XVIII. I'm a Little Monster

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TW: slight(??) graphic/gore, violence, mentions of blood

I'm a little monster nal geomnae

Neol gweropyeo nae kkumman kkuge hae

Nan chum chugo nollae gawinullin neoye

Geu mom wie jumuneul geolmyeon

I'm a little monster


FLASHBACK - April 10, 2021

"What's up with you? I've never seen you this happy." Chae asked.

Both of them were working at their shift at the ice cream shop - but Beomseok had plans to sign off early.

"I have a date." Beomseok giggled. He was excited to go on a small date with someone he 'likes'.

"Didn't you just meet that girl? And you're already going on a date with her? You don't even know anything about her."

"I mean, isn't that the purpose of the date? For us to get to know each other?"

"Hmm, I guess you have a point."

Tick-tock tick-tock. With every second that went by, Beomseok got more and more excited. He can't believe that someone actually agreed to go on a date with him. His heart beat and fluttered with the thought of a pretty girl going on a date with him.

After waiting for many minutes, the big hand of the clock hit 5 - it means that he can take his early leave now.

"Bye Chae, wish me luck!!" he said with much happiness.

"I'll wish your date luck." she said, teasing Beomseok before he left the shop.


Beomseok and his date agreed to meet up somewhere convenient for both of them. Luckily, that place was not too far away from the ice cream shop.

As Beomseok waited for his date to arrive, he sniffed the bouquet lovely red roses he got for her - hoping that she would like his small gift. How wondrous this feeling was for Beomseok. All his life he's been rejected - but out of the blue, a pretty girl broke the streak.

As he was thinking of the pretty girl, he saw her from far away - she looked absolutely beautiful. She wore a very pretty black dress that made her look even more gorgeous, as if her face wasn't enough to make anyone fall for her.

"Hi Katsumi, I'm so glad you made it. This is for you." Beomseok gave her the bouquet.

She smiled at him and the roses.

She was happy to see how deeply he is in love with her. It seems that her spell worked on him perfectly.

"Shall we go?" she asked the boy in a flirty manner.

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