Chapter Fifty- One

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It's been 4 month since everyone got the good news of Zhan's pregnancy and Yibo came back to China. In this 4 months many things happened, Zhan got to know that everyone beside him knew about Yibo's short time leaving. So, he didn't talk with anyone for 2 days straight. After everyone hard work of approaching Zhan. Zhan finally talked after two days. Yibo was also one of them. Zhan also didn't talked with Yibo. But in this two days, Zhan being pampered just like a baby. A baby, who is sulking. And then, Zhanjin and Haikuan became parents of ba little cute baby boy.

A river of happiness floating in Wang Mansion. Everyone is happy for Yibo and Zhan and Haikuan and Zhanjin. Mr. Xiao and Jiyang also visit often.

Now Zhan and Yibo in his room, Yibo is bearing Zhan's all childish behaviour without any complain because, of course Yibo love this childish Zhan more then adult Zhan.

"Yibooooo!!!" Zhan called, laughing like lunatic.

Hearing Zhan's screaming, Yibo run came out from bathroom. And saw Zhan was sitting on the bed, laughing like a crack head, holding a old album in his hand.

"Why are you laughing like this..? I was in bathroom. You called me like this, like sky is falling ." Yibo said.

"Ah.. ah..!! Hahahahah!!! Baby, you wanted to know, why I call you pigboo. So, I just wanted to tell you but, if you were enjoying pooping then, go ahead. I'm changing my mood." Zhan said, teasing Yibo.

"I was really pooping. For god seek. But, I really want to know, why." Yibo said, and walked to Zhan.

"Okay. So, here look at this photo."

Zhan said and showed Yibo, his childhood photo

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Zhan said and showed Yibo, his childhood photo.

Yibo's top of ear turned red.

"See, this fluffy cheeks. This cute almost pink pink skin. And this cute lips and eyes and this cute expression on your face. It's soo like a cute pig. So, I called you pigboo. It's cute right." Zhan said, smiling cupping Yibo's cheeks.

"And who gave you this album...?" Yibo asked.

"Ahhhh... When you wasn't here mom gave me. I that, I can pass my time seeing you and your childhood." Zhan said.

Yibo took the photo album from Zhan's hand, and said... "So, I will also ask dad to give me your childhood photo album." Yibo said, trapping Zhan in between his arms.

"No!!!!" Zhan said.

"Why, embarrassed....? I just want to see how my beautiful wife used to look like in his childhood." Yibo said, moving closer.

Zhan blushed, hearing 'Beautiful Wife' from Yibo. He couldn't stand more but, laid on the bed. Yibo is on the top of him.

"Now, this pigboo will punish you." Yibo said, with a mischievous smile on his face.

Zhan didn't say anything but blush. Zhan wrapped his hand around Yibo's neck and pulled him closer and smashed his lips with Yibo.

They sucked each other lips, just like their favourite candies. Of Course it is.

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