chapter thirty-two

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(hi, sorry this chapter took so long to come out, i am busy with school but i will try to update more once all my exams are done and unfortunately some of them have been delayed due to covid so the process is going to take longer for me to get them done, also this chapter is quite boring but i wanted to try write it as realistically as i could and not just have like so much going on at once because i normally find that hard to keep up with and slightly irritating when i am reading- not that it is very realistic considering it's a zombie apocalypse with bts but still)

y/n pov

and so they all thankfully left my room

snuggling into my bed, i went back to sleep shortly after, my ears still ringing from jimin yelling

tae pov

we all left the room and i begin walking to mine while letting the many questions go through my head

'since when was jungkook so protective of her? since when were any of them that protective of her for that matter? why didn't she come to me if she had a nightmare?' i thought

yes i was still annoyed that she was in danger but i still would have helped her

wait a second

this is all probably because we took her outside and then zombies appeared

that's why she got another nightmare

now i am annoyed you could say

if only she would have just stayed home like she and they all knew i wanted her to do them none of this would have happened

y/n pov

i woke up this time to a gentle knock on my door

me-"hello?" i croaked out

the door opens to reveal a smiling j-hope

j-hope-"hi!" he skipped into my room with a tablet in his hand "here, this will help you with your throat so you can talk normally again, i had a bit of time after shopping before, you know, so i picked up
some medicine and some other bits that we may need"

me-"oh, thank you" i say, yet again, in a croaky manor

j-hope-"also me and you are doing our task of sorting through the bought things together if you are ready"

me-"give me five minutes" i say and smile as he nods and leaves the room

i take my tablet with some of the remaining water i had and walk towards my bathroom so i can change my pad and brush my hair

i'm so happy we went shopping, i am very ready for a change of clothes

once i am 'ready' then i head of to the hall way and walk towards the main room

j-hope-"i already moved the bags into here" i hear him call from behind so i turn and see him sat crossed legged on the floor with 8 bags around him

some of the bags were much bigger than mine which kinda made me feel bad because they had to carry those heavy things and then later on, had to carry me too as well as my own bag

j-hope-"y/n" he called to me, grabbing my attention and making me realise that i had been zoning out

me-"oh um sorry" i apologised while sitting down infront of him which he responded to with a smile to let me know it was okay

j-hope-"so i think we should make a pile of the everyone stuff and then smaller piles for each persons stuff, does that sound okay?"

me-"that sounds perfect"

and so we began

i grabbed the bag that i had been using and started to unpack that first while j-hope grabbed one that was filled with food

putting my clothes on the floor in a piles well as the razor and pads that i hid under the shirt i had bought, i began to start taking out all the things i had collected and spreading them evenly into eight different piles (my own included)

while grabbing jimins bags, i gave everyone 2 toilet papers each, put the rest to the side so they could be put in the storage room and everyone got 2 soaps and put his clothes on wine of the piles

lastly i put my teddy bear under my joggers that i had gotten so that j-hope wouldn't see, even though we have gone through so much together i still feel kinda embarrassed in front of them sometimes

i mean they all tower over me and are strong and smart meanwhile i just kind of am there in the background

i looked over and he seemed to be nearly done with putting all the food into a pile and moving on to the next set off bags

he placed namjoon and jin's clothes onto their piles and then did the same with his and yoongi's clothes form the bags he had just grabbed to sort

the only bags left were taehyung's and jungkook's so i took them, placed their clothes onto the remaining too piles and then started going through the things they had bought

there was 10 towels, 11 tooth brushes and 15 tooth's paste tubes

me-"which toothbrush do you think everyone will want?" i ask which draws his focus away from the seeds and equipment that he was sorting through

j-hope-"oooo i'll have the yellow one, yoongi can have the black one, jimin can have the purple, namjoon can have the red, jin can have the light blue, jungkook can have the orange, taehyung can have the dark blue and you can have the pink?"

he said all in one and i simply nodded while trying to place them all into the right piles from memory of what he said

i placed the remaining three toothbrushes into the pile with the toilet paper to be put for storage

i then matched the towles with the tooth brush colour because i thought it would be easier

'poor jungkook gets a bright orange towel' i thought as i put it in his pile

finally i placed a tooth paste tube in each persons pile and like that, i was done

and looking over i can see i-hope was too

j-hope-"do you want to start taking piles into peoples rooms while i put this stuff in the kitchen and storage?" he asks


he began to get up and started grabbing some piles of food so i started by grabbing my bag and all of my new belongings and running to put it into my room and running back

i don't know why i am running to be honest but exercise i guess

i grabbed the next pile which happened to be jin's and walked over to his room, stopping to knock at the door

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