caretaker.
"It's no trouble, (Y/N) dear. Princess Eliza was set to marry the prince and we were awaiting the arrival of her ship, only for the entire armada to arrive. It happened all too quickly I'm afraid."
"Elijah seemed devastated by it." (Y/N) said, remembering him not even being able to say Eliza's name. "Were he and Eliza close?"
"They had known each other since childhood."
"He must have really loved her."
"Come now, (Y/N)!" Nanny tried to change the topic. "It's all in the past! The prince's heart belongs to you!"
(Y/N) didn't argue, but something felt off about this. Elijah, kidnapping aside, was quite the gentleman, definitely in comparison to certain kitty prince (Y/N) knew. He was also obviously the devoted type, and though she had never met Eliza herself, it seemed odd she would double cross him seemingly out of nowhere, and it seemed Elijah had the same idea.
"And the second group bites it." Crowley said.
Ace was rolling on the ground in laughter. "Hahahahahaha! Did you see Deuce freezing up?! Like a deer in headlights! Unbelievable! It's too funny!"
"Nyahaha!" Grim laughed. "They were so confident and they all got slapped!"
"This isn't a laughing matter!" Ortho scolded them. "Tonight is the wedding! Even if we did manage to get the ring to (Y/N), she still might get taken! And my brother is still in trouble!"
"We don't have much time remaining." Riddle stated. "(Y/N) may still need our help."
"The only dorm leaders left are us and Malleus since the others failed." Kalim noted.
"I feel including Malleus would only cause problems." Ace brought up. "We already have the Pokémon, we don't need another ridiculously powerful person running rampant." (Cue Hydreigon sneaking away)
"And since no one else will help and Jamil forbade me from going, it's up to you guys."
"There's nothing to fear!" Rook insisted. "We can complete this mission. Helping others is a wonderful thing and I can't stand my archery partner to be so upset! Besides, I can't bear to see Vil's beautiful face insulted further. Epel is also motivated for this mission!"
The lavender hair boy was sitting, surrounded by Appletun and Flapple and with Applin in his lap. "All three of them are so worried about (Y/N). I have to help! Plus, if I rescue Vil, he'll have to acknowledge my true power!"
"I guess I have no choice." Ace admitted.
"I'll go as well." Riddle volunteered.
"Eh!? Don't tell me you're going to save Trey!"
"That is one reason. The blunders of the students of Heartslabyul is one of my responsibilities as dorm leader to correct. And I owe (Y/N) my life. Besides, there's another important matter to address. Ace, have you forgotten something important?"
"Something important....?"
"Rule 703 of the Queen of Hearts: The person who gets second place in the croquet competition should pour tea for the queen the next day."
"And what about...oh. Now that you mention it, isn't that-?"
"Yes, that person is Cater! Before tomorrow, I must retrieve him! He must pour tea for the dorm leader!"
"Eh!? We're in the middle of something! I could pour tea for you instead..."
"No you can't. You were below tenth place in yesterday's competition. In compliance with the rules, I must retrieve Cater before midnight."
Ace sighed. "As expected from the demon of rules...well, this is an improvement from you, and it has nothing to do with me, so it's fine!"
"That makes four of us." Riddle stated.
"Hey, five!" Grim yelled.
The red head ignored him. "If we want to succeed, we should utilize all the power we have."
Ace smirked. "Well, I'd say it's time to unleash Swampert!"
Swampert had not been used for the rescue mission thus far because of how tunneled his vision would become when it came to (Y/N)'s safety. However, given this was the all in portion of the mission, it made sense to bring in the heaviest hitter. Swampert banged his fists, ready for a brawl.
"It seems we will all be vying for the hand of the bride!" Rook state. "How beautiful!"
"This is our last chance gentlemen." Crowley warned. "If you fail, (Y/N)'s life is forfeit."
They all gulped.
"All things considered, I believe formal attire shall allow you to earn the respect of the ghost groom."
