Chapter 45- avoiding

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Ember shut the door behind her and rested her head against it. Ginny looked up from her book at Ember holding back tears.

Ginny gently closed the book and lifted her legs off the bed. "Are you okay?"

Ember flared her nostrils and gazed up at the ceiling to try and push down the amount of sadness that was filling her body.

Ginny furrowed her eyebrows and stared at her best friend. "What did he do?!?"

Ember clicked her tongue. "He didn't do anything Gin"

Ginny pushed herself off the bed. "Don't protect him Em! Oh my god . . . I will rip his bloody head off!"

Ember somehow managed to giggle. "I swear he didn't do anything. I was actually the one"

"You were the one?", Ginny asked confused.

Ember nodded making her eyes sting red with fresh tears. "I was so rude to him Ginny"

Ginny pulled Ember into a warm hug and stroked her hair letting her know that it was okay to cry. "He probably deserves it for all he's done-"

"No. He didn't deserve the way I yelled at him and made sure he didn't tell me he loved or missed me. I'm such a bitch!"

Ginny brought her to sit down and brushed away the tears that shed down her cheeks. "You may be a bad bitch, but not a regular ole' bitch. And I'm sure he can take whatever hurtful things you said to him Em"

"You think so?", Ember sniffled.

Ginny nodded. "Knowing Fred he's probably already scheming a plan to get you back"

Ember leaned on Ginny's shoulder and began to control her emotions. She wanted to smile and to let relief fill her system but she just couldn't. She couldn't let Fred think he can get back with her. She wouldn't let it happen. She knew it was for his own safety and well-being.

A knock then tapped on the door very lightly before it began to open.

Ember braced herself to see Fred walk in but the person who walked in was not him. It was Hermione.

She immediately set her eyes on Ember and tears instantly started to gush from her eyes. Ember and Ginny ran to her quickly to hold and console their best friend.

The three girls stood in the middle of the room holding each other crying.

Hermione blinked rapidly so she could look at Ember without the tears making her vision blurry. She smiled. "It's really you", she giggled.

Ember laughed. "It's me"

"With dark hair!", Ginny added.

"I think it suits you Em", Hermione sniffed.

Ember smiled gently and squeezed her best friends tighter. She was so happy to be back home with the ones she loved.


After almost an hour of Fred sitting with his knees to his chest against the stone cold wall staring into the fire letting tears fall, Lee finally came down into the common room looking concerned.

"What the hell are you doing?", asked Lee standing over Fred.

Fred flailed his hand in the air shooing him away. "Leave me alone Jordan"

Lee kneeled down so he was face to face with Fred. "I didn't come to join your pity party ginger, I need help with your brother"

Fred pinched the bridge of his nose. "Did he puke again?"

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