21 (part 2)

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A/N: Hello everyone!! I hope you all are doing alright. Here is part 2 of 21, aka Jungkook's POV. I hope you all enjoy it! I will try to update again on Friday since I work all week and will have Friday off, so I will do my best! Thank you, everyone!!

Jungkook's POV:
After the whole issue with y/n just happened. I could feel my guilt eating me up. I quickly got my lunch and saw Yoongi, Hoseok, Seokjin, b/f/n, and taehyung sitting at a table and decided to sit there. Once I got there I had not seen Jackson until I looked up. "What's wrong?" Yoongi asked me but I stayed quiet and began to eat. I didn't hear what they were saying. Then Taehyung said somewhat loudly, "What happened in the O.R.?" Then Jackson stood up and said, "Ask Jungkook, he knows exactly what happened." That's when my guilt grew more and I couldn't handle it. I had to leave. As I walk out of the cafeteria, I felt my head hurt. The guilt was eating me up alive. If only I hadn't said what I said. If only I could've controlled my feelings.


I was just getting out of surgery and had another one right after. However, I saw that Y/n had paged me in the E.R. Since I had time, I decided to quickly go and see the issue. Once I got to the E.R., I wanted to meet with y/n so that she could give me a recap of the patient. When I saw her, she was hanging out with Taehyung. Though I was happy for her, I was also hurting inside. Then I saw her kiss him. I felt my blood boil. I decided to go on my own to see the child. I greeted him and someone walked in. I thought it was y/n but it was an intern. A new intern. Alice. She is new and one of Jimin's interns to be exact but is she very clingy. "Hi, Dr. Jeon here are the notes that Dr. L/N left. She told me that it seemed like the stomach flu. Here is the result that the nurse provided us." I looked at the results and it read something completely different. "no, that can't be right. This child has appendicitis. We can start him on antibiotics. Let Dr.L/N know that way she can watch him and see how he does." I said and she nodded but brushed he hand against mine when I handed her the documents. I pulled my arms when she did that. Then I quickly left for my next surgery.
Once I was done with my surgery, I saw a nurse run towards me. "Dr. Jeon, Dr. L/N has been waiting for you for over half an hour. I tried to reach you but an intern said you couldn't be bothered." She said. "What?" I quickly went to scrub in the O.R. that y/n was in. When I got there I went to her and that's when I asked. "What happened?" "Well, you mistook this child's pain, symptoms, and labs for the stomach flu. It was appendicitis,". She said as she began to close up. "That can't be possible," I said as I remember diagnosing the patient well. "Well, that's what happened," she said as she continued to work. I felt so much confusion and anger that I lashed out. "You know what, I don't have time for this, I went out of my own surgery to help you, and instead you are just blaming me. Where were you? huh. I didn't see you at all when I was giving my consult." That's when the whole argument rolled out.

End of flashback

After the whole scene replayed in my head, I felt worse and worse. I knew that I had given the right diagnosis yet I felt terrible for what I said to y/n I needed to apologize. She was a great friend and I don't want to lose that. I had to get to the bottom of it. As I still had ten minutes left I decided to just sit down and think about what was wrong. Then it clicked, If y/n knew of what the child had, why would she get it wrong in the first place. I now knew who was behind this misunderstanding. I knew I had to apologize but first I had to confront the person who did this. However, before I could do so, I felt someone push me against the wall and grab my collar harshly. It was Yoongi. "I don't know what you did to y/n but you're going to tell me now," he said. I nodded and quickly explained everything.

"So, Alice is behind all this." He said as he let go. "Yes, she was the one who started the misunderstanding. However, I also lashed out on y/n so I need to apologize. Do you know where she is?" I asked. "I am not sure. But you better do it fast. You really hurt her and once Taehyung finds out, he might hurt you." he said. "I know, But first let me go confront Alice." I said but he stopped me again. "nope. Don't. Talk to y/n, sort it out and confront Alice together." yoongi said. I nodded and went to the emergency room. Once I got there, I saw her working on files. I quickly walked up to her. "Y/n, Can we talk? please." I said. She looked at me and said, "unless it's about a surgery, then no. even then, there are plenty of surgeons you can ask." she said. I took a deep breath. I definitely deserved that. "Please, just let me explain myself and apologize, if you don't want to forgive me, that fine. But please just ten minutes hear me out."

Then she stopped in her tracks. She didn't turn but she instead said. "You have 8 minutes make it quick," she said and we both walked out to where the EMS are parked.

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