Chapter 21

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It's been a month since Heeseung asked me out; rather he decided to court me without hearing my opinion

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It's been a month since Heeseung asked me out; rather he decided to court me without hearing my opinion. But we sometimes don't have time and just see each other inside the campus. My wound slowly heals too and I finally go back to my normal routine but still making sure that I'm being careful.

Because of the busy month too with all the things happening around the campus and the stress because of the upcoming exam all the people preferred to get enough sleep than to go out.

Well, the others seem fine too even though you can really see the tiredness in their eyes. We also just have time to eat lunch together.

Everything seemed fine too about Heeseung and I. We become closer like more and it's really fun having him around me. He's kind and thoughtful, I don't know how to describe him! All I know is he's perfect *chef kiss*. Wait--what did I just do?

I get up from the bed and take a shower. I get dressed and eat breakfast then go to the campus.

Today is our quarterly exam so it's really a big deal to us. I'm just really glad that after this we have a university camp retreat but I don't have full info yet.

I got out of the car and went straight to the gazebo to wait for Yuri. When I got closer to the place, I saw Heeseung and Jay there.

"What are you doing here?". I asked both of them.

"Nothing, why are we not allowed to be here?". Jay asked back sarcasm, I just rolled my eyes.

"Besides, He said he wants to see you". Jay pointed to Heeseung.

"That's nonsense, we literally were together for the whole class hour, are you not tired being with me?". I jokingly asked.

"Nope! And will never be". Heeseung showed his white teeth making Jay flash a gross expression.

The rumor about Heeseung and I completely spread all over the campus. I feel bad for the others since they know that in that way. But everything is fine, I just decided not to give my attention to other people and focus myself on these people who care about me or us.

"Hey". I called Yuri when I saw her.

"I didn't have enough sleep because of reviewing". She whined as soon as she reached us.

"You review?". Jay jokingly asked.

"You didn't study?". I asked in shock that earned a laugh from him.

"Oh my God, Jay! What are you doing?!". I shouted.

"Shh! It's too early to lecture people". Heeseung put his finger on my lips to shut me off.


"No buts! Come on, the class will start soon". Heeseung dragged me to the building while Jay and Yuri just followed us.

Yuri and Jay went to their first class, Heeseung and I went together to our class. We enter the class earning a glare from our blockmates. I rolled my eyes and went to our chair unbothered.

"You like it?". I suddenly asked Heeseung as soon as we both sat down beside each other.

"I like what?". He moved forward to hear me properly.

"This- this glared, like they are observing you the whole time and waiting for you to make a mistake or something". I said.

"We already talked about this right?-". I nodded as an answer.

"So what's the problem? The only thing we can do is to ignore and be ourselves, we don't need their opinion or attention". He assured me and caressed my hand that is leaning to his arm chair.

Something happened when I think it's been one week since the news spread all over the campus. Heeseung and I together with the others were walking to the cafeteria and we were welcomed by the whole cafeteria with a fierce glance. I already sensed that before I completely entered the cafeteria, I turned back my feet and decided not to enter.

My feet brought me to the gazebo. I sit there and just take a really deep breath. I heard footsteps that made my head look up. Heeseung, with a tray on his hand that is filled with food. We ate at the gazebo and talked about it, that's when we decided to just keep our attention to each other and to the squad.

We started taking an exam, that is the only time where we are free from all those pairs of eyes. I focus on the paper and brush off all those thoughts in my mind.

"Where do you want to eat? My treat". Heeseung suddenly asked me.

"Is that a date?". I chuckled.

"It's up to you, but yeah maybe?". I laughed and nodded.

"I really wanted to eat outside but I can't, let's just postpone that and finish the exam first, okay?". I smile and wait for his answer.

"Okay, I'm fine with that". He then put his arm around my shoulder.

"It's heavy you know?". I tried to push his arm away and I made it.

We reached the cafeteria seeing just Jake, Youngbin and Sunghoon sitting at the table.

"Where's Yuri?". I asked them when we reached the table.

"She's sloth, she's probably just picking up her things by this time". Youngbin replied and laughed just then Yuri smacked the back of his neck.

"Sloth huh?!! You're talking behind my back!". Yuri once again smacked her cousin.

"O-okay! Stop!". Youngbin exclaimed and tried his best to get away from Yuri.

Ni-Ki, Jungwon and Sunoo didn't make it to go with us to eat lunch since they are busy too.

"Are you guys coming to the camp retreat?". Sunghoon asked in the middle of busy people minding their own food.

"That's not a question! I need that break after those weeks being stressed with academic". Yuri said and munched her food.

"I don't know enough information yet". I said when I saw Heeseung looking at me.

"Eh? That will be held this friday". Jake said, making my mouth hang a little bit open.

"I thought after one week right after this exam?". I asked, not knowing what's going on.

"As far as I know you're not that busy to not know what's happening around you". Yuri said and playfully rolled her eyes to me.

"I am!". I defend.

"You're coming right?". Heeseung asked, I looked beside me and nodded without thinking.

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