Chapter Forty-Seven

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3 Days later,

It's weekend, everyone is home, Mr. Xiao and Jiyang also came to join Wang family. Everyone is sitting on living room, having tea after breakfast and enjoying their family time. But, Yibo went upstairs saying he have something to do and it's important.
After sometime Zhan couldn't sat their without Yibo so ended up following Yibo.

"Bae, what are you doing?!" Zhan said, entering in the study room. Where Yibo was working on his laptop.

"Doing some work." Yibo replied.

Zhan walked to the table where Yibo was sitting and stood behind Yibo, wrapping his arms around Yibo's neck.

After they confess their life, everything changed between Yibo and Zhan. Yibo became romantic, clingy like a kid. Always confessing his love to Zhan. Taking care of Zhan like kid. They enjoy their quality time, whenever they left alone.

Yibo kissed Zhan's. Zhan kissed him back on his cheeks.

"Why are you here? My work is almost done." Yibo said, closing his laptop.

"I was missing you. You know nah, I can't live a minute without you." Zhan replied, pouting his lips.

Hearing Zhan's saying, Yibo stood up. And made Zhan sat on the chair.

"What happened?!" Zhan asked, smiling but with little confusion.

Yibo kneeled down on the floor, holding Zhan's hand, "I have something to say."

"What happened? Is everything okay?" Zhan asked, holding back Yibo's hand.

"I have got a chance to PHd." Yibo said.

Hearing Yibo Zhan smiled, "Congratulation, bae."

Zhan hugged Yibo. Yibo also hugged him back.

After sometime they broke the hug, Yibo was still on his kneel. Yibo kissed Zhan's hand.

"I'm so happy for you. Let's go, let's tell everyone!!" Zhan said, with excitement.

"Listen, hear me out first." Yibo stopped Zhan.

"Hmm.??" Zhan looked at Yibo, with confusion.

"I got this chance but, for this I have to go USA." Yibo said, closing his eyes.

"That's good..." Zhan said, after that he realized what Yibo have said. With this realization his smile gone from his face. He looked at Yibo. Yibo was holding his hand tightly, looking down.

After some moments of silence, Zhan stood up.

"I... I'm need to use washroom." Saying, Zhan run out from the room, without giving a chance to stop him.

Yibo stood up from kneeling. He was just looking at the door, and thinking about how Zhan run out.

After standing there few minutes like , he also walked out from the room to his room. As he stood Infront of his room's door he saw,

Zhan was sitting on the bed, with teary eyes. He know Zhan very well. Zhan always present himself as strongest one but in real, he is very emotional.

Yibo walked to Zhan and sat beside him.

"When you got this offer?!" Zhan asked, wiping off his tears.

"4 days ago." Yibo replied.

"And you are telling me now?!" Zhan asked, looking at Yibo with teary eyes.

No matter how many times he wipe his eyes, tears came and fill them again.

"I'm sorry. I didn't tell you because, I didn't know how to. In all those years when, I was alone. I never thought twice about, what I want to do. Because I was always sure about my doings. Now this is the first time, when I'm in delema. I don't know what to do." Yibo said, holding Zhan's hand.

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