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"Where the fuck is Jimin?!" Namjoon exclaims as he can't start the engine when one of them is not inside the car.

"I thought he went out with you guys," Taehyung responded. "I just told Y/N and Jin hyung why we're evacuating the house. I haven't come across Jimin inside the building."

Jin; who was the most worried for Jimin, wanted to go outside this vehicle so bad just to find where the younger one was.

"Should we go look for him?" Jungkook suggested, seeing how worried his hyungs were, even you were worried for Jimin. Where was he?

Yoongi nodded. "Of course, we need to look for that young man. Did he forget what I informed you guys earlier? That there was a bomb." He sighed after talking as the vehicle was now filled with silence.

"We all can't look for him, we'll die together from the explosion," you say as you see the disappointment written all over their faces.

"Y/N's right." Jin decided to speak as he was the only man who kept silent when Namjoon noticed that Jimin was gone. "We need someone to go look for him and the rest would go and evacuate."

Namjoon tapped the stirring wheel multiple times which earned the attention of the people inside the vehicle. "We need to hurry up. Time's running out."

"Fine. I'll do it," Hoseok declares and opened the door of the van to go outside and go look for Jimin.

Jin's worries increased when Hoseok insisted that he goes looking at Jimin since time was starting to run out. "Are you sure it's okay with you Hoseok? I am the eldest, I should be looking for him."

Hoseok shook his head at the last phrase of the eldest. "I'm sure about this Jin hyung and don't worry I'll make sure to get him out alive."

"Hoseok," Namjoon called out to the man.

"Yes?" He turned to Namjoon who had a serious face on.

Namjoon sighed. "Remember that car we used to use a lot?" Hoseok nodded. "Use that car when you and Jimin escaped this house, alright?"

"Noted." Hoseok nodded. "You guys better go to the other house we have. I'll get Jimin out of this place." Then he ran inside the house to look for Jimin. Gosh everyone strives that they escape this house safe.

Namjoon started the engine again. "We need to go now." This time, you guys drove far away from the house to get away from the house that was about to explode.

The car was going faster than it would normally be. Namjoon didn't care about the traffic lights and continued driving as fast as he could. Nothing else was on their mind but Jimin and Hoseok getting out of the house while the bomb explodes.

"Do you think they're doing good?" Jin asked everyone worriedly. You can see the concern in his eyes since you were sitting right beside him.

Yoongi sighed and told himself that he shouldn't overthink what was happening to the two. "Let's just think positive right now." His words of comfort seemed to relieve the eldest which was great.

"Gosh, please let them come home safe," you whisper as you stare at the window.


"Jimin, where are you." Hoseok's breathing quickens as he was running around the house for a few seconds but Jimin wasn't there. "Where the heck are you?"

The last room he didn't check yet was the basement. Now he's sure Jimin might be there or maybe the bomb was right there too. Is Jimin planning to kill himself? So he ran across the room just to go down to the basement.

"Jimin?" He calls out. His voice echoed through the walls of the room. "Jimin?" He calls out again but this time he got a response.

"Yes hyung?" Jimin pops out behind him.

Hoseok turned around quickly and was shocked by what he saw. Jimin was holding the bomb as it showed how many minutes are left. 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Not enough time.

The older took the bomb out of Jimin's clasp and threw it somewhere far away. "What are you doing? Why are you holding that bomb?"

At first, Jimin didn't understand the worried Hoseok so he spoke up. "I was trying to make the time stop running out." Oh, my fucking gosh. "But it didn't work."

Hoseok facepalmed as he dragged Jimin out of the house. "Why are you doing that? You should've just let it be."

"But hyung, this house was important to us. And we're living here. Turns out, we can't truly stop this bomb from exploding," Jimin explains as he was getting dragged by Hoseok. "Where are the others?"

Hoseok grabbed the keys to the car Namjoon was talking about. "They already left." He opened the car's door and roared the engine alive. 1 minute and 45 seconds.

"What?! They left without us?!" Jimin yells.

"No, we were already there waiting for you inside the car but you wouldn't come out of the house. So I insisted to go look for you and asked them to just go and we're going to follow."

Jimin now feels sorry for his hyungs and you. He didn't mean to worry everyone, he just tried to stop the bomb from exploding yet it didn't work. Damn it.

Hoseok opened the door of the passenger's seat and persuaded Jimin to come in. "Go inside of the car. We don't have much time."

The younger ones didn't protest and went inside the car so they can get out of the place. Guilt and worry were eating him up but right now all he needs to think about is how Hoseok hyung and he would get out of this place. Hoseok roared the engine once more before driving away from the house.

Only 1 more minute then the house will be all surrounded by the wildfire. Hoseok drives as fast as he could so he can catch up with Namjoon and the other who was probably in a much safer place by now.

"Are hyungs and Y/N alright?" Jimin asked while fiddling with his fingers. He can't handle it when one of them got hurt or something.

Hoseok continues driving. "Yes, they're all alright. How about you? Any wounds?"

Jimin shook his head and turned his head around to see where they came from. The house where they all started with you, was almost gone. When Hoseok looked at Jimin, he followed where his eyes were looking, then he stopped driving for a second.

The bomb was probably close to exploding now. We just have to wait a little more and all that they can see is the wildfire established by that foolish man who planted the bomb in the first place.

All of a sudden they heard a thump and their eyes went to the house that was covered with black smoke and the fire starting to form within the foggy area.

Hoseok and Jimin stared at the burnt house as they can now not see it due to the black smoke surrounding it.

They guess this is the end of another start.

"Let's go to the others now." Hoseok started driving again.


A/N: This is a short chapter since I concentrated on Jimin and Hoseok's escape scenario.

Anyway, this is a double update since I was inspired.

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