Chapter 50: Broken Chains

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Phoenix was livid.


Red had colored his vision for last day and a half and every wave of pain he felt only fueled the fire that warred deep within him.

Every passing hour drove him further and further into his anger, time running out. They had 7 hours until the potion wore off and Leanna was left vulnerable. If he couldn't make it to her by then, the chances of her coming out alive were slim. The very thought had him physically shaking with anger and worry.

"You're making me dizzy," Gemma groaned, closing her eyes.

Phoenix shot her a look that could kill, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know this was about you."

Gemma glared at him, "Listen here, you little bit-"

"Gem," Sebastian cut her off gently. "How about we go get something to eat?"

He raised his brows and she huffed but took the hint, "We're not finished, Thad. You aren't the only one who's worried about her. You're not the only one hurting."

With a final glare, she turned and stomped out of the room. Sebastian shrugged his shoulders, following his mate.

"FUCK!" The Alpha roared, tossing a chair into the far wall.

A familiar wave of nausea overcame him, and he fell his knees. "Not again," he groaned weakly, pain exploding across his back.

He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood as he held back the urge to scream.

"Wolf!" Imogen's voice broke through the haze of pain.

Phoenix looked up at her, his vision wavering. "What?" He said through gritted teeth.

The witch paused in front of him, a hand on her hip, "Is that anyway to speak to the witch who crafted you this lovely protection spell?"

His eyes widened and reached for it but Imogen backed away, "Ah, ah, wolf. Apologize."

He snarled, "Seriously?"

The witch let out a sigh, "I can always dump this."

The wolf groaned and spat through his teeth, "I'm. Sorry."

Imogen grinned and handed him the glass filled with a colorful looking substance. He chugged it down in three gulps, the taste enough to make him violently gag. He shuddered as the pain slowly dissipated, leaving him flush with sweat. Slowly, he climbed to his feet, stretching his limbs.

The witch sat back on the couch, looking thoughtful, "You know, I have a theory. If she created a potion specifically to make the bond one way, clearly someone must know. If the bond is being kept open, it's obvious he has someone in here keeping watch. Otherwise, what would be the point?"

Phoenix reeled back, the weight of her words dawning on him.

"We have another fucking traitor."

Imogen grinned, "Precisely!"

The wolf scowled, "This isn't a time for jokes, witch. We have a serious problem here."

She shook her head, "No, wolf. You have a serious problem here. I simply provide potions and, when the time is right, a portal. Nothing more."

He rubbed his temple, his body drained. "Who all knows about the potion?" He finally asked, opening his eyes.

"You, a colleague, and I," Imogen answered, glancing at her manicured hands. "My associate is not the leak, she only just learned about this a day ago. It's coming from your end and from the looks of it, rather high up. I'd start with those who've recently joined."

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