Chapter fifteen

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The movie finished and I would rather of: A, gone home and simply stared at a blank walk for the entirety of one and a half hours or B, gorged my eyes out with my own fingers nails—or a fork, either works— and thrown them like tennis balls at Valerians head.

Unfortunately, I did neither. Though I did seriously contemplate it.

"Did you like the movie?" Valerian questioned as I hurriedly made my way down the steps and the lights of the cinema slowly illuminated the darkened room.

Damn, shit was everywhere, did people not know how to clean up after themselves?

It didn't take me long to reply, I think the person next to me could of replied for me, I think the person furthest away from me could of fucking replied for me."No," I bluntly told him.

I was now several steps ahead of him, and empty large popcorn box in hand. Suck on that, Valerian. "It's a waste," my ass.

I was walking towards the ground floor as if it wanted to embrace and and sweep me away from this boring and horrific night.

There were so, many more things that I would have rather of been doing—again, staring at a wall being one of them.

'It's only a few hours' I said 'just hurry up and get it done with' I said. What a fucking bitch past me was. What a fucking bitch.

"Why didn't you like it?" He asked, his eyebrows furrowing as I twisted my head slightly to hear him better.

"Fucking hell," I muttered under my breath.

Could this boy not just accept what I had to say with out questioning further and requiring an explanation to my answer?

"Well, if you didn't like it we can watch something better next ti-"

I cut him off, eyes widening slightly as my stomach clenched at the thought of coming again a second time. "No."

"But what if-"


"Can you let me fi-"


He huffed a frustrated laugh as we exited through the cinema door, the darkened atmosphere creeping in again as the glow of the cinema lights faded.

"Nuria, can you slow down?" He asked as I very clearly came to a stop.

I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned round after, cocking my head to the side slightly as my way of trying to cool the growing frustration pooling inside of me, I plastered an unamused look on my face.

He took steps towards me until I turned, my back just gently touching the wall as he peered down at me. His dark, red hair falling in front of his eyes ever so slightly.

"Look, if you didn't like the cinema we could go-"

Take the fucking hint.

"No," I told him flatly, I attempted to get away from him by ducking underneath his arms that he had somehow been placed besides my head without me noticing, but he slid them lower, caging me in like I was some sort of god damn fucking animal.

"Nuria let me fucking-"

"Valerian, if you don't step back I'm going to punch you,"

He didn't step back,"Nuria wh-"

"I will punch you."

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