C h a p t e r 2

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Y/n Malfoy POV

I ran to Draco's room hoping that I will not get killed by Mattheo.

As I said that I heared him scream right behind me.

Chasing me as I ran i past the dark lord who looked at me as I ran away he looked back to see his son not far from where I was.


I made it to Draco's room and ran inside closing the door behind me as fast as I could I locked it as I heared Mattheo banging on the door.

I looked at Draco who looked at me with wide eyes as he was about to speak I told him "don't ask just hide me" I demanded.

As I said that I heard the door unlocked I ran behind Draco who looked at me like I'm crazy I looked at him before saying "if I'm going to die you might as well" he looked at me shocked at what I said now.

"Y/N I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU" Mattheo yelled as he saw me behind Draco.

He pushed Draco aside and grabbed me lifting me up on his shoulder carrying me.

"I'm sorry ok"


I looked up as we left the room to see snape,my parents, the dark lord and bellatrix all looking at us weird.

"Thank you my lord" Mattheo said handing his father back his wand.

"Give me mine" Mattheo said reaching out to get it.

I holded it high up in the air so he wouldn't grab it since he was still carrying me.

"I swear if you find you daughters dead body in the middle of the room just know I did it" Mattheo said to my dad who looked shocked at his words.

Narcissa's POV

"What is wrong with her and my son" my lord said.

He turned to me looking for an answer.

"At least they are getting along my lord" as I said that he nodded and turned away walking of.

Back to y/n Malfoy POV

Mattheo keeped on walking as he turned the corner I wave at all of them technically saying goodbye.

We soon made it to my room as he threw me down on the bed I looked up at him before saying "no need to go that rough"

"Oh but you like how I go rough in your dreams right" he asked.

"Good night" I said back.

"It's barely three"


"So let's do something"

"How about no"

"No, your saying no to me"


"Fine, then I will kill you"

"No you won't daddy's boy"

"Fuck you"

"Fuck you too"

As I said that I turned on the bed my back facing him.

"Well fine then be a spoiled brat" He said.

Oh no he did not.

"Shut the fuck up you manwhore" I said getting up.

"Your sleeping on the couch" I said ok you guys are probably wondering why I'm not going to the couch because I don't sleep in the couch for this slob.


"No my ass, your going to sleep on the couch" I demanded.

"No you sleep on the couch" he said back.

Fine he can sleep in the bed but I hope he likes kicking and slapping.

"Fine then sleep on the bed, but I will be laying there too" I went over to the bed and laid back down.

I actually change of plan I'm sleeping in Draco's room.

I got up and walked over the door with a cover and pillow in my hand.

"Where are you going" Mattheo asked me.



"Somewhere, manwhore" I said laughing at just thinking about this guy who technically chased me around the house in pjs is a manwhore.

"Stop saying that about me, you will respect me got it" he said chocking me.

I air way closing from his hand got tight on my neck.

I looked at him to see him smirking at how red I was.

He let go making me go on my knees from not being able to breath.

"Next time know who has the power, now get in bed and go to sleep" he said.

I got back up smirking at him.

"But it's bare 3:30" I said back.

He looked mad and got back up making his way to me.

I ran to the other side of bed and laid down feeling his eyes on me the whole time.

I turned to feel all the covers on my face, I moved some down so I can see by my eyes.

I turned back around trying to go sleep but I felt someone next to me.

I turned to see Mattheo facing my way.

"Hi" I whispered softly.

"No" he whispered back.

I he pulled me in but before he could fully I slapped him in the face.

He looked at me shocked as I turned my back on him.

"Your lazy" he whispered to me.

"I know" i said back.

I soon fell into a deep sleep forgetting about all my problems for now.

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