Chapter 26

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We go to our respective classes when the bell rings

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We go to our respective classes when the bell rings. Once I entered the classroom, their eyes automatically landed on me. I walked straight to my seat beside him. He didn't even look at me when he sensed my presence.

"Pstt!". I whispered to call his attention but still he ignored me.

"Heeseung". I moved my hand to touch his shoulder but he moved away.

Okay fine, he's mad and I accept that but not now that we haven't lasted for 24 hours in our relationship.

"I love you". I whispered and lowered my head, still no response.

"Please talk to me". I nudged him, no response again.

"Fine! Let's just talk later". I gave up, finally the class started and my attention switched to the class.

It's already time for lunch break. I quickly put my things inside my bag to go with him. I'm expecting that he would wait for me to finish but he got up and left me.

"Great! Just great!". I exclaimed and got up too once I was already done.

I went to the cafeteria to meet them. Once I saw them already seated, I went to the counter to get food. I didn't realize that Heeseung was in front of me, busy getting his food.

"So you won't talk to me?". I asked and got my tray, still not responding.

"Okay, if that's what makes you at peace I will not force you to talk". I said and cut in line just to get the chocolate drink and bread since I'm so annoyed with him.

He won't even say a little or just a single word. It looks like I'm talking about the air.

I went back to the table with furrowed eyebrows.

"What happened?". Jake asked when he saw me.

"Nothing". I said and started opening the food. I looked up and saw him seated across my seat.

My eyes landed on his food when he put down his tray. He has all the food I've wanted, my eyes sparkled and started to lick my lips.

I quickly shifted my head to the bread on my hand and finished them without looking away.

"You guys are so weird!". Sunghoon said it made my eyes look at him.

"Yah! That's mine!". He yelled at me when I snatched his choco drink.

"Now, it's mine". I said and finished it.

"You literally owned this university and all you did was steal my drink?!". He looks like he will cry anytime soon.

"I will buy you 5 times of this later, don't worry". I said and tapped his shoulder slightly hard.

I then looked in front of me. I looked at him even though he's busy with his food. The others looked at us weirdly.

"Psst!". I called him. He finally looked up after a coup of times.

"Ahh~". I opened my mouth while pointing at the pizza on his plate.

He moved his hand to get the pizza and put it in my mouth. I smile wide once I finally taste it.

"That too". I pointed at the burger he's now holding. He placed it in front of my mouth and let me take a bite.

"Why don't you just buy there?". Jay asked but I just gestured to him to be quiet. He's looking at me and Heeseung weirdly.

"Why don't you shut up?!". I looked at him sharply.

"Fries too, please". I said softly, he got it and put it inside my mouth while his other hand was busy shoving it to his mouth.

We kept on doing that and to my surprise he didn't complain. We finished his food and the bell already rang.

"Thank you". I said to him and wiped the grease on his lips.

"You did that on purpose". He finally talked.

"Yes, I did". I smiled at him.

"Is that your way to say sorry? To act like a child?". He chuckled softly.

"Yes and yes, you don't want talk to me and I run out of ideas, so I did that and I think it's effective". I moved to his seat and sat beside him.

"I'm sorry and it will never happen again". I hold both of his cheeks to meet my eyes.

I moved forward and kissed his lips. The mumbling started to move around our place. I break it and smile ear to ear.

"I love you". I said, just then he started growing his smile on his lips.

We both laughed when we saw Youngbin, Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon looked so shocked, while Yuri was smiling like a proud Mom.

After what happened in the cafeteria, it already spread all over the campus. I ignore it and the girl I'm satisfied with, well who doesn't want to kiss Lee Heeseung in front of those gossip students.

Today's class has already ended. I bid goodbye to him and just to see him later since we all have a plan to buy snacks for the camp retreat for tomorrow after we finished packing.

Yuri and I went to her place first and helped her to make it faster. Once we finished we rested for a little bit and then met each other at the mall since the supermarket was located inside of it.

When Yuri and I get out of the car we immediately go straight to the supermarket since they are all there and waiting for the two of us.

"Hey". I called Heeseung when I saw him, he walked towards me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Hey". He responds.

"Let's go now, I want to go home quickly to get rest". I called the others and started getting their own cart as if they will stay at the camp for weeks.

"Gentle reminder that we are staying at the camp for only 2 days and 1 night. We are not moving out". They quickly give their attention to me and get back their cart one by one.

The only cart left is mine and the one with Youngbin. We started roaming the place and bought enough snacks for us since "normal food" is already provided by the university so we don't need to worry.

After we all finished paying, we decided to eat an early dinner before we went back home. We decided to eat at the western restaurant and just have a chitchat moment then decided to go home.

"Do you have a service?". Heeseung asked Yuri and I, we are now heading tk the parking lot.

"Yeah, they're already here". Yuri responded.

"We will go now, I will just see you tomorrow". I said and kissed his cheeks.

"You want me to pick you up?". He looked at both of us.

"No need! Let's just meet at the school". I replied and bid goodbye to him before we hopped on the car.

 I replied and bid goodbye to him before we hopped on the car

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