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Everyone tells you about the bad boys

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Everyone tells you about the bad boys. The ones who smoke and party 24/7. The ones with deep husky voices that can get girls to their knees.

But what about the good ones? The ones that smile but it doesn't reach their eyes. The ones who respect everyone and put everyone else above themselves. The truly broken ones, the ones in need.

The ones who do not want but need love. The ones who laugh at jokes and make sure everyone is happy around them, secretly wishing they could be like that too. The ones who don't need fixing, but just someone's shoulder to cry on when they can't fake their smiles anymore.

Maxwell Knight was that boy.

He was a good but indeed a broken boy. The one that no one feared but loved. The one that could make them smile in seconds, but what happens when he wants to smile? Who is there to make him smile? no one.

But then someone did come. Someone who could truly make him laugh and hold him when he was just tired. Tired of his family. Tired of his fake friends. Tired of himself. Tired of living.

It was Delilah. she saved him unknowingly, she became his everything and he couldn't be happier. He felt alive, he felt that his existence was finally worth it. He was truly happy.

But that happiness only lasted for a few years. It was when he realized that she now hates him. It was all his fault. It was his existence that no one could stay with him for a long time.

He would have done anything to get her back and just kiss her forehead again but no, he couldn't do it.

A/N: this was just a small detail of their past<3

Delilah Warner

He was fucking gorgeous. Those green eyes that shone with happiness when we were together are now filled with emptiness. His hair was the rich, dark brown of ancient mahogany, with the subtle tints that only time could bring. The strands fell with each stride, reflecting the brightening sunlight in waves.

He was wearing a simple grey tee shirt with some random bullshit on it. He was also wearing a very thin black chain type of thing which I was surprised to see because he used to wear that when we wear dating also. (outfit mentioned above but he wasn't smoking at that time<3)

I realized I was staring at him so I just stood up and was about to leave with Alisia when I heard Ryan say "Alisia wait! This is my big brother, Max." he looked at max and smiled. Max smiled back but it wasn't that genuine.
"Max bro this is my best friend Alisia and that beautiful lady is her sister over there. she is so pretty right?" he asked maxwell.

Maxwell looked over and his eyes roamed on my figure like he was trying to memorize every part. After shamelessly checking me out for about a minute he gave a very big grin to me and said "she is very pretty indeed."

I didn't blush for some reason, I couldn't just forget what he did to me. It was impossible. Every time I looked at him I could only see my dark past.

I gave a small smile to Ryan and took Alisia away not before they hugged each other as if this was the last time they were ever gonna meet.

⌜ • ° + ° • ⌝

I was about to go to sleep when I got a call from my dad's sectary. It was around 3 am. I quickly took the call and then Rodrick, his secretary said: "Lilah you have to quickly come to the hospital your dad is very sick and he requested your presence there." I quickly changed and started my car.

I wasn't very close with my dad but we were on okay-ish terms. He doesn't speak that much but I know he loves me a lot. He has proved that so many times and the biggest one being because of him.

I reached the hospital in around 10 minutes and I froze when I saw the seen in front of me. Maxwell was there. He and my dad were laughing about something I don't give two fucks about.

I was so angry. what the fuck is he doing here? why is he with my dad and why is dad laughing with him as if nothing happened 6 years ago. I went there and they stopped talking. Dad gave me a small smile and Maxwell just stood there his face emotionless.
I was about to yell at Max but before I could, dad stopped me. He said, "come sit here both of you I need to talk." I just quickly went and sat because I HAD to know why he called him here.

"Listen to me but do not freak out, okay?" he asked. we both just nodded.

Dad went and took both of ur hands and held them "Maxwell please marry my daughter."

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thank you for reading baes, hope you enjoyed the chapter<3

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