Sam was immediately lured out by the promise of another sale.
"Want to bring happiness to the one you love? To be the envy of every groom? For you who have this request...IN STOCK NOW! We have various items to let you capture the heart of your precious one!"
The boys gathered the items, as well as the formal collars for the Pokémon as Sam smiled.
"Thanks for buying all of these items, headmaster!"
"Boo hoo, so expensive...."
The boys all came out looking elegant and well groomed, even Ace, while the Pokémon they had chosen for the mission (the Applin family, Decidueye, Shaymin, Raboot, Dragapult, and Swampert) looked dignified. As they all complimented each other's appearances and were given regret absorbing bouquets, Marshadow again began to wave around the ring Sam had given him. The shop owner smiled.
"You really like that ring, little guy! I'm glad."
"Mar! Mar! Marshadow!" He said insistently.
"Don't worry, Marshadow. We'll save (Y/N)." Ace assured him, still not understanding what he was saying.
Swampert and the others listened to the mythical's chattering, but put it aside for now considering there was something much more urgent to take care of. Crowley addressed the final team.
"If you don't show you're an ideal prince for (Y/N), there's no way they'll let you into the ceremony hall."
"Not a problem." Riddle replied. "We'll use this time to figure out how to appear princely. I'll prove I am the most suitable husband for (Y/N)!"
"I as well!" Rook agreed. "I'll touch her's and the ghost groom's hearts with my words of love. I'm certain my feelings will reach them."
"I'll prove myself to the ghost groom!" Epel stated.
"Oh yeah!" Ace cheered. "Let's crash this wedding!" (Have I mentioned that I adore wedding crashing scenarios in fiction?)
"Let's go save (Y/N)!" Grim rallied the boys and Swampert roared.
The boys gathered at the entrance of the school as midnight drew closer.
"Epel is late." Riddle said. "It's almost the promised time."
"Maybe he got scared?" Ace suggested.
Rook shook his head. "No, no. Monsier Crabapple is no coward. He'll come."
"You guys!" Epel's voice rang out.
"Oh, you're late Epe...-," Ace stopped as he saw Epel riding in on a horse and having Flapple and Applin perched on his shoulders, while Appletun was beside him.
"It took longer than I thought to get ready."
"Why are you riding on a horse!?" Ace asked sensibly.
"Eh? Because a prince always shows up on a horse...right?"
"Do princes even still ride horses nowadays? And why didn't you just get Rapidash?"
Epel gave him a look. "Even I'm not crazy enough to ride a flaming unicorn that hit 150 in a second."
"Epel...your imagination, effort, and ability to take action!" Room cheered. "Tresbien!"
"And you're riding the most difficult to manage horse in the stable." Riddle noted. "It's listening to your commands. Well done, Epel, you're very skillful at riding horses."
"Hehe. Thank you."
"Wait, wait, wait." Ace interjected. "I know appearance is important, but this is too-,"
His dorm leader cut him off. "Ace, would you stop complaining?"
"There's little time left before the ceremony." Rook pointed out. "We'll have to leave this conversation for later."
"How is that my fault!?"
"All right! Let's go!" Grim ordered.
They all approached the guard at the gate and Rook spoke for them.
"Good evening. We have come to challenge the prince for his bride."
"Another set of challengers? He's very angry at the lackluster group who came before you. I'm honestly embarrassed for Princess (Y/N). I've received an order to not allow anyone else in. Leave now!"
Swampert growled, but Epel signaled him to stand down.
"Are you sure?" He smirked. "You'll regret driving me away."
"You seem quite confident in yourself. If you insist, then I shall be your judge! Prove to me you are worthy of the bride's hand!"
"Guess we'll have to follow his rules to get through." Ace sighed along with Raboot.
Riddle nodded. "Indeed, he'll definitely drive us away if we don't."
T-then, I'll go first." Epel volunteered. "Ahem."
"Very well, let me see your proposal."
