Chapter thirteen

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I'm so sorry everyone that this came out a day later then I said but I fell asleep around 6pm yesterday so I didn't get chance to read through it and post it but anyways here's the chapter.


"Fucking useless piece of shit!" I called angrily, as I forcefully slapped my car with my hand, as if that would get the engine to work.

I bent over and placed my elbows on my car, stressfully running my hands over my face.

It was 09:20 so school had already started, meaning nobody would've been able to give me a lift to school.

My car wouldn't start so there I stood, alone on my driveway, a pounding headache and no way to get to my destination.

I had biology second lesson that morning and I was drastically failing at the subject. I couldn't miss it, not again.

I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and pinched the top of my nose, inhaling and exhaling deeply. There was only one person I could call to take me who wouldn't be at school already.

So before I could regret my decision, I pulled my phone from my jean pocket and clicked on his contact number.

Bringing my phone to my ear, I impatiently waited for the ringing to stop and his voice to flood the phone.

"Hello?"Azael suddenly asked, his voice was deep and raspy as if he had just woken up.

"Have you just woken up?" I questioned.

"Oh, it's you. Yes. What do you want?" He replied slowly, sounding like he was really struggling to talk.

"Can you take me to school, my car isn't starting." I told him. He was my last hope of getting there.

It was either getting him to drive me, or walking in the blazing heat in a thick hoodie for 40 minutes.

"No, I've got a hang over." He told me bluntly, a loud noise came through the phone, sounding like he had just dropped back onto his back in his sheets.

"So have I, but you don't see me complaining like a child,"

"Your complaining right now about me not taking you, though," He replied. I could practically see the grin radiating off of his face.

"Yes because I have an important lesson I need to get too!" I said, frustration clearly lacing my words.

I came to the conclusion I was going to fail school.

"What will you give me if I take you?" He sighed.

Oh, I think the question is what I'd do if he didn't-

"Word of advice," I began, ignoring his last question,"Run the next time you see me." I said sarcastically, ending the call and beginning my trek to school.

I exhaled deeply and looked around. Only fast moving cars.

Satisfied that no one would see, I removed my dark blue hoodie and tied it around my waist.

The light air brushed over the sweat that had already formed on my skin and cooled my body as I tied my dark hair back, it took a moment due to the hairs that clung to my sweaty body but I eventually swept it all back.

And I continued walking. Annoyed with my car, annoyed with Azael even though it wasn't his fault and overall just pissed off at the world.


I was ready to jump in front of a car.

I was 30 minutes in and already my muscles were aching and begging me to go into the shade but there was no fucking shade anywhere.

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