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a/n : i was gonna end this book in like two chapters, but then I saw that one gif of pietro in that HYDRA containment and ya'll know I'm a sucker for kidnapping tropes

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Its blood curdling, stomach twisting, horrendous screaming, and his heart is plummeting before he can even fully assess the situation. He turns in bed with such force he's afraid he'll break the rickety thing, but he's only moderately relieved to see Spencer at his side.

The rest of him is still filled with fear as he watches her thrash around, still shouting and crying, her eyes screwed shut.

He grabs her shoulders, which only increases the screaming. He understands that he's scaring her, but she's got a good chance of hurting herself this way, so he doesn't let go. He pulls her against the headboard, then, after he moves, against his chest.

"Spencer," he whispers, putting his head down by her ear. Screaming will only worsen the nightmares - make it seem more real. He knows. "Spencer, it's alright."

She doesn't listen, but Pietro can see in the glimmer of the moon's light that her skin is turning green, and it's rising from herher legs up.

His hands around her shoulders shift so his arms are holding her against him, one slipping down to her stomach, anchoring her in. "Spencer," he whispers, "I'm right here. Listen to me."

Clint told him once that it's always hardest to reach a person in their worst moments. He told him that nightmares rarely end because we want them to, but if you want someone to know they're safe, hold them. Speak to them.

"My love," he mumbles, his lips brushing against her ears. "Wake up. Please."

She fights a little, at first, but after a few moments, Spencer's breathing levels again. It's heaving, but at least it's rhythmic, and her eyes are slowly blinking open.

Consciousness hits her, and Pietro's loosens his hold, expecting her to jump from

Him. She doesn't. Even as her eyes flicker around the room, her brain recollects itself, Spencer doesn't pull away.

Her head turns up. Her brown eyes are boring into his, and they trace around his face. She's studying him, still so skeptical that it burns his heart. But he says nothing, and lets her do what makes her comfortable.

"Sorry," she croaks out, after a moment. Her eyes are off of him.

"It's alright," he promised her, dipping his head again. He's hoping his voice doesn't crack.

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