Epel cradled Applin in his arms as Flapple and Appletun flanked him. The three Pokémon let off sparkles and the pleasant aroma of apples. Epel had a slight blush on his face as he pictured the girl they were trying to rescue.
"I'll bring happiness to the bride, because I am the Prince Charming that will be the first one to rush over to the one I love when she's in danger! No matter how difficult it might be, I won't give up! I am the true prince! I will protect you from everything that tries to hurt you! Marry me. Please."
The ghost was impressed. "W-what an earnest look. And a magnificent use of the monsters. Besides that, the horse that you're riding! Just like a true Prince Charming!"
"I guess we're the only one's who think it's weird." Ace whispered to Raboot.
The guard noticed him. "Then how about you? Are you perhaps the servant of the prince?"
"Servant?" Ace said, insulted. "You're saying I'm Epel's servant? I'm surprised you could think such a thing. I'm a cut above these other guys."
Swampert snorted as the guard continued.
"Oh, so you're a challenger as well? All right then, show me your proposal."
Ace put Raboot on his shoulder and smiled cheerfully, remembering all the fun he, (Y/N), and their friends had together.
"If you become my wife, you'll definitely live everyday happily. We'll fight sometimes, but I'll always be the first to apologize. When you're sad or tired, I'll stay by your side. I'll want the one I love to smile without worry. I am the true prince for you, so please, just pay attention to me. Let's get married!"
"Oh! You truly think of the happiness of your partner! It seems as though your feelings are true! And such wonderful color coordination with the rabbit! I apologize for being rude!"
"Indeed, that was a good proposal." Riddle admitted, though he was smirking.
Ace didn't like it. "Would you please not give me a reaction? I'm bad at things like this!"
"You only said it with your mouth, but deep down you're actually thinking about her, correct?"
"Nyahahaha!" Grim laughed. "Ace is acting cool and you all have crushes on my minion!"
"Shut up Grim!"
Riddle stood straight. "While that was nice, I am clearly the suitable groom!"
"Very well then. Come forward!" The guard ordered.
Riddle held Shaymin, who bloomed with flowers as Riddle called upon his memories of (Y/N) helping him.
"I'll make a vow with honesty! I promised that I won't let anything hurt the one I love! As your spouse, I'll do everything to protect you! I'll make certain you are never afraid again! Would you please...choose me as your groom."
The guard was nearly in tears. "Such dependability! Even my dead heart skipped a beat! And such sincerity that the creature in your arms conjured flowers!"
"Yeah, that was amazing, Riddle!" Epel agreed.
Ace smirked. "You're also taking this seriously."
"....please stop." The dorm leader pleaded.
"The three of you did an excellent job." Rook complimented. "Now it is my turn!"
"The competition is fierce!" The guard stated. "I won't be swayed by an imperfect proposal!"
Rook was flanked by Decidueye and Dragapult, who did their best to appear mysterious and regal.
"Beautiful you. I wish to become your love servant, forever and always. For you who has suffered the hardships and cruelties of your world, I shall soothe your heart with this poem:
I wish to have a place in your heart.
Loneliness shall not plague you,
Oh you who has always offered kindness.
Vying for your hand, I shall be your shield,
Even if fate has been cruel to you.
Yearning for warmth, let me hold your hand,
Oath of love that I swear.
Understand that I am the one to light a fire in your heart." (Yes I rewrote it a bit, but there's a reason)
Epel and Ace blinked in utter shock.
Ace was the word that formed words. "Uh...just listening to that made me feel something."
"Ah!" Riddle said in realization. "Everyone! Remember the first word of every line of the poem!"
"I don't even remember any of it." Grim said blandly.
"Then you missed the point. Read it carefully. The first letter of every line spells out 'I love you'!"
"Indeed." Rook stated. "I'm surprised you caught on, Roi de Roses."
"...I'm good at crossword puzzles."
"This has nothing to do with crossword puzzles!"
