Cursed Boy

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Deku POV

Me:*excited face* Who is fighting?

I'm part of the crowd that watching a pro hero fighting a villain. I then spot Kamui Woods is the one that fight with the giant villain.

Me: It's Kamui Woods!

???: Shake.

I look at my right and see (Y/N) is also watching the fight with bored look.

Me: Oh, (Y/N)!

He just quite. (Y/N) is my classmate. His way of communication is little bit different than the others because of his quirk. He only can says Onigiri's ingredients. And not everyone understand what he says.

(Y/N): Tuna tuna.

I look back at the fight only to see Mount Lady jump into the battlefield and take down the villain with just one hit.

I take out my notebook and start to write some note. I then noticed (Y/N) is walking away from the crowd.

Me: Hey, wait for me!

(Y/N):*wave* Okaka.

I finally catch up with him. I put my notebook in my bag while walking beside (Y/N).

Me: Kacchan is shooting for UA. How about you?

(Y/N): Okaka.

Me:*suprised face* Are you sure about that? I mean, with your quirk you can-

(Y/N): Okaka.

Me*thought*: He really don't want to join UA... Could it because of her sister?

Deku POV

Kacchan: Eat shit "Deku"!!!

He explode my desk. I quickly jump away.

Kacchan: Forget having a weak-ass quirk! You don't even have a fucking quirk! So where do you get off putting yourself on the same level as me!?

Me: H-Hold on... That's not it... Hold on, Kacchan...

He try to attack me again but...

???: Don't move.

Kacchan stop moving. He struggle to move his body. Everyone in the class look at the voice direction and see (Y/N) with his mask unzipped.

Classmate1: We totally forgot about that cursed boy's quirk.

Classmate2: Yeah... With that quirk, he can pass UA entrance exam easily.

Classmate3: I heard he has been recommended to UA by our school.

Classmate4: Yeah, I think I've heard of it before.

(Y/N) zip his mask back and Kacchan can move back. Kacchan look at me with pissed look before walk back to his desk.

Me*thought*: (Y/N) has been recommended? But if that's true, then he must know about it. And with his power, it's possible for him to change that. But why he didn't do anything?

I look at (Y/N) as he look out at the window beside him.

After School

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