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Liv's POV

Angel turned to look at me with a shocked expression on her face, "What do you mean by you want to join the mafia?"

"I want to join the mafia simple," I said shrugging nonchalantly.

"No not simple Liv, that is a big step and a huge risk and I'm not going to let you do that, not under my watch" She responded looking at me angrily.

"Look Angel, I know you want to protect me at all costs because you just found me and don't want to lose me again, but I also need to protect myself when needed. And NOT rely on someone for help"

She let out a low sigh running her hands through her hair. "You don't get it do you?, Liv if you join the mafia there is nothing worth called 'safe' there is always going to be a target on your back, constantly watching your back to make sure no one is trying to kill you-"

"I know and I'm willing to take that risk, and to add up to what you just said remember I'm staying with you a freaking mafia boss so don't you think I'm actually going to have to learn how to protect myself when you're not there?" I said cutting her off through her rampage.

I sat down silently dragging her eyes around the room to find a solution.

"Ok, I will allow you to join the mafia but for now you will be keeping a low profile and you'll have to train really hard. I'm talking about 5-7 every morning and you'll have to keep up with this if you want to learn how to fight and protect yourself from harm" She finished off looking back over towards where I was sitting in the soft leather chair.

"I'm all ok with that, how hard can this be?" I said rolling my eyes. Angel just smirked as a response as I leaned back in the leather chair.


Oh did I wish I never said that or either come up with this stupid idea of joining the mafia. Because here I was laying on the floor at just one punch to the abdomen, don't get me wrong that still stung like hell but I was determined to get all of these techniques in tow.

I stood to my feet feebly and looked at the female who was training me, "Come on Liv don't tell me you give up already?" She said as she cracked her knuckles.

"No I don't" was all I said before I charged at her with my fist in the air. She immediately caught my fist in her hand, "Never attack first" was all she said before I felt a hard blow to my tight letting me fall limp.

I screamed out and looked at her angrily, "atleast take it easy on me this is my first time you know" she didn't answer me instead she bolted towards me full speed ready to throw a punch to my face but I caught on quickly and rolled to the side away from her.

"Good, never let down your guard," she said smiling proudly, there was a shrill ring signaling that training must be done for the day.

"I expect to see you here tomorrow on time and remember what I said," She said before heading towards the locker room situated in the gym.

Well, this shall be a hectic week.

And oh boy it was.


At this point, I regret the very idea of joining the mafia, I was literally sore. It felt as if there were a hundred knives being stabbed in me along with someone banging a hammer against my head.

I was currently in the clinic because my tight wound somehow managed to open again. And I think I forgot to mention this but we were currently in London, the city was beautiful, to be honest.

Back to the fact that I was in the clinic, my trainer whose name I found out was Matilda but she prefers to go by her full name Matilda Heart something about it meaning powerful or whatever. Well, Matilda Heart did not go easy on me, she threw a knife towards my head today which I thankfully managed to dodge but before I could comprehend what she did she delivered a kick to my thigh reopening my not so healed bruise.

I swear she's insane at this point. I was pulled out of my train of thoughts by the door opening and in walked Angel with her girlfriend Aiko. She was really sweet and most of all had a kind heart.

Angel made her way towards me with a smirk, "how's training going?" she asked unbothered.

"Can I rethink this please" I begged trying to pull my best puppy dog eyes at her.

She just chuckled and shook her head a plain blank no. I sighed furiously.

"Cmon let's go home, will you be able to walk, or do you need these crutches," she said pointing to the crutches at the other side of the room while Aiko burst out in laughter.

I narrowed my eyes at her and just up off of the bed I was sitting on, "I'm fine thank you" I said rolling my eyes. She finally burst out in laughter as I wobbled to the door.

I don't know why I suggested this whole idea of 'joining the mafia' but I already regretted this decision. And to just think that most persons have joining a mafia on their bucket list. If only they knew the pain, they would regret even knowing the word mafia.

I don't know where this whole new life would lead me forward but I was ready for it and every single obstacle in my way.

I guess you could say that I wanted to find my Karma. Ha, the nerd finding her Karma how ironic.

No, the story isn't done just some twists so ya😗✌🏾

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