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A/N: Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing alright and staying safe. I have been very busy with work and today I had some time so I decided to post this. I am very sorry if this is very short, I didn't have much time :(. However, Thank you for your understanding and support!! Here is part 22.

Y/N's POV:

Jungkook and I went out to the parking of the E.R. and even though I was still hurting from his words from earlier, I was still willing to listen to him. "First, I want to say sorry for yelling at you. I was just annoyed that I was being blamed for something that I didn't do. Second, before you say something. There has been a miscommunication and someone is behind this." he said. "what do you mean?" I said very confusedly about what he meant. "When I went to go see the child, you were with Taehyung and I was waiting for you. I got annoyed and walked in. A new intern, Alice, told me that you had said that the child had the stomach flu. Then I diagnosed him with appendicitis and told her to tell him to start antibiotics. Then I left and went into surgery. When I got out of surgery, I found out Alice had told everyone that I could not bother which is why I never knew about the surgery until I actually finished my surgery." He said. "What? This cant is true," I said. "It is, She always has done this stuff before. Trust me. Even Yoongi will tell you." he said. I stayed quiet and began to puzzle everything together.

"I am very sorry... for what said in the E.R. I never meant to hurt you. Nor did I mean to blame you. I hope you can forgive me and I promise I will never do that again." he said. "Even if you don't want to forgive me I understand I still need your help with one last thing. please," he said with pleading eyes. "What would that be?" I said still unsure if I should trust him. "We need to confront her. As well as let Jimin know what happened," he said and I nodded. "Though I'm still unsure and hurt from what you said. This cannot happen again. She almost killed this child." I said and he nodded. "So, Can you forgive me, and can we be friends again?" he asked while he held his hand out. I stood there for a second and then decided to forgive him. While shaking his hand I told him, "though it may take some time for me to fully forgive you... This cannot happen again." I said and he nodded. Just as we entered the E.R. , Someone pushed Jungkook against the wall.

"What did you do to y/n?!!" he yelled and I looked to see that it was Taehyung. "Tae, let go of him. we sorted it out. I'm okay." I said and he let him go. Then Taehyung hugged me and said, "I was very worried." "I know and I am sorry. but I'm okay now. If you excuse me, Jungkook and I have to go do something quickly. Ill see you later." I said and he nodded and went back to helping patients. "Thank you, y/n" Jungkook said as he fix his outfit a bit. I nodded and we went to search for Jimin.

After fifteen minutes of looking for him we saw that he was in the O.R. We decided to just wait until he had gotten out of the surgery which would be in about thirty minutes. Time went by and we waited. Then we saw Him walk out and He noticed Jungkook and I. He walked towards us and greeted us. "Hey guys, what are you guys doing here?" he asked. "We wanted to talk to you about something." Jungkook said. "Yeah What is-" he spoke but was interrupted. "Dr. Park, would you like me to follow up your post-op?" she said and then looked at us shocked. "Hello Dr.Jeon, Dr. L/N" Alice said nervously. "Yea, Can you-" Jimin said. "Actually Jimin, I don't think that's a good idea. See we came here to talk about something serious and It involves Alice." Jungkook said. Jimin looked at her and was confused. "Lets go to the office room. We will explain there." Jungkook said. Jimin nodded. We began to walk and we noticed Alice still stood there. "Alice, Come now." Jimin said and she began to walk too.

Once we reached the office room we all sat down and began to discuss. "The reason why we brought this to your attention is your intern caused a big miscommunication that almost cost the life of a child." Jungkook said. "Yes, It may sound like a big acquisition but it true and this can never happen again." I said. "But what happened exactly?" Jimin asked still confused of what had occurred. "Well.." Jungkook began to speak and then told exactly what had happened. After Jimin looked at Alice and asked, "Is it true?" he said. "N-no, I swear, I would never do that." she said as she was shaking a bit. "I don't believe you, and now I cannot trust you. I am sorry but you are off my service and will be telling the chief about this. He will decided weather you can continue working her or not. But until then you are not allowed to practice medicine. Please, Give me your badge and give me pager." Jimin said and she gave it to him. Before she walked out, she turned to me and said, "You will pay for this". Then she walked out.

"I am sorry for her behavior and her actions." Jimin said. "It is not your fault don't worry." Jungkook said. "Now, if you excuse me, I am going to tell the chief and check up on my post-op." Jimin said and walked out. Jungkook and I left as well and we said goodbye since he went to go see a pre-op. I decided to head to the E.R. and help out Taehyung since our shift was almost coming to an end. He was working on a patient and I noticed that the new shift of surgeons had arrived. Taehyung had finished and walked over to me. "Let's head home now. I am all done. and I know you had a long day." he said and I nodded. We both walked to the elevator and the doors opened. We saw Namjoon and Hoseok in the elevator. "Hey, how are you?" Hoseok asked and we both responded. "So, you guys don't have any plans? It is Halloween." I asked. "Well, all the guys had decided we were going to watch a movie at the dorm and Jin and Joon wants to give kids candy." Hoseok said. "What about you two?" Namjoon asked. "We weren't planning anything." Taehyung said. "Would you guys like to join?" Hoseok asked. "Um I'm going to pass, B/F/N just texted me saying were were going to do some Halloween activities. Taehyung you can come if you would like, or hang our with them, I don't mind." I said and smiled. He nodded. "I am good guys, I will go with Y/N. Thank you though." Taehyung said and the elevator came to a stop and we all walked out and said goodbye. The night was great, we did many activities and finally had dinner together.

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