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Valen was supposed to leave two weeks ago to go back to the gym she was living at. Tony approached her asking her if she was ready to leave after her first few days. Bucky was standing right behind him, already looking down at the floor. He didn't know when they would see each other again.

She looked between the two. Even though she hadn't been there long, she honestly wasn't ready to leave. She surprisingly was enjoying her time. She had good food, a whole room to herself, and actual freedom. She could do what she wanted and leave when she wanted. Valen visibly was having a hard time deciding. Tony smirked and told the girl she could stay as long as she wanted.

Over the couple of weeks she'd been there, she had started to build relationships. They made her feel less like an experiment and more like a human. She had Bucky who was like family. She had Bruce and Tony who both started acting like she was biologically theirs. Nat and Steve were easing up more everyday. She hasn't seen Clint since the day she attacked him, and Thor has been in Asgard.

Now Wanda was like her best friend. Other than Friday, Valen felt like she could start trusting Wanda. She has been the one who talked to her constantly everyday. She would gossip with her or talk about Vision. Even when Valen didn't respond, Wanda was always there saying something.

The two of them were lying in Wanda's bed watching a movie. Wanda felt the same way about Valen, that they were becoming closer friends. It's why she would always want Valen to come spend time with her.

"Wanda?" Valen quietly asked.

"Hmm?" Wanda's eyes stayed focused on the movie. Her hand in the popcorn bowl, picking up pieces to munch on.

"The bug boy won't leave alone."

Wanda snorted and looked at Valen. "I don't think spiders are considered bugs."

"Well still, he always wants to talk to me."

Wanda's smile grew and wiggled her eyebrows. "He likes you, you dummy."

Valen's face grew with disgust. "Gross."

Wanda threw back her head and laughed. "Your mind went through so many scenarios right there, and your face just shows me how much that actually disgusts you."

Valen drew her eyebrows together in confusion. "How did you know what I thought of?"

"I read your mind when I talk to you. I normally see what you're thinking and take it as your response. Also how I knew you were finally going to talk to me tonight. Your thoughts are so loud, you've been debating it this whole movie."

Valen didn't know if she should feel violated or not on Wanda going through her thoughts. She didn't know how to react.

"Should I be worried that you just read my mind without my knowledge?" Valen's voice got a little pitchy.

"No." With that, Wanda went back to eating popcorn and watching the movie.

Valen took a mental note to be careful around Wanda.

The next morning was sunny. Valen and Peter
were taking a walk through New York. They have been going on walks almost everyday. It was no longer just at night, now it was whenever the pair felt like going. The very first time she went, she promised herself to never go again, but Peter came back that next night at her window. She couldn't deny that she did have fun with him, but she would never tell him that.

Their walks never felt repetitive because there was always something new to see or try. He would make her try new food all the time. Anytime they passed a vendor and Valen would study the food, Peter made her eat some. He even took her to Delmar's to try his favorite sandwich: number 5 smushed with pickles.

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