Chapter 10: A Slice of Equity

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Why Beelzebub? Why not (insert your favorite demon waifu /s here)? Because me. Beelzebub is queen-

Back upstairs, Beelzebub is in the bathroom washing her hands and preparing herself for a proper morning whilst being in her formal clothing consisting of a black undershirt, her signature colored crimson vest, and slacks, and her footwear consisting of a pair of black leather, knee-high boots.

As she was done washing her hands, she puts on her crimson gloves. Looking herself at the mirror, she admires herself and reminded herself of the shackles from the Abyss had been broken by you and the Helltaker. She places her hand on the middle of her chest silently thanking you both though perhaps she personally doesn't want to express it face to face.

A sudden knock comes through the door. She answers it to see it was Modeus knocking. The Lust Demon's reaction was shocked to see the Mistress of Flies in front her and was scared internally if she disturbed her, wondering if the mistress would tell her something fatal.

Modeus: "L-lord Beelzebub! Good morning!" She greeted her at once. "Forgive me for disturbing you!" She lowers her head instantly, looking down on the surface of the floor directly, worried.

Beelzebub can feel this just by the expression that she is making, she was not mad nor disappointed. Instead she was amused to see the Lusty Demoness in such cowardly form, but however though she does not plan to keep this longer.

Beelzebub: "Oh Modeus, all is well. You have not disturbed me that much my dear." She reassured her.

Modeus: "Thank you Lord Beelzebub.." She said in relief. "If it's not much to ask? May I use the restroom?"

Beelzebub: "You may." She walked aside from the bathroom's entrance.

Modeus walks in at an orderly manner in front of Beelzebub and closes the door gently. Once the Mistress of Flies started walking to go downstairs, she can hear distinctive moans inside the bathroom. Whilst hearing this, she had a smug reaction with noticeable blushes across the bridge of her nose.

So who's cleaning the bathroom once that perverted demon is done? You. Probably.

Meanwhile back downstairs, Pandemonica was still at your lap and you were resisting her urge as you were trying to shove her off from you but she seems to be getting satisfied as her smile and eyes became more wicked of lust.

Pandemonica: "Oh my, Y/N..! This is the first time I've seen you being a bad boy!" She says as she pushed back at you.

Y/N: "Get off of me! Y-you don't have to do this!" You beseeched.

Both of you are at a current deadlock, but that changes as Pandemonica makes a move, swinging her fist at your face, taking the hit. Your glasses flew off as your vision became a bit blurry and you were now vulnerable from that as both of your arms were now held by the sadistic demoness, now your eyes set at her vicious expression, slowly nearing her face to yours, feeling the breath from her nose.

Pandemonica: "I've been wanting to do this with you for so long.. Waiting when the time's right. But that's fucking over. Here you are being a very bad boy, and here I am to discipline you." She draws closer to your ear. "I hope you'll do better than Taker's." She chuckles with an eerie intention of desire.

Hearing this, you wanted to resist but you think it'll make things worse for yourself rather than her, for a Demoness that is sadistic and has much more strength and power than you of a mere mortal without those whatsoever. You didn't want to give in to her desire though, but hoping if there was someone there to stop her at the right time.

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