Coded (Vampire!Infinite the Jackal x Reader)

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No civilians were out on the streets at night. It wasn't as if there was a curfew, at least, not one that was stated. It was like this in most cities, mythics and the Mobians who hunted them the only ones daring to wander in the darkness. 

(Y/n) stayed in the shadows, rifle tucked into her shoulder. She hadn't seen anything but a few sirens, but they'd scurried off at the sight of her and she wasn't in the mood to chase them. Sirens weren't particularly dangerous when there wasn't anyone around, and if they weren't trying to lure her in, she wasn't going to bother. 

"No, look, look!" 

"She looks new." 

"I haven't seen her before." (Y/n) raised her rifle and turned to the source of the voices. They went quiet and she stalked towards the bushes lining the street where she assumed the owners of the voices were hiding. 

"Out," she said. "Get out of the bushes." 

"Oh, she's a hunter for sure." A head popped out of the bushes, pushing goggles onto his forehead as he grinned at her. "Hey there, newcomer!" She leveled her rifle at him and he yelped as she fired off a warning shot. 

"I'll aim next time," she snapped. His head appeared again, this time with another one, though the second kept his goggles on. 

"We're friendly!" the first said, throwing his hands up. "I mean, we're also hunters!" (Y/n) studied him, then noted the insignia on his jacket. The hunters' insignia. She lowered her rifle. 

"Why are you hiding in the bushes?" 

"We monitor who comes in and out of the city, especially at night." He stepped fully out of the bushes, brushing leaves off his jacket and adjusting the strap holding his rifle across his back. "I'm Sonic, by the way, and this is my partner, Tails." He gestured at the fox next to him, who gave a shy wave. 

"Sonic," she said, looking between the two. "You're awfully noisy for hunters." 

"Yeah, we're kind of like...mythic law enforcement." She lifted a brow. He sighed and stepped forward, throwing an arm around her shoulders. "Walk with us for a little bit, won't you?" 

"Mythic law enforcement? How is that different from being a hunter?" she asked. 

"Don't get us wrong! We're hunters," Sonic said. "Tails, keep an eye out."

"You got it, Sonic." 

"Anyway. Yes, we're hunters, but here, in Capital City, it's a little different. You see, we made a pact with the mythics in this city. We only hunt those who break that pact, or the code." 

"And this code is...?" (Y/n) prompted. 

"It's a little complicated, but the simple version is: Mythics are free to roam the streets, day and night, as long as they don't make any hostile acts towards civilians. We hunters track down those who are new to the city and make sure the mythics stick to their end of the bargain." 

"So, you don't actually hunt much, do you?" she asked. 

"No, we do. Unfortunately. There's a group of mythics in this city that don't really like sticking to the code, so that's what we hunters spend our days handling." Sonic shook her slightly. "You'll know when it's them. Say, why don't we go see if we can find one of those little miscreants and teach them a lesson?" 

"I was just about to point out a signal," Tails said, lifting a device. "Mythics on the south side of the city are having a skirmish." 

"Well then," Sonic said, wrapping his other arm around the fox's shoulders. "Let's go get 'em! Welcome to Capital City!" 

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