chapter forty-nine

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y/n pov

as per usual, we all sat round that little table and waited for dinner, jin manage to quickly whip up some soup looking thing which surprisingly tasted a whole lot better than it looked

anyway after that, i went to my room to wash my hands and face as i had been starting to sweat from all the work we were doing earlier

the cold water felt so nice on my skin, i hadn't realised until now but my skin had started to dry out a little bit which very much annoyed me

i spent most of my teenage years trying to perfect a skincare routine all for nothing

but anyway, my skin is not the biggest problem going on right now by far, i mean there is a zombie apocalypse is happening after all

i walked out of my bathroom and headed across the hall to see if there was anyone i could pester and to my suprise, i heard quite a lot of movement going on in j-hope and jin's room

oh god

did namjoon and jin really take my advice and "get a room"?

i mean like go namjin but it's the middle of the day and this is a shared bedroom- not with me thank god

after a couple minutes of deliberation i decided to knock on the door

oh gosh

i already regretted it

the last thing i need is to have them two awkwardly explaining some type of excuse to cover what they had been up to

to my surprise it wasn't jin, nor namjoon for that matter

but instead my hope

j-hope-"oh hey y/n! are you okay?"

me-"yeah i'm fine, i was just bored. the real question is are you okay? i mean your sweating, wait are you coming down with a fever? are you going to get sick?" i began questioning in a frenzy, worried that he could become ill and sue to the lack of medical treatment to hand, we wouldn't really be able to cure it or stop the pain

j-hope-"woah woah woah calm down geez! i'm fine, i'm not ill i promise! i was something..."

me-"what were you doing?"

j-hope-"um...nothing.." he trails of

me-"you can tell me" i say reassuringly causing him to sigh, clearly well aware of my some what stubborn nature and that i will most likely keep asking

he looks either side of me to see if he can see any of the other boys i am guessing

j-hope-"come in" he says so i do

he then closes the door behind us

'what is this man up to?' i think to myself

he sits on his bed and pats next to him, inviting me to sit so i join him and look up expectingly

j-hope-"okay so you have to promise not to judge me"

me-"i wouldn't dream of judging you"

j-hope-"okay so um..." and then he stops and looks away

me-"what's wrong?"

j-hope-"nothing is wrong it's just that, oh god okay you have to promise not to tell the others, okay?" he says while extending his pinky towards me

we interlock our pinkies and then i say

me-"i promise hobi"

j-hope-"well before this whole zombie thing, i used to be part of a dance group and we were really good so i was just you know, dancing"

me-"you were dancing?"


me-"jeez why didn't you just say that? you were so secretive, i was scared you we're gonna tell me you killed someone or something" i say while laughing

j-hope-"i'm sorry what? me? killed someone? i can see you thinking it about yoongi, but me?" he says while joining me in a fit of laughter


j-hope-"okay well for that rude remark, you must join me!"

me-"i must what now?"

j-hope-"you and me. dance together. now."

me-"i haven't danced in a while and i'm really not that great at it"

j-hope-"that doesn't matter, i can teach be you"

me-"if you say so" i say while sighing and giving in

he goes through moves one by one and i copy him and successfully can do most of them, some of them he needed to help me with which was quite embarrassing but at least i can do them now

when he started putting the dance moves together it got a little more complicated and was quite difficult when we did it to the speed in which the music would have been but i learnt to keep up

surprisingly, we were really good

i forgot how much i loved to dance

when i was younger, i used to dance for a couple hours a week at ballet clubs and i loved it

dance always felt so freeing to me

it felt like i was walking on air

like nothing was holding me back

nothing was stopping me from achieving my dreams

i'm so sorry this chapter took absolutely forever to come out, i have been really busy but i will try do better and put more out soon- author

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