Chapter - 02

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Braelyn's POV

I stirred in my sleep as I felt someone shake me. Groaning, I swatted the hand away from me before stuffing my face again in the pillow.

" Sis, get up. Now!" Brielle's voice reached my ears.

" No. Go away !" I mumbled into the pillow. I was never a morning person, in fact I hate mornings.

" You're going to be late for your office." As soon as the words registered in my mind, I sprang up to sit on my bed, my head immediately snapping towards the clock on the bedside table which showed 7 : 30.

" Shit ! Shit ! I am going to be late." I kicked off the cover before jumping out of the bed. I hurried into the bathroom to complete my daily routine. After taking a quick shower, I wrapped a towel around me and rummaged through my wardrobe for work clothes but as usual I was having a hard time find anything appropriate.
Don't get me wrong. I was not running out of clothes . I just don't find anything when I need it.

" Your breakfast is in the kitchen." I poked my head out of the closet to raise a brow at my sister .

" Don't give me that look. I can cook, okay? " She crossed her arms in front of her chest getting defensive.

" You sure can." I raised my hands in mock surrender , her previous cooking conquests swirling in my head. Most of them were disasters.

Brielle is my sister. After the death of our parents, she has become my responsibility and my only family. Although she is an adult and is in the final year of college , she is still my little sister. I wouldn't hesitate to give up everything if it is to protect her.

Finally I pulled out a lavender blouse with a black pencil skirt. Brushing my hair into a ponytail , I slipped into my black heels.

Shoving a piece of toast in my mouth and gulping it down with a cup of tea, I ran out of the house.
Getting into my car, I drove off to the office.


" How come I didn't know that we are going to have a new boss ?" I asked before taking a bite of the sandwich. Just a few minutes earlier I had learnt that White Enterprises had been bought over and we were going to have another boss.

" That's because darling, you live under a rock." Cora grinned to which I playfully rolled my eyes.

" He is taking over from the coming week." Austin filled me in to which I nodded. Cora and Austin are the two of my closest friends. They have been with me through thick and thin. I sometimes feel guilty not telling them about my entire life but some things are better off that way, unspoken of.

" Well who's this new boss?" I asked, waiting for either of them to answer. This question seemingly excited Cora a bit too much. She sat up straighter and put her hands on the table, her eyes widening with the look one has when she is about to share an important gossip with you.

" Brae, you won't believe , he's so hot! I just googled him and bless my heart , he is the typical handsome billionaire boss tha-"

" Cora , name !" I looked at her amused at her rumbling and Austin mirrored my reaction. She gave me a sheepish smile.

" Evan Lewis. " I froze at Austin's words, all amusement draining out of me. Evan Lewis. He can't be the same Evan Lewis right ? There can be many more Evan Lewis' but then not many of them match the description Cora gave and not many of them will be able to buy a company as huge as White Enterprises.

I knew it was him. It had to be. But I was not able to accept it . I just wasn't ready for this. Not now, after three years. I wondered if I would ever be able to face him. I was broken out of my thoughts by Austin.

" You okay ?" I blinked multiple times before nodding my head at the concerned faces of my friends.

" Yeah , absolutely, why not ? Totally fine." I ended with a nervous chuckle. Both of them looked at me weirdly before hesitantly nodding.

For the rest of the lunch break I zoned them out , lost in my train of mixed up thoughts. I never thought I would have to face him again in my life although somewhere I hoped to, but now I was far from feeling fine at the news of his arrival.

There have hardly been days when his face didn't pop up in my head. But I never craved to meet him. I couldn't, literally couldn't. What would I tell him? Would he even spare a minute for me ? Obviously he wouldn't.
Why would he, after what I had done with him ?

Just when I thought I could move on and lead a happy life , he was to take over in just a week and be my boss. I sighed out of frustration.


" Sis , don't you think it's pretty boring to stare off at the wall for fifteen complete minutes?" I turned my head to look at Bri who kept her gaze fixed on the wall with the same serious expression that of mine. I stared at her face before chuckling. She joined me as well. She could always make me smile , whatever the situation maybe.

" But seriously Brae , what happened? Why are you so upset? " She looked at me with concern-filled eyes. I walked past her into the kitchen.

" Nothing happened. What did you do all day? Weren't you supposed to go out with Ashley?" I tried diverting the topic as I looked for I don't know what in the fridge. When she didn't reply for some minutes, I looked up to see her looking at me with a serious face with her arms across her chest.

" Okay fine." I sighed knowing that she wouldn't let it pass until I tell her. She pulled me out to sit down at the table before staring at my face expectantly.

" He is coming back." I let out. Bri scrunched up her nose in confusion before her eyes widened like she was dreading her guess.

" He ? You mean Evan ?" She asked in shock to which I nodded.

" Yes , I mean Evan Lewis." I massaged the temple of my forehead.She kept looking at me for a whole minute before speaking.

" Wow !" She still looked in shock, blinking.

" Wow ? Seriously? I am so confused about the situation. I am even considering resigning and you are saying 'wow'?" My voice came out harsher than necessary. Realising she didn't even deserve it , I opened my mouth to apologise but she cut me off.

" You don't have to. I understand that you are stressed with the situation but , I don't think you should resign. Can you not have a talk with him ?" I looked at her like she had two heads.

" Have you gone nuts? You think he would listen to me after everything? I can't imagine facing him, let alone talk." I breathed out trying to calm myself down.

" Okay , okay relax. Don't overstress yourself. We will talk about this later.Let's sleep now. " Running a hand through my hair, I nodded at her . Let's see what awaits me.

A week till I see him again.

A week till I see him again

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