chapter thirty-six

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y/n pov

there was a moment of silence that felt like an eternity for me as i held my face in my hands trying to hide the embarrassed redness they had caused

it wasn't long after until i heard plenty of hearty laughs which brought me some comfort i guess

lifting my head and peering out i can see jimin grabbing taehyung's hand and waving it around while laughing, j-hope and namjoon are pointing while laughing and saying "yoongles" to themselves everytime they caught there breath

on the other hand, there was one not laughing

he was glaring daggers into me and all the others

unsuprisingly, that was yoongi

he looked as though he was ready to kill me which i didn't doubt that he would do

jin-"aww look he's getting embarrassed" he stares teasingly and that's when i notice the slight reddening on his cheeks

this only led the younger out of the seven boys to laugh even more to which yoongi replied with just continuing eating after sending me another glare

after a while, all the other boys had calmed down too and we were finally back to peacefully eating our meals, although i would hear a giggle for one of them from time to time

namjoon-"y/n" he states which caused me to look up at him "once you have finished can you help jin with the dishes, we need to get ready for our jobs?"

me-"yeah that's fine" i said; realising i was the only one still eating

the others got up and left to get ready for their jobs, jin started piling up the dishes and taking them through to the kitchen while i swallowed down the last couple mouthfuls down

grabbing the last couple dishes that jin didn't manage to get, i walked across the hall to the kitchen and placed them with the others

i grabbed my tea towel that i would be using to dry the dishes after jin has cleaned them

jin-"so i heard you like my handsome face" he stated while teasing me

me-"oh shush" and that's pretty much how the whole cleaning and drying process went

jin-"y/n why don't you go find someone who needs some help with their task since you did yours with j-hope and he is helping someone else now i think" he suggests after i had passed him the last dish to put away since i couldn't reach

me-"okay" i say while exiting the kitchen and looking for the first person that catches my eye

lucky for him, it's namjoon

me-"namjoon do you know if anyone needs help to do their task?"

namjoon-"what happened to joonie?" he asks while i just blink at him giving him a confused look which made him laugh "let me think" he says and starts looking around the house and i just follow him "ah just the person i was looking for" he says to one of them but i couldn't see which since he was unintentionally blocking the doorway so i just decided to stand and wait for the suprise "since your task is one the more difficult side and you don't have a partner, y/n has decided to step up and help out her dear yoongles" he says and looks back at me with a cheeky grin

i hate my life

yoongi-"is that so?"

just kill me at this point

namjoon-"yes she was very eager"

never mind killing me, kill this evil man

yoongi-"well then, make sure you are ready with some shoes on and meet me near the door in five minutes y/n. we are off into the woods"

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