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No, really.

One second, she's having the time of her life - dancing, kissing, living - and then, with just a moment's notice, she sees a HYDRA agent.

And she's not hallucinating. This is not one of those self-sabotaging mechanisms that are just a defense thing, no, it's really a HYDRA agent. She can tell. The stance, the placement, the shoes. She's been in that stance, she can recognize that placement, she's worn those shoes.

She falls short. She stumbles.

Pietro is pulling her back to him, his eyes filling with concern. Spencer's thinking of a million and ten ways to get out of here, but if this guy's got eyes on her, at least five others do. But he might not have eyes on her just yet, she realizes and lets Pietro pull her in more, almost flush against his chest.

She speaks quietly so he tilts his head down to listen. "HYDRA's here," she tells him, softly, trying not to cause alarm. She can feel him tense against her, but Pietro keeps a blank face. "We've got to go."

Pietro nods, once. "Hold on tight," he directs her, and Spencer grips his shirt sleeves before a question can even form in her head.

She blinks, and they're in front of the cabin.

Her panic finally catches up to her, but Pietro is already forming a plan. "Pack everything," he tells her, and Spencer's eyes snap up to him. The communication device, clothes, food - we need to leave. Far away."

"Okay," Spencer says, turning towards the house. When Pietro doesn't move, she demands, " Aren't you coming?"

His eyes are busy scanning the area. "I need to check the town," he tells her. "See how many are here, find the Avengers."

Spencer freezes.

"You'll be alright," he promises her, but Spencer doesn't buy it. He steps forward to place his hands on her shoulder. "Listen, Spencer," he calls, slowly. "Pack. Please."

And he's off, leaving Spencer with the remnants of a kiss against her forehead.

Well, if she's going to do anything, this is the time; Spencer runs towards the door of the cabin, throwing it open, her eyes immediately racing to the communications device sitting on top of the tablE. She's zeroed in as her hand reaches for it - so much so, that she doesn't even notice the man in the corner of the room.

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