Chapter 23: Another Guest?

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Felix's brows went up after he saw His Majesty stands up. He is currently watching over Claude to make sure that his master won't run away from his work. He'd been suffering for days because of this, so to make sure that Claude would really do his work and not meet up with his lover, Felix has to stay with him.

"I'm done" Claude suddenly spoke. Felix closed his mouth, although he doubts his Majesty's words, he needs to check it first to confirm it. "I'm going--"

"Your Majesty! Let me verify it first!" Felix stopped the emperor.

Claude frowned as he throws a death glare on his knight. "Do you think I will cheat work just to trick you? How petty" He said. His eyes narrowed at the papers on his table. "Do it fast, I want to visit my wife"

Felix on the other hand wanted to slap his forehead. Of course, Claude was not someone who would cheat work for something useless, but Diana is not useless, she's his everything, so the possibility of Claude tricking Felix is high.

Felix sighed, he slowly reached the papers on the table. To be able to finish it today is something almost impossible but when he saw that Claude actually finished the paper works... "Your Majesty, are you sure you're not tricking me?" Felix asked bluntly. "You really did finish it today..."

"Why would I even trick you?" Claude almost rolled his eyes. "Go away and do not disturb me with this useless stuffs later."

But that useless stuff is important to your kingdom. Felix wanted to say those words but he chooses to shut his mouth. He can't argue with his master, he won't be able to refute since Claude finished his task today.

However, Felix is glad that His Majesty returned to normal now, and he seems happier because of the return of Lady Diana.

Up until now, the knight couldn't believe that Lady Diana came back to life when he saw her with the princess, his mind suddenly went blank from the shock. It is a good thing that Miss Lilian York was there to explain what happened to him.

If Lily was not there, he would remain clueless because he is sure that Claude would not even bother to explain to him.

Felix let out a sigh once again. "Are you going to attend Lady Diana's picnic with the Princess?"

Claude raised his brows. The answer is obvious, It's a yes of course. 

But Claude didn't bother to utter a reply. He just waves his hands indicating that Felix should not ask him questions furthermore. He just turned around and walk through the door. 

When the Emperor was about to step out of his office, a young man with red eyes appeared before his eyes. His face turned sour when he recognizes the little rascal who just blocked his way. 

"Felix, get out of here" Claude suddenly ordered the knight. With no questions and because Felix was under the young man's magic, he left with no complaints. Meanwhile, Claude glared at his visitor. "What are you doing here, Black tower magician?"

"Oh?" Lucas replied with a grin on his face. "Greetings, Your Highness..."

"...or should I call you, Father?"

This little rascal!



The picnic with Jennette and Athanasia was not finished yet, but Diana decided to leave the two and take a stroll by herself, she wanted to leave the two young women to give them some friendly time. She's too old to have a girly talk with them, let the youngsters alone.

While roaming around the palace, she couldn't help but admire the place. She's been here a lot of times but she thinks that it would take a lot of years to get used to this kind of beauty. 

If there is only social media here...

"My Lady?" A familiar voice said. 

Diana raised her head and glanced at the person who called her. Her eyes went wide when she saw a tall man with black hair. This man is familiar...

"My Lady, It's really you," The man said with a smile on his face. He took a few steps. Diana didn't utter a word, she recognized this man! "Perhaps, My Lady forgot me already?" He said.

"Huh? Ah! No sir. You're the man I saw in Siodonna, right?" Diana suddenly asked. "What are you doing here?"  Diana was slightly confused, This man, To be able to enter here, He is a noble for sure.

 'But on that day, what is he doing in Siodonna?' Diana thought.

"I accompanied a relative on this palace" The man replied. "How about you, My Lady?" 

'If ever that you and that man crossed your paths again. Ignore him. Don't talk to him nor accept anything from him, Lady Diana'

Diana suddenly remembers what Lucas told him that day.

This man, Is he dangerous?

Diana smiled at him. "By a 'relative' perhaps you are talking about Lady Margarita?" Diana decided to ask a question. The only visitor we have here is Jennette, This man might be talking about Jennette.

"I see. Lady Dianne is also a guest" The man said as he slightly nodded his head. He picks up the nearest flower beside him and places it on the left ear of Diana. "To answer your question. You are right, I am here to accompany the young Lady"

Diana became silent, while staring at the man's face, she noticed that his eyes turned blue for a moment. Although she's not sure if what she saw is right, she cannot just ignore what she saw.

So the easiest move,

Is to be shameless.

She took the flower out of her ear and placed it on Anastacius's head. Although she is smaller than him, she can reach his head. "You..." she paused. "Stop flirting with me, my daughter will smack your face real hard," She said with a blunt but at the same time polite tone.

She's a commoner after all.

"....?" The man was taken aback. He was surprised by her action. "My..." 

"I'm going, Sir. The picnic was about to finish, I need to pay a goodbye greet with the princess" 

Anastacius was about to talk but Diana started to walk away. He decided not to follow her, but as she walks away from her a smirk appeared on his handsome face.

His eyes turned blue for a moment as he touched the flower that she left on his head. "That Lady..." He said. The flower with his magic started to wither on his hands. "Is surely careful."


On the other hand.

The Emperor's face started to crumble. 'I suddenly wanted to kill someone' Claude thought.

"You okay? Father" Lucas asked him.

Claude shoots him a death glare. "Shut up"


Yo! I'm back! 🤣

I wonder what's more controversial, Lucas calling Claude 'Father' or Anastacius's sudden appearance?

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