Chapter Eight

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*So anyways just to be clear I can't write full out smut scenes like I use to, so it's mainly implied about the deed

Tasha's Pov
Marriage life was well something very different then I imagined. The honeymoon was beautiful of course cause Illumi wanted to get away from his family for a bit. So we took the time to visit place a he wanted to go, and me as well.

Illumi soon had an amazing grip at switching between being sub and normal, over all, we just took the remaining months to know each other and what we were comfortable with. Even with me dancing and us having sex on the honeymoon. We we finally arrived back to the manner after a long trip.

"I'm gonna be very honest my sweet, I don't wanna be back here being here drains me." A small laugh escaped me. We were not even half way up to the main house, we stop half way up the trail, I grabbed all his hair to tie up quickly into a high bun. Which he mumbled a small thank you wiggling his nose at me.

"Well baby, maybe we can get our own house and bring Killua, I don't wanna leave him here." I called out a little, hearing him humming in content tilting his head in thought.

"That's not a bad idea babe, think he could handle living with us and the new baby?"

"Killua is the most mature twelve year old I have ever seen, I'm sure he could make himself at home fast."

"So is my niece or nephew is in there?" I felt Killua hand rubbing all across my stomach a few times, man was the kid cold, he was never warm at all. I took a glance at Illumi who was fixing his bun with one hand, pushing his teacup away for a moment.

"Correct, we made love under the moonlight." I quickly shot my hand out to cover his mouth laughing nervously.

"Illumi hush! Aha sorry he still doesn't know the business of too much information." He gave me soft eyes, leaving Milluki who made a disgusted face wiping the crumbs from his face. "How far along are you? There's no way you are fatter then from the wedding." I rolled my eyes, still as charming as ever.

"Hey Milluki I think you got some cherry pie filling under your third chin." I held back a smirk at Killua's tone.

Illumi choked on a quite chuckle folding his arms.

"Now now play nice Kill." He called out calmly still holding back his laughter.

"He started it, stop calling people fat." Killua warned out a little.

"I'm not that far along about a month maybe two, a doctor's visit could confirm, I don't have morning sickness or any of that." Kikyo looked very interested tilting her head. Wish I could read her expression.

"Some women are different and don't get it for a while, or at all, I'm just so happy for my Illumi a child is so wonderful." Illumi flashed a small smile.

"Mother we were wondering since we will be starting a family of our own, which means I'll have to focus on my assassin missions, if me and Tasha can get our own place and bring Killua along with us." It got really quiet around the table.

"Killua? You wanna take Killua what on earth for?" She questioned very confused actually, Killua was hugging my side his head rested on my chest.

"I'll go! That sounds awesome." He grinned looking between us both.

"I don't think it's normal for a boy his age to be pulling out heart's and worrying about non emotions, he needs to see kids his age, actually have fun and hang out with Gon, it's for the best." I nodded my head in agreement stroking at his hair feeling him hugging me even more tighter.

"He'll be taken care of by us mom, I just want the best for him, and my soon to be family." I felt small fingers nudging me a bit making me focus on Killua.

"What did you do to Illumi? He's so full of emotions and actually being caring?" A small laugh left me while the three of them were discussing.

"Well I think part of that is cause he got jealous on the honeymoon, tried to kill the man who was clinging into me, but the other side was he spent some time with my people, they taught him well the deep part." I chuckled Killua stared at me odd like.

"You only have one life to do things the way you wanna do them." I finished off seeing his mouth drop to an o.

"Ohhh well as long as I get to be with you guys and my growing niece or nephew I'm fine with anything."

"Oh alright... I suppose it's not the worse place he could be, I'm just gonna miss my Killua!" I felt the white haired boy shiver so fast a bit.

"Yeah I'm gonna miss you too, and the whippings when I do something bad for training." He muttered the last part under his breath. I felt a firm kiss being pressed to my cheek making me smile a little shy like rubbing at my other cheek, fluttering my eyes a few times.

My new extended family is quite interesting, one calls me fat every chance he gets, I get threatened by my mother in law, one of my brother in laws adores me, my father in law judges everything safe to say getting out of the manor would be wise.

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