Chapter Fifty

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__Xiao Zhan's POV__

2 Months Later,


Jacky entered my room screaming top of his voice.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!" I screamed back.

"Why are you screaming?! He said, closing his ear.

"The fuck, you started it first. Idiot." I replied, smacking Jacky's head.

"Ahh right!!... By the way, what are you doing?!" He asked

"Nothing. Xuan just left, I was just sitting." I replied.

In this 2 months, I never had time to being sad or alone. Just after Yibo left, I came back in this house, mom, Jin ge, my 2 lovely dad, Jacky, Jiyang, Xuan, Haikuan ge, grandpa everyone spend time with me one by one. Even, at night Jiyang slept beside me. Even if I do study, mom or Jin ge always sit with me and help me with my study. Main point is, I never get that time that, I can  be sad or I can cry. Also my semester final exams are done. Exams went so well. I'm waiting for results, I'm sure I will get good marks.

"Ahhh!! Let's go have some ice-cream. Haikuan ge brought 2 box of ice cream" Jacky said, smiling.

"Hmm.. okay. Let's go." I said, smiling back.

And Haikuan ge, he is always bought my favourite foods always, everyday. Also he help me in maths. He is really good at it after Yibo. He always inspired me,ask me how I'm. Also, he drop me in uni and Jacky pick me up after class.  He is really a good brother. I really glad to have a big brother like him.

"By the way, Zhan. Did you called bo ge..??" Jacky asked.

"Not yet. Will call later." I replied.

"Okay. Let's have ice cream and call Bo ge. Let's tease him. Hahahahah!!" He said, laughing.

"Good idea." I replied. Honestly, it's a good idea. I love teasing my bo. Whenever I tease him, he is like wounded lion but sad thing is, he can't do anything. Lol.

We came downstairs, mom dad and everyone was already sitting there. Today is weekend.

"Here my babies came." Mom said, seeing us.

Mom and Jin ge, they both are soooooo caring and loving. They treat me like a 5 years old baby. They also fed me. I'm so damn lucky to have a family like this.

I went to mom and sat beside her. Jin ge was also sitting there beside mom. So, I sat in middle of them.

"Haikuan ge, can you call Bo ge. I'm going to serve some ice cream." Jacky said and walked to the kitchen.

At this time, Yibo called Haikuan ge.

"Wahh!! I was going to call but, he did it first." Saying, Haikuan ge received the call and placed the laptop on the table so, that everyone can see him, also he can watch everyone.

"Hello!!!" We waved at him. He also waved him back.

"How are you? Everything is okay nah??!" Mom asked.

"I'm good mom, how are you guys?" He asked.

Anyhow, he was looking happy today. I'm feeling it.

"Eyyy!! I'm back with ice cream." Jacky said, placing tray on the table.

"Let me help you." I said and got up from sitting.

Somehow, I felt dizzy. Shaking it, I started serving everyone.

"I want to say something.." I heard, Yibo said.

I took my bowl of ice cream and I was about to sit but then I don't know what happened, everything went black Infront of my eyes and I fall on the floor and pass out.

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