chapter thirty

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(i'm sorry this chapter is quite short but i decided to cut it here so i could start the next chapter on a new day)

y/n pov

it reminded me of my mum

she used to hug me all the time

whenever i was sad

or stressed

or even really happy

she was always there with open arms even if i had annoyed her that day

i will never get one again from her

unintentionally, that's thought boring more tears so i just stood there, crying into poor jungkook's arms who probably just came in the kitchen to get a late nights snack and ended up with a soaked shirt

he began to rub my back in a circle motion to comfort me and whispered some soft nice things into my ear

jungkook-"it's okay, i'm here, i will protect you" he states gently which made me hug him even tighter

after a couple of minutes my tears had died down and the sobbing noises i was making had stopped

however he never let go

he waited until i moved first so he knew i was ready

jungkook-"now what did you come in here for?" he asked sweetly

me-"water" i croaked out of my now dry throat

he walked over to the shelf, grabs a cup and began filling it with water ready to place into my arms so i could drink it

jungkook-"feeling better?" he asked after i had finished gulping it down, to which i replied with a nod "good, now let's get you to bed"

me-"but what did you come in here for?"

jungkook-"i heard someone walking around and it turned out to be you so i followed to see if you were okay and when i saw you on the cabinet i thought i should stop you before you end up dying" he chuckled

me-"oh, sorry"

jungkook-"no no it's okay, i'm a light sleeper" he then refilled my water and held my hand to escort me to my room

once their he opened the door for me and placed the water on my desk while i just stood behind him

jungkook-"you can get into bed you know" he laughed when he realised i had been following him around like a lost puppy

me-"oh right" i said, my cheeks reddening with embarrassment which seemed to make him laugh even more

i climbed into bed and jin placed my duvet on me

'he's acting like he's my older brother' i thought while smiling at him

jungkook-"if you want to talk about the dream, we can"

me-"i- um"

jungkook-"it might help to her it off your chest"

i took a deep breath

me-"well, um it was of, him and um he was chasing me through the woods, near his house" i said while he nodded along not even mentioning all the times i was stopping the think "he was angry, very angry, and um, he caught me..." i said fighting the next set of tears that were threatening to come out

'how many times do i need to cry in one night damn?'

jungkook-"i'm sorry you had to go through that" he said unconfidently, unsure of what he should be saying in this type of situation

me-"jungkook" i said realising that i should change the subject


me-"what was your childhood like?" his face held a smile as we now entered a new round of conversation which we ended up chatting most of the night about

he had now ended up top and tailing with me in the bed as it was too cold to just sit there and we continued our discussion till we both fell asleep

no longer sad, no longer scared, no longer alone

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