Chapter 2

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I woke up with blurry eyes and everything seemed dull for a moment when all the memories of before came rushing back to me.

I got up to my feet and started looking for my parents and brother. I was feeling too weak to walk faster so I ended up limping to my parents' bedroom. And they were there.....

Lying on the floor, lifeless, with blood pooling around them. Jack was there too. I felt tears burning my face and I remembered that I had been scarred. I walk to the mirror and see that there's dried blood all over my face. I sobbed harder. What am I gonna do now?

Soon enough, pack members came into our house as they might've felt the death of their beta.

"Clean this place up and bury them." I heard the Alpha's voice command. I was still in the bathroom so they might've not noticed me. Maybe they forgot me.....

Short chapter, I know. But I don't get enough views soo... :(

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