Chapter Forty- Eight 🔞

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"Mature content in the middle!! Skip after second warning if you are a minor!!"

__Xiao Zhan's POV__

If you ask me what is love, love is a feeling which we feel from deep of our hearts. Love can make you the most happiest person also can make you most saddest person. I also fall in love, I fall really hard. And, if you ask what my love made me then let me tell you, I'm most happiest person in the world. My love teach me love. My love teach me how to be happy. My love, Yibo.

I'm really blessed that I got a husband like him, who can love me the most also I really feel happy when, I remember I'm his first love. I'm the first person for whom, he fall.

Before closing my eyes, I see him and also after I open my eyes, I see Yibo is sleeping beside me, holding my hand. But, after 3 days I won't able to see him for 4 years. The fucking 4 years. 3 days ago, he told me about his Ph.D. He was hesitating, he was confused but, I don't want to see confused Yibo. When he asked me, if I say no he won't go. I was really happy that he truly do care about me. Of course, I said him to go. It's not that I'm not sad or I won't miss him. Of course, I'm sad. I will miss him a lot but, in our life beside of love career is also important.

After that he asked me, if I want to go with him. I said, no. Because, I also want to complete my graduation. I also want to do something in my career. I also want, Yibo to feel proud of me the way I proud of him. So, I'm not going now but, who said I'm not going. Hahahah *internal laugh*

I can't even laugh little loud. Huh!! Yibo is sleeping beside me. And, it's been 3 days already he told us about his Ph.D. And after that, he became really clingy. Oh my gosh!! I know, he loves me. He don't want to leave me but, isn't it too much? Even I went to the bathroom, he will stand Infront of the door, asking me how are you? Are you okay? What happens me? I know, I'm sad but I'm not gonna cry again. Crying first day was enough. I'm not gonna do it again. Because, I know I love him and he love me. And most importantly, we are together. It's not that we are getting separate!! Even he leave for USA. We can still be in touch. So, I think it's ok. In this way, we can also test our love for each other. But in this, one thing that I'm sure about. Our love will grow more and more.

I stroke his hair, his hair is really silky and soft. I'm gonna miss it. I always wanted a perfect partner, who will understand me, who will care about me. I used to pray for it. All thanks to God that, he send me Yibo. I really love him and I'm really going to miss him very badly but, sometimes in our life we shouldn't show our emotions. So, am I doing.

I know, it's going to be hard for me and Yibo both but, for our well being we need to do this. And, I'm sure we can do it, we can face everything together.

"Yibo!! Get up already, it's 10 am already."

I tried to wake him up but instead of opening his eyes, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me more closer to him, in his chest.

Ahhh he is warm. I also hugged him back and closed my eyes. This peace, I'm gonna miss a lot. This moment, I wish I could stop this moment forever. I wish, I can stop the time. I wish.. I wish.

"I love you." He said, his cold lips touched my forehead. Happiness run through my whole soul. I really want to stop this moment for rest of my life.

"I love you too." I replied, kissing him back on his warm chest.

"Let's get up now. It's late everyone must be waiting for us." I said.

"I want to stop the time, I want to hold you like his for rest of my life." He said, which made me little surprise. We are thinking same things. We are on the same boat. Aren't we?!

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