Chapter Forty- Nine

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3 Days later,

Crowded airport, Everyone is busy with their staff. Some are excited to visit new places for vacation and some are getting separate from their family for study or job. Same for Yibo, today he is leaving his hometown China, his family, his love and going to USA for Ph.D. It's really hard but, sometimes separation also can make love stronger then usual.

Zhan, Mr. Wang, Haikuan and Jacky, Mr. Xiao came to the airport for saying goodbye to Yibo. Mrs. Wang couldn't come because, Zhanjin wasn't feeling good, so she decided to stay with him also grandpa.

Zhan is sticking with Yibo like super glue. He was trying to be strong but in reality, he is also sad by the think, Yibo is going USA. It's really hard to get separate from your love once but sometimes for better future we need go through this kind of painful time .

"Zhan, I'm asking you again in this moment, do you want to come with me..?" Yibo asked, holding Zhan's hand.

Zhan didn't reply immediately, he give it a thought. But then, he smiled and said,

"I told you already. I'm going to focus on my study. I will complete my graduation and make you proud."

Yibo smiled back and pat pat his head.

"I'm already proud of you. I really am." Yibo said.

"I want to make you more proud, you wanted me to complete my graduation. I will do, I promise." Zhan said, smiling. He was smiling but his eyes were filled with tears. He wanted to cry. He wanted to cry hugging Yibo tightly in his chest but he knows, if he did so, Yibo won't go. And that's what, Zhan doesn't want.

"Yibo, it's 10am already. Your flight is at 12. You need to do other formalities too. So.." Haikuan said.

Yibo nodded and looked at Zhan. Zhan smiled and nodded.

Yibo immediately hugged him (Zhan). Zhan also hugged him back.

Yibo placed a kiss on Zhan's forehead.

"Yibo, promise me one thing before leaving." Zhan said.

"Hmm...?" Yibo asked.

"You will complete your Ph.D no matter what. And, I will keep my promise too. It's time to be strong for us. Do remember one thing, no matter how far we are from each other, I love you and I will always do." Zhan said, giving his hand to Yibo.

Yibo hold Zhan's hand,

"Hmm.. no matter how far we are from each other, I will always love you." Yibo said.

Zhan smiled. Yibo smiled back at him.

"Don't worry, we all are here with Zhan. We will take care of him. You just take care of yourself. Okay?" Haikuan said, smiling and pattering Yibo's shoulder.

"Thank you ge. Take care of everyone also Jin ge. I'm really really unlucky that, I won't able to see my nephew when he will born." Yibo said.

"You can, will video call you. Okay??" Haikuan said, trying to Cheering him up.

"Yes. I will love him and play with him a lot and you can't. Hahahah!!" Zhan said, laughing.

Seeing his smile, Yibo stroke Zhan's hair, "Take care of yourself. And, I love you."

"Hmmm. You too take care of yourself. I love you more. Now, go already, or you will be late. It take time to fulfill all formalities. Go! Go!!" Zhan said pushing Yibo.

Yibo looked at Zhan and nodded, with teary eyes, Zhan nod back and finally saying goodbye to everyone at the last moment, Yibo walked inside the airport glancing at Zhan for the last time.

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