Chapter 24

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Kates Pov

Afterwards we went to their office for a bit and talked and I sat down in between their desks and started to color a disney coloring book and went on and on about how tiana was my favorite princess and Daxs told me his was lilo and i had to explain she wasn't a disney  princess but she should be but after a bit I started to get really sleepy and I ended up falling asleep on lucas.

#~#~#~#~#After Her Nap #~#~#~#~#~

I woke up to my phone ringing and laying back in my bed. I roll over and grab my phone and see that it's my grandpa calling. I pick up the phone and he is asking me if I could fill in for one of the girls that called in sick today. Of course I said yes and told him i would be there in an hour or so. I got up and grabbed one of the spare uniforms I keep just in case he needed me to come help him. It was a little blue diner dress with a waist apron and the dinner's name. I grabbed my messenger bag with the library book I need to return after I help grandpa out.Bunny and bee were still asleep on my bed so I gave them both a kiss on the head and went down stairs.

I grabbed my keys to my car and left a note to lucas and dax because they seemed really busy today so i didn't want to bother them,I put the note on the kitchen counter telling them that i would be at grandpas diner helping out with the dinner rush and put my boots on and left.

I drove down to diner and as I'm pulling in it doesn't seem like there are too many people there right now so that's good. As I'm getting out of the car I get a text from my mom asking me “How's it going?” she hasn't texted or called senses i moved out ? I love my mom, I really do but she cares more about her work than she does me and I don't hate it for it. It's just she was never really there for me as a kid,she would never pick me up from soccer or come to my band concerts, but grandpas would. Now i'm not saying she didnt love me at all she did well i think.
I decide to ignore the text for now and head into the diner. I went to the back and put my bag down and said hello to the chefs and grandpa.

After a few minutes I hear the front door bell ring so I walk out of the back and see a bunch of teens sitting in the back. Oh dear god. I walk over to them and they all order water. After coming back with there waters I asked what they wanted and they order so much food like dear god how much can you guys eat, so i told them it was going to be a minuter,After i put there order in a older man came in and just asked for a burger with frys, so after putting his order in I just waited.

His food ended up being done first so I gave it to him and one of the teens snapped their finger at me so I walked over but how rude. They yelled at Me for giving the man his food before them there. I tried to explain to them that their food wasn't done yet but they asked for the manager but I gave them one better and gave them to grandpa. He was not nice to the teens,he gave them a piece of his mind.

#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#After her shift#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#

I get back into my car after a long few hours and see it is too late for me to go return those books so I will have to do it another day. My grandpa ended up paying me with food which I'M NOT MAD AT he gave me a few burgers and fries and two strawberry milk shakes and two pieces of apple pie. He gave me a lot of food gez. I look at my phone and see I have 10 missed calls from daxs and lucas? Did they not see my note?

I call daxs and he pick up on the first ring

#~#~#~# The call#~#~#~#

Kate: Hello

Daxs: Where the hell are you?!

Kate: Did you not see my note? I said I was at the diner helping grandpa out.

Daxs: WE saw your Note but you have to tell us it in your rules you just left to house and didn't even say anything to us.

Kate: I'm sorry you guys seemed busy, I didn't want to bug you.

Dax: *sighs* hun i don't care if we seem busy you always tell us something could happen we couldn't find you anywhere and you just get home now please.

Kates: yesh im really sorrrry for not telling you. I'm on my way now, don't be mad. Are you mad at me please don't me mad.

Dax: i'm not mad honey just worried i will see you soon okay

Kate: okay bye

Dax: bye

#~#~#~#~# End of the call #~#~#~#

I'M in deep shit……..


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