"Everyone from Pomefiore is weird." Grim sighed.
"I'm not one of them!" Epel insisted.
"Hmm? Is it not enough?" Rook asked the guard. "Here's the next poem!"
"No no! I understand your feelings completely! You lot are definitely higher quality than the ones before."
"So we pass?" Riddle asked. "Then hurry up and let us inside."
"But....your height...."
"Eh?"Shaymin stiffened and motioned to the ghost to shut up.
"You're too short."
Shaymin face palmed.
"Riddle, stay calm." Begged Ace.
For not.
"Looks like he still doesn't understand the greatness of our dorm leader!" Ace tried to interject. "Come on...hahah...."
"How dare you...." Shaymin leapt from his arms as his face went red. "HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING!!! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!"
The ghost was collared in an instant.
"Fire! Burn this insolent person to ashes!!"
Flames burst from Riddle, disposing of the ghost. While Decidueye and Shaymin perched on Dragapult as Swampert put out the fire, Rook encouraged Riddle's act of arson.
"You have defeated him in a brilliant way."
"Every one of them....ordinary males will keep growing until they reach the age of 18! I still have a year left to grow!"
"I bet you looked that up." Ace mumbled. "Is that what you've been worried about this whole time?"
"I don't care! I just can't forgive someone who judges a person by their appearance!"
"I understand your feelings." Epel said sympathetically. "But if you cast flashy magic like this-,"
A group of ghost guards suddenly appeared.
"What's with this fuss!?"
"Uh, I knew it. The other ghosts are coming!"
"You guys are behind this, right? Very suspicious. Capture them!"
The casted magic, forcing everyone to dodge and forcing Epel to send the horse back to the stable.
"The whole operation is a bust!" Ace said.
"I-I'm sorry." Riddle apologized. "I was impatient because we didn't have much time left, then I got so angry from what the ghost said...!"
"Out of everyone who came to challenge the prince, you are the most hopeless one!"
"Ugh...what have I done...!"
"It's all right, Roi de Roses. The way you express your anger like a hedgehog is very beautiful. I believe the ghost you just burnt has a standing ovation for you."
"The wedding ceremony is approaching." The guard stated. "I don't care who you are, I won't let you get in the way!"
"Well, we have no choice." Ace declared before hopping on Swampert. "We brute force our way in!"
Swampert charged with a Waterfall, defeating the ghosts and giving them an opening to run past. The guards revived and chased after them as they entered the hall, trying to catch their breaths.
"No matter what we do, they just keep reviving." Epel said between breaths.
"Don't stop moving!" Ace said (hypocritically as he was on Swampert with Raboot). "We have to get to the cafeteria!"
Riddle turned to face the ghosts.
"Hurry then!"
The ghosts caught up. "We won't allow you to get in the way of our prince's wedding ceremony! Catch these rude intruders! Don't let them escape!"
"How brave of you to say I'm rude when you took over the school without permission and kidnapped my friend!" Riddle shot back.
"T-this red haired boy. He's small but his aura is overwhelming!"
"Don't be afraid! We must show him the terror of ghosts!"
The ghosts surrounded Riddle who stood firm.
"Don't worry about me!" He insisted as he blasted away several ghosts. "You guys must complete the mission!"
"There's no way you can beat them on your own!"
"Who said I was alone?" Riddle whistled as Shaymin leapt to his side, firing off an Energy Ball. "Shaymin, let's show these brutes what happens when they underestimate those who are little."
The two went on a rampage and Ace smiled, impressed.
"That's right. My dorm leader's got this. Come on, (Y/N) needs our help."
They all took off as Riddle and Shaymin held the ghosts at bay.
Music began to play as the boys were lined up near the aisle and poor Idia was tied to a chair in the front. The Pokémon were all ready to jump in case all else failed and they had to brute force their way out. Elijah stood at the altar proudly as the door opened to reveal (Y/N) in her princess-like dress and makeup.

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