Chapter 24

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"I will just call Jeonghoon, wait me here, okay?"

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"I will just call Jeonghoon, wait me here, okay?". I feel like I'm talking to a baby who will cry any second when the mommy leaves for a second.

I went to Jeonghoon's office and knocked three times before opening it. I peeked my head to see him, not minding to enter the office completely.

"He's here, come down now before the food gets cold". I said, he looked up from the paper to see me then I closed the door.

I went back downstairs and dragged Heeseung to the dinning room to wait for Jeonghoon there. I looked at him and he looked more at ease, he saw me looking at him and flashed a smile to me, I smiled back. Just then Jeonghoon arrived, which made Heeseung stand up immediately.

"Oh, you don't have to stand. Take your seat, no need for formality". Jeonghoon said and sat down across from us since I'm seated beside Heeseung.

"Let's eat first, help yourself". He said and give Heeseung the rice.

I got the spoon and fork when Heeseung put some rice on my plate, he handed it back to Jeonghoon. I get the dish and put it on his plate. I sense Jeonghoon's eyes to us, I put the food to Jeonghoon's plate too.

We started eating without talking. That somehow makes it awkward or not just somehow to me but maybe it's completely awkward for Heeseung.

"So... Are you two already together?". Both of us got choked when Jeonghoon suddenly asked us that.

"W-we are- it doesn't matter I just wanted to formally introduce him to you". I said when I finished sipping water.

"How about Dad?". My head eyes shifted to Jeonghoon.

"What about him?". I asked back.

"Are you going to introduc-". I widened my eyes to him to stop him from talking.

"Okay, okay. I'm okay to the both of you, I can see that there's nothing to worry- I mean it looks like L is happy, the way she suddenly sing and dance happily to her room when I passed her r-"

"Jeonghoon!". My face probably looks like a tomato now!

"What?! I'm saying that you look more happy than usual". I heard Heeseung laughing.

"Don't laugh! That's not true!". I denied and nudged his foot.

They keep on laughing while I'm here with an unbelievable expression attached on my face, getting annoyed with them.

When we finished eating, Jeonghoon said goodbye to him since he needs to finish some papers.

"You're brother is cool, I think the dinner is not that bad". He said while we were walking to the park.

"Yeah and you guys seem to like teasing me, hmm?!". I said.

"About that- you really do th-"

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