It's your fault!

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The same place

All Might: You're the one who's worthy... To inherit my strength!

Me and Deku look at him with confused face.

All Might: That expression is a gas! It's just a "suggestion" for now! Listen up, boy. Cuz your true test is just beginning! It's simply a matter whether or not you'll try your damnedest to absorb my "power"!

He said as blood come out from his mouth. He wipe the blood away before continue talking.

All Might: I'm talking about my quirk, kid.

I take out my phone and start to write something in my note in the phone. After I done, I show what I wrote at All Might.

"You mean you can inherit your power to someone else?"

All Might: That's right, young (Y/N). My quirk is a power not unlike the sacred torch of legend that comes passed from one bearer to the next.

Deku: Huh?! It's a quirk you can inherit?!

All Might:*look at Deku* That's right, kid. And I've tagged you as the next in line.

Deku start to mumble something that just him can understand. I go closer to him and hit his head to shut him up.

All Might: There's a lot I keep close to my chest, but I don't tell lies!

He open his left palm.

All Might: It's the power to transfer power... And the name of that vaunted ability to which I've been entrusted is none other that One For All.

Deku: One For... All...

All Might: One man cultivates the power, that man grants it to another, and again it is fostered, and passed down... In so doing brave hearts with unwavering calls to save lives can butnish this might!

Deku: But... Why me...? Why you don't choose (Y/N)?

All Might: Because he already powerful enough. And you dream to become a hero. Let this power to help you.

Me:*nod* Shake.

All Might: But hey, it's still your decision to make, of course! What do you say?

Deku wipe his tears away.

Deku: Yes please...

All Might: Now there is a quick reply! Just as I expected, you rascal!

He then look at me.

All Might: Hmm... Can I ask you for a favor?

I just keep quite waiting for him to say something.

All Might: Well, from what I saw earlier, you are very agile. I'm pretty sure you know how to fight hand-to-hand.

Me:*nod* Shake.

All Might: Great. To inherit One For All, young Midoriya need to train his body. But if he just have power but don't have any skill, it will be useless. Can I ask you to teach him basic of hand-to-hand combat?

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