46: Monster

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*GOOOSSHHHH! UPDATE AFTER 999988766463001644168001 YEARS!! WOAAAAA. This chapter was a reminder that I'm still dead -.-

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3rd person pov

I'm really disappointed on u guys.

Jackson said with bitterness in his voice. He couldn't belive his cherry was with his best friends all the time yet, they couldn't save her.
How could u guys do this?
He said looking at them.
Hyung we didn't know that she's- minhyuk's sister....
Taehyung said looking down.

So what if u didn't know. So does that mean u guys would treat her like an animal if she wasn't minhyuk's sister? You guys wouldn't even feel guilty if she wasn't minhyuk's sister right?
Jackson said looking at all of them. He's also a big brother to them. And what he's saying is also right.

All of them were in guilt and regret. But there was someone who was thinking something else. It was yoongi. He was lost deep in his thoughts.
He called suddenly making him look at yoongi.
Minhyuk didn't die in the accident....did he?
He said out of blue making everyone confused. Jackson got startled hearing his sudden question.
W-what do u mean....

Suga sighed and looked at jackson. But he avoided eyes contact.
He was killed. Right?
Yoongi asked raising one eyebrow. While Jackson looked at him blankly. Then he also sighed an nodded.
And it's also him...right?
Yoongi asked as if it the most easiest thing to find. Jackson wasn't quite surprised. He just nodded and clenched his fist, his face looking red. (A.n: Owww he would really hot uwuwuwuwu)

But...there's something wrong. Something seems missing...
Namjoon said placing his palms on his chin, thinking. Jackson gulped hard and tried to avoid the topic.
G-guys...leave this matter now. Our main goal is now to save soyunie. We all know that he is a psychopath. And she's definitely not safe there for too long. We need to make several plans.
Jackson said seriously and the nodded their heads in agreement.

But hyung, how sehun is involved in all these?
Jungkook asked falling deep in his thoughts.
Welp....u guys need to know a lot to be exact. But for now, know that i and minhyuk killed sehun's brother. And yall definitely know why. But that's still a long story, which is not for now.
Jackson said making the others a curious cat.

So now the plan. Listen i think we need to have backup plan. 1st we need to get the location which is obviously suga's work...
Namjoon said earning a nod from suga.
Then we need to select guards. We'll obviously select the best of best guards, best of best weapons from our collections (a.n: lol collections)
Namjoon again said but jimin denied in that.
But why just wasting our weapons. They're just weaklings. We can get ou princess soyun very easily (a.n: how u got the guts to say her princess huh)

Jackson sighed and then spoke
No jimin. We can't just neglect them so easily. Remember that they have the most precious thing of is, soyunie. They will definitely threat us. And we can't just let them slid easily this time, so that they don't even think of mending in our business. Not even after death.
He spoke the last part through his gritted teeth as some of their eyes turned red due to anger.

Jhope just looked at the blank balling up his fists, his knuckles turning white due to the impact. Suga bite his inner cheeks annoyed and angry. Jungkook was breathing heavily so as jimin and Taehyung.
Ok soo....
Namjoon said making everyone's attention in him.
I've thought of a plan-
Just spill it already.
Suga cut him off feeling impatient.
Yea. So the plan is-.........

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