Chapter 43- a game and party

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2 months later

After about a month of Fred grieving more, lessons started back up and things started to get back to normal. Everyone would still talk about the incident here and there but everyone made sure to not speak about it around Fred. He was still silently going through a depression.

Teachers and staff at Hogwarts were very sympathetic towards all the students who were close to Emberlynn but Fred told them upfront that he didn't want any special treatment. He hated pity.

Fred and the whole group sat in the Great Hall on a Thursday morning eating breakfast. Everything was sort of back to normal other than the spot that was always left empty everywhere they went for Emberlynn.

"George you can't be slacking off like in the last game! You almost cost us 10 points!", warned Harry.

George waved him off and continued eating. "Oh can it Potter. I've been on the team longer than you and I've never messed up"

Fred stared at his brother and smiled. "What are you talking about? You always mess up Georgie"

George scoffed and flicked a potato straight at Fred's nose. "Eat starch Freddie"

Fred immediately took that as a challenge and snatched 5-6 potatoes from Ginny's plate and threw them at George's face while also managing to hit Lee on accident too.

Lee gasped as potatoes smushed against his school robes. "Knock it off Gingers!"

Ginny smacked Fred repeatedly in the shoulder. "Don't touch my food dickwad!"

George stood up and grabbed fistfuls of scrabbled eggs from the center of the table and held them up like prizes. "You want eggs Freddie???"

Fred grabbed the big bowl of pudding from the center and clung to it. "You want some custard Georgie???"

Harry sat up and held out his arms in front of the twins. "No need for a food fight in the middle of breakfast boys. Save it for the field!"

George squinted at Fred and Fred squinted back.



They both sat back down but George was the one in a messy situation. He carefully let go of the fistfuls of eggs onto his plate and started to silently gag into his shoulder making Fred hysterical.

Hermione shook her head and took a big gulp of pumpkin juice.

"Has anyone seen Ron?", asked Harry looking around.

Hermione pointed near the doors. "He just came in"

Everyone looked to their right and seen Ron rushing over to the table to sit on Fred's right side and grab tons of food from the middle of the table.

Fred and everyone else stared at Ron waiting for him to notice the mistake he just made.

Fred stood to his feet and glared down darkly at his younger brother. "Can you move!"

Ron scooted over to the right a little bit more and sat down. "Sorry", he said with his mouth full of bacon.

Fred turned his head to look at George who then got up too.

Hermione pursed her lips and leaned forward. "Get up Ronald!"

Ron glanced up at everyone who was glaring at him and froze. "What?"

Ginny rolled her eyes and pushed Ron over so he fell off the bench.

Ron laid on the ground and stared up at Fred and Ginny. "What the fuck!"

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