Chapter 42- truth, bullshit and a picture

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"Please take a seat Mr. Weasley"

Fred sat down in the chair across from Dumbledore very slowly and cautiously. "I assure you I didn't do it"

Dumbledore cracked a smile. "Do what may I ask?"

Fred shrugged. "Whatever I'm in here for. It wasn't me"

Dumbledore's smile faded. "You are not in trouble Mr. Weasley. In fact I feel the need to say if anyone in this room is in trouble it shall be me"

Fred raised his eyebrows and leaned back in his chair readying himself to listen.

The professor gulped loudly and sat there trying to figure out what exactly to say. "I'm not sure how to say this"

Fred's pulse quickened. "Did something happen to Mum or Dad?!"

Dumbledore reached his hand out across the desk. "No no no my boy, not at all"

Fred nodded and stared at him. "Scared me for a second"

"Well what I am going to tell you is something that might scare you or possibly make you angry or even happy"

Every possibly solution began running through his mind. He already started to overthink and make himself paranoid. "Okay starting to get scared again"

Dumbledore began tapping his long slender finger against his desk. "It has to do with the unfortunate night of the invasion of Hogwarts"

Fred leaned forward almost pushing himself off of his seat. "Professor I would prefer not to speak about it"

Dumbledore shook his head. "You don't have to say anything. I'll do the talking"

Fred gazed down at his feet and repeatedly told himself he needed to choke down any tears that might come. He needed to be strong, for her.

"I made a very very very very big mistake", whispered the professor.

Fred furrowed his eyebrows. "And why are you telling me this?"

Dumbledore adjusted his spectacles on the bridge of his nose. "Well, I decided you were the one I owed the biggest apology to"

Fred fiddled with his hands in his lap trying to calm his nerves. "I'm still not following professor"

"It's Miss Blackwood", he sighed.

Fred's heart pumped rapidly against his chest. "What about her?"

Dumbledore shook his head to himself. He was obviously having a very hard time trying to get the words out of his mouth.

"Professor if you're going to give me your apologies about her death, I don't want them. I know it's obviously very unfortunate and unfair but I can't speak about this. I'm just now starting to not cry at the sound of her name", spoke Fred.

Dumbledore pointed his finger in the air. "That's exactly the point . . . her death"

"She was stabbed and bled out", Fred said quietly.

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, she was stabbed. She did not bleed out though"

Fred stood to his feet quickly and stared at the Headmaster. "What are you saying?"

Dumbledore ushered for him to sit down. "Please sit Mr. Weasley. This is very hard for me to tell you"

Fred took a step back. "She died in my arms, okay? I've been through hell and back so whatever it is that you have to say, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think"

He raised his eyebrows. "I don't think that's true"

Fred took another step back. "I don't want your pity Professor"

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