Chapter 27

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You tried to decipher what Taehyung had just quoted. Oh. You stare at Taehyung wide eyed, bewildered at his choice of his words. You couldn't believe what he had said. Embarrassment washed over you like a tidal wave, making you search for a diversion. That's when it clicked; you looked at the seven males who were giving you flirty stares: winking, smirking and Jungkook going as far as to lick his lower lips which you had to admit in fact; turned you on.

You gave them a mischievous grin which made some- I repeat, some of their faces to turn into puzzlement.

"Taehyung! There's a cockroach on your hair!" You screamed while pointing at his hair. In a millisecond- no, a microsecond, the room turned into a chaotic mess. Jimin and Hoseok who had been sitting on either side of Taehyung, leapt off the couch as high as a kangaroo. Jin had run off to the kitchen to fetch a spatula to kill the roach. Poor (fake) roach, you laugh inwardly, watching the scene in front of you unfold. Namjoon was scanning the couch and floor to spot the insect which could be anywhere ready to attack. How ironic when they are the ones who should be attacking the roach, you thought.

The moment I had pointed out Taehyung's hair, he stood on the couch, panicking, which lead to him stumbling and losing his balance, falling behind the couch with a loud thud and sat there pouting like a small kid who had fallen off of a bicycle.

Amidst all of the chaos, Yoongi had managed to dose off on the corner of the couch, totally carefree. You purse your lips and shake your head. Typical Yoongles, I tell you. Typical indeed. How many times do I even have to say it?

"Y/N, where is the cockroach?" Jin questions, spatula raised halfway across mid-air, ready to strike whenever the insect pops out. You look at Jin. Huh, good question, where exactly is the cockroach? Wait a minute, WHERE IS THE COCKROACH?! OMG, OMG- calm down, Y/N.

"Umm...It ran off? I guess we are safe now." You pulled out a lie out of your mouth, and it came out as smooth as butter. And when you thought it was the perfect timing to run away from there, you get a sudden headache. You held your temple with your hand, looking around the room; the faces of the boys were spinning. With your body feeling heavy, your eyes were forced shut and you fell unconscious. The last thing you saw were the worried faces of the seven males you loved. With all your heart.

Namjoon POV

"What's wrong? Y/N?" I saw her head while trying to balance herself.

"Y/N?!" She still didn't hear me. Is she sick?

"Jin hyung, I think she's about to faint." At my word, Jin hyung rushed besides Y/N just in time because Y/N fell straight into his arms. The guys and me gathered around her; she was beautiful as a delicate flower. It was not the typical kind of 'beautiful' human guys find in girls. Y/N might not have a perfect body shape or soft, silky hair or smooth, clear skin, but she was uniquely beautiful, in her own way. Her personality and her flaws are the things that attract me to her and I'm sure it's the same for my other brothers. I love you, Y/N. You deserve to know it...soon.

"Hyung, carry her to her bedroom." When Jin carries her away bridal style and leaves the hall, the other guys follow suit. "Kang Bora, I won't let you take her away from me, from us. Not now, not today, not never." I mumbled through gritted teeth, clenching my fists. I have to protect her at all costs.

A/N: Hi so, umm........HEHE Uhh, hope you enjoyed the chapter! PJM FF COMING SOON!! *screams in excitement*

HEHE Uhh, hope you enjoyed the chapter! PJM FF COMING SOON!! *screams in excitement*

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