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/I miss him ^^^^

"I thought I told you to go home?" Minho said as he entered the office looking at Hyunjin who was still working. Sighing he leaned back looking at Minho who set an americano on his desk. "There's still a lot of work to do." He muttered grabbing the drink and taking a sip.

"Taehyuns birthday is getting closer. You already got him his gift right?" Minho asked as he organized some papers for Hyunjin. "Yes I have." He said as he stood up grabbing the papers and placing them in a file. "Take these to Young-hyun."


The first thing Jeongin woke up to was the sound of the bedroom door opening. He thought it might of been Taehyun so almost immediately he sat up looking over with tired eyes.

"Oh, Hyunjin. Your back." He mumbled tiredly with a yawn as he looked at the other who huffed with a slight nod. "I'll sleep downstairs on th-" Jeongin started as he pushed the blankets back sleepily. Before he could even get out of the bed, a hand grabbed his own and he was tugged back down. "Sleep here." Hyunjin mumbled as he wrapped his arms around the boy sighing at the warmth of the other.

With a soft huff of air Jeongin laid back down relaxing in Hyunjins hold as he closed his eyes.

"Eomma..Inniee w-wake up p-please."

Jeongin furrowed his brows opening his eyes to see Taehyun standing by the door m crying softly as he tightly held onto his llama plush. A crash of thunder shook the house making Taehyun flinch and start to cry harder.

Jeongin stood up quickly walking over and lifting Taehyun into his arms wiping the boys tears as he tried to comfort him. "M'scared mommy." He cried as Jeongin shushed him gently rubbing the boys back to soothe him. Hyunjin woke up too at the sound of crying, the other leaned over turning on the lamp before standing up and rushing over as well. "Taehyunnie baby whats wrong?"He asked with a concerned expression as he looked at the boy who sobbed into Jeongins shirt as another crash of thunder shook the house.

Hyunjin frowned and wrapped around both Taehyun and Jeongin. As he whispered sweet words to the boy assuring him it was okay and that the storm would stop soon.

Jeongin softly rocked the boy rubbing his back as his lavender and honey scent filled the room in attempt to calm the boy down. "TaeTae how about you sleep here hmm?" Jeongin said softly as he brushed the boys hair back. Taehyun only gave a slight nod as he sniffled still tightly clinging to the Omega.

Jeongin tensed when a small purr started immiting from the Alpha. He was crooning trying to calm down Taehyun.  Jeongin let out a tiny sigh, the Alpha relaxing his nerves as well. A few seconds more and Taehyun wasn't crying as much and snuggled into the crook of Jeongins neck inhaling the soothing scent.

Taehyun ended up asleep in bed between the two adults who stayed awake just incase the boy got up again from the thunder.

Hyunjin sighed softly and looked at Jeongin who was brushing the boys hair back. "This isn't really the time or place to ask, but how about a date after next week?" Hyunjin said as he looked at the other who smiled. "As long as your paying." Jeongin said with a smug smirk earning a small laugh from Hyunjin.

"Okay." He said with a small chuckle at Jeongin. Though the mood quickly changed when the Omega looked at Taehyun his smile forming into a frown.

"Hyung about—"

"Don't. I don't care the chances are low, it doesn't change anything okay?" Hyunjin said as he sat up with a sigh already knowing what Jeongin was thinking. "I...want to wait..can we wait? I-I mean I do want to try, but not to soon cause even if I manage to get pregnant what if something goes wrong or the baby gets hurt. I don't think I'm ready for that yet." Jeongin mumbled softly his eyes starting to water as he sat up as well squeezing the blankets to ground himself